Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

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  1. anoninoob Member

    Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    I'm in the midst of planning a raid on the Narconon Facility in Watsonville California. While looking them up to confirm their address I came across THIS...

    WOW!!! Sheriffs Department incident reports at Narconon from 2004-2007

    love this notation on 11/26/06 " “CONSIDERABLE HISTORY AT THIS LOCATION” notes the dispatcher."

    BTW, Raid on Sat, March 28th, starting at 1:00pm. Central Coast Anons come join.
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  2. The Blue Jay Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    jesus christ...
  3. LocalSP Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    That is interesting, now how do we use it to our advantage?
  4. TomVorm Member

  5. ReaganYouth Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    ooo- I might try to drive up for that... sounds like it could be interesting
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    That's an enormous salary for a nonprofit..
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  7. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    I'll post full raid info soonish and will try and get media attention.
  8. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Woh, grants include...

    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 100,000 Narconon Hastings Drug rehab expansion
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 9,000 Association for Better Living and Education International Public awareness
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 5,000 Narconon Drug Prevention and Education, Inc. Drug prevention campaign donation
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 5,000 U.S. IAS Members' Trust Community programs donation
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 1,950 Aptos Academy Education event
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 500 South Lake Tahoe Fire Dept Local programs donation
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 300 Barros Unidos Anti-gang education program
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 300 Watsonville High Sober grad programs donation
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 200 California Grey Bears Senior program donation
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 200 Santa Cruz Meth Project Community programs donation
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 200 Si Se Puede Local community programs donation
    2007 22B Narconon Northern California 100 Watsonville Police Officers Assn. Local community programs donation

    Scientology's secular fronts: Disclosed transactions between entities

    Time to man 'poons and inform these groups what Narconon is. Especially Watsonville High School and the Grey Bears (a great community group- BTW). Anyone wanna help draft a press release or informative letter that could be send to these groups?
  9. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    are all law enforcement officers this blind?


    9:40 am

    911 call

    Open line briefly and then disconnected. Dispatcher was not able to call back and tried to find a listing for another number inside Narconon. Employee was contacted who stated they were no problems."


    12:40 am

    Welfare Check

    Originally came in as 911 call – hang up. Phone is disconnected on call back. No further information. This is at Narconon. “CONSIDERABLE HISTORY AT THIS LOCATION” notes the dispatcher.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Protip: In many areas, police calls for service are public record including 911 calls from Scientology front groups and documented abuse of 911 calls against Anonymous protesters at orgs. Just see if you can get the calls for service and compare it to your raid dates to see what kinds of terrorist threats they've been making about you.
  11. subgenius Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Man I wish I could find it..still googling, but there was a case in northern Michigan of husband wife owners of a narconon going through a nasty divorce.
    Pattern in narconon of husband wife owners?

    Back on topic: why would an operator take the word of a voice on the phone that there was no problem after a hang up 911 call? Especially after a "history".
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  12. subgenius Member

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  13. King Nerd Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

  14. incog712 Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    That's a good question, though it's not clear whether this was actually followed up or not. In my own neck of the woods, physical responses are mandatory for all 911 calls, and the cops who do come out tend to get more than just a bit pissy over being dispatched for any kind of "non-issue".

    "Reporting Party dropped 20 year old son off at Narconon last night. The more she thinks about it the more concerned she gets that this rehab may not be on the up and up. She is concerned it may be some sort of cult that will brainwash her son."

    Ya think?
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  15. King Nerd Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Sounds like there is some motherfucking kidnapping going on here.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    The drug rehab banner ads on this page take you to They claim to be a non-profit center for helping find the best rehab clinic for your addiction.

    Apparently, "best" also means "nearest narCONon" clinic.
    It's a scilon front.
  17. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    make a good sign for the protest.. angie and daniel made 600,000 last year...
  18. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Thank you for these links. They will be well used.
  19. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Mods, please move this thread from "raids" to "General".

  20. RightOn Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    holy shit. Can police records be looked up for every facilty??

    NARCONON INTERNATIONAL WATSONVILLE CA listed on non profit group site-
    profits and assests
    $5,913,493 $9,860,577
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  21. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    the form 990 filings Narconon Northern California: Form 990 filings

    accountingfags need to rape this.

    over $900,000 in printing fees?!?
    $2.6 MILLION for Mortgages and other notes payable?!?
    $297,000 salary for Angie Manson?!?
    $300,000 salary for Daniel M. Manson?!?

    Lid must be blown on this shit
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  22. coskilla Member

  23. AnotherMrPink Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Aside from the fact its a Co$ front group, donors listed should be made aware that the married couple pulls in $600,000 a year running this place. What non profit location makes this kind of bank!?

    Deff contact all donors and inform. Cut they money so they go the way of Second CHance.
  24. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Oklahomafags, man the 'poons!!!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    you know this is from 2001, right?
  26. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)


    Oh... nevermind.
  27. NotMike Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Sadly people running "non-profits" make this kind of money & more.

    This is why you always want to pull the 990 forms for any organization you opt to donate to.
  28. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    It just occurred to me, $9 million in revenue?!? How many fucking people do they have there?

    Quick back of the envelope calc, $30k per treatment, that's 300 people in a year, a new person every work day of the year.

    or do I smell money laundering?
  29. TomVorm Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    There is information on Narconon Watsonville (now known also as Narconon Vista Bay) available online, but you have to search for it., has complaints about this facility.

    There's information on Narconon Victims

    Graham Berry suggested an attorney (for Narconon clients who feel they've been defrauded). The attorney is in Southern California, but may be asked to take on a case from Watsonville: Call, Jensen & Ferrell, (949) 717-3000, 610 Newport Center Drive,
    Suite 700, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

    Vehicle Crash #1 (on 5/14/2000):

    Home - Santa Cruz Sentinel

    News Articles on Narconon Watsonville:
    CHP officer OK, passenger critical after Highway 1 collision
    Sentinel staff writer

    APTOS — A California Highway Patrol officer suffered only minor injuries when an allegedly drunk driver smashed into his patrol car parked on the shoulder of Highway 1 near State Park Drive late Sunday.

    Officer Ian Troxell suffered a minor head injury and was treated at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz but was released before midnight Sunday.

    A passenger in the other vehicle, Darlene Mary Pentimone, 24, of Watsonville, was in serious condition Monday at San Jose Medical Center. CHP spokesman Blake Schnabel said she was on a life-support system and was suffering from abdominal injuries, a broken arm and a possibly fractured pelvis.

    The driver, Jonathan L. Rausch, 20, of Watsonville and New York, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail. His bail was set at $200,000.

    The accident occurred about 9 p.m. Sunday.

    The CHP said officer Troxell was parked on the shoulder after stopping to give a warning to another motorist, who had pulled over to use a cell phone.

    After telling the man to move on, Troxell got back in his cruiser, put his seat belt on and was preparing to write a report when his patrol car was rear-ended by the other car.

    After the collision, Troxell was still able to radio for ambulances.

    Schnabel said the CHP advises freeway drivers needing to use cell phones to get off the freeway entirely, not just pull onto the shoulder.

    "We’re asking people to drive further and get to an off-ramp," Schnabel said. "We can’t have non-emergency stops on our freeways. Its unsafe for us and every time we do that we take a risk."

    For the CHP, Sunday’s accident was a reminder of the January 1998 death of CHP officer Scott Greenly. He was killed when Peter Martin Wieland of Santa Cruz swerved and hit him along Highway 85 in Campbell while Greenly was ticketing another driver. Wieland’s homicide trial is continuing in Santa Clara County Superior Court.


    Vehicle Crash #2 (dual-fatality) on 7/13/2000:
    Home - Santa Cruz Sentinel

    Two die, two hurt in wreck
    Sentinel staff writer

    CORRALITOS — Two men were killed and two others critically injured Thursday night when a car slammed into a tree and rolled into a gully off Mount Madonna Road.

    Witnesses said the 1966 black Ford Mustang was speeding south on the winding rural road about 9 p.m. when it struck a tree and ended up in a ditch about 10 feet off the road, according to officer A.B. Blain of the California Highway Patrol.

    One of the four men in the car was thrown from the vehicle.

    The dead were described as being in their late 20s or early 30s. Neither was from the area, Blain said.

    Injured in the wreck was Eric Peterson, 31, of Watsonville and John Vereeke, 33, of West Bloomfield, Mich., according to Blain. Both were taken by CalStar air ambulance to San Jose Medical Center.

    All the men were from a drug-rehabilitation center on nearby Gaffey Road, Blain said. There were no immediate signs alcohol played a role, he added.

    The accident occurred at Valley View Road near Mount Madonna County Park.
  30. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    The first crash doesn't seem to have anything to do with Narconon. Hwy 1 at State Park Dr is faaaar far away from the $ci's
  31. TomVorm Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Newsgroup posting (Rev. Fredrick L. Rice, Dec 3, 2000):

    "The driver of the vehicle was -- and likely still is -- a Scientologist who
    was -- according to one of the witnesses quoted in the police report --
    "on course" in the cult's NarCONon scam. The source of my information
    is a family member of one of the victims on this accident; someone who's
    identity I will not divulge."

    I have been informed, there are also dox on these accidents.
    I am waiting for a "source" to forward scans to me, and will post them here later.
  32. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Thanx Tom. Keep chumming those waters!!!
  33. coskilla Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Apparently the driver was 0T8 the only reason he lived wuz because he teleported out of the car for saftey right before the crash.
  34. anonyrat Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

  35. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    The syndicate's NarCONon fraud in Newport Beach, Calfornia is worse -- hard to believe. The fucks were constantly being "investigated" for selling drugs inside, outside, and endless domestic assaults, petty thefts, blocking traffic, medcal emergencies, no end of aggrevation for local residents.
  36. anoninoob Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

  37. Optimisticate Member

  38. TomVorm Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Information regarding Narconon Northern California (now known also as
    Narconon Vista Bay, operating at the same location on Gaffey Road in
    Watsonville) as forwarded to me (you might have to click on the thumbnails,
    to see the photos).

    A news account (Santa Cruz Sentinel May 16, 2000),
    court records and state ADP agency reports,
    state that 20 year-old Mr. Jonathan Rausch was employed
    at the Narconon facility in Watsonville, California,
    when he drove 24 year-old client Darlene M. Pentimone
    on the night of May 14, 2000.

    At about 9PM that Sunday evening, Mr. Rausch was
    at the wheel of a leased red 1996 VW Jetta, when
    "due to an unsafe movement," his car went off
    northbound State Highway 1 (near State Park Drive)
    and struck a parked California Highway Patrolmanís vehicle.

    Mr. Rausch's passenger, Darlene Pentimone, suffered
    major injuries (including a broken arm, abdominal
    injuries, and an indicated fractured pelvis) and
    was placed on life-support at San Jose Medical Center.
    CHP officer I. Troxel also sustained a moderate head injury.

    Due to findings that the defendant not only was
    "Felony" DUI but also did not have a valid California
    Driverís License and required proof of liability
    insurance, initial bail was reportedly set at $200,000.
    A later bail request noted that because his "parents
    have substantial means to post bail," it remained
    high at $100,000 as Mr. Rausch was considered a
    "flight risk." Following his guilty plea on July 7, 2000,
    Mr. Rausch was sentenced on August 10, 2000 to one year
    in County jail, 5 years probation, and a $1463. fine.

    Mr. Rausch was incarcerated in Santa Cruz County on
    November 9, 2000, when he wrote to the presiding Judge
    that "jail is a very negative place," that "I am determined
    to succeed in making better choices," and that "being
    incarcerated has opened my eyes to a lifestyle I could
    never get used to," as part of his request to the Judge
    to modify his sentence to allow him to travel home to
    New York for the holidays. At some point, Mr. Rausch was
    released to his family, and his probation was served in
    part in Nassau County, New York. (Public records list
    his mother Car-- in Oyster B-y, New York and the last known
    address for victim Darlene Pentimone was in New Jersey).

    However, a Nassau County (New York) Probation report
    described Mr. Rausch as being resistant to authority
    and not cooperative with a treatment program, and
    recommended a return of Mr. Rausch to custody.
    When Mr. Rausch did not appear for a required
    hearing in mid-2003 in Santa Cruz County, he was
    sentenced to an additional 2 years in the California
    Correctional system, and a bench warrant was issued.

    Jonathan L. Rausch, age 29, is now wanted by
    law enforcement, and any persons knowing his present
    whereabouts are asked to contact the Santa Cruz County
    Sheriff at (831) 454-2847, (831) 471-1121, or (831) 454-2311.


    URL=] [/URL]
  39. TomVorm Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Another accident tied to Narconon Watsonville, now also known also as
    Narconon Vista Bay at the same location on Gaffey Road, this time
    involving a dual-fatality (along with 2 seriously injured passengers)
    from later in 2000.

    (Not reported here is a related and extremely suspicious death of a relative
    of one of the victims. He worked for a Scientology entity and was planning
    to testify against Narconon, but apparently died days before scheduling a deposition).

    Complaint for Damages "Wrongful Death" of Justin Smith (Plaintiff's son)

    This case concerns the death of Justin Smith, 22 years old,
    following a July 13, 2000 collision when he drove his 1966 Mustang
    to excessive speed and it went off the road (a few hundred yards
    from the turnoff to Narcononís Watsonville facility) and hit a tree.

    Justin was a client at the Narconon facility in Watsonville,
    and the allegation is that Narconon staffer Scott Friend wrongly
    provided Justin the keys to his vehicle while he was involved
    in treatment (which enabled the accident to occur). It is not
    believed that drugs or alcohol were a factor in this accident,
    per the initial CHP repor.

    There were also 3 other persons in that vehicle, and of them
    a fellow client (Chad Skoglie, age 27) also died, and two
    Narconon staffers (Eric Petersen, age 31, and John Vereeke, age 33)
    were seriously injured.
    Chad Skoglie was the son of xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Lxxxx Sxxxxxx,
    and a later complaint (which was consolidated into this case)
    was filed on behalf of minor children "(N)" and "(McK)"
    (regarding the loss of their relation) who resided
    with their grandmother in Idaho.

    Justin had obtained his vehicle following phone calls made to
    his mother, who had planned to remove his vehicle from a
    residential garage. Justin feared that his black 1966 Mustang,
    a prized possession, would get "destroyed" from "sitting in the
    street" near a 7-11 convenience store. Justin was in treatment
    for methamphetamine use, following unspecified legal action for
    possession (possibly of methamphetamine or paraphernalia),
    and was described by Narconon as "typical for admission (to their
    program)": "smart," "rebellious," "in denial, and in "legal trouble."

    The Plaintiff's claim was that providing car keys to an addict
    in treatment, was a violation of not only treatment rules but
    could also be seen as negligence. Narconon's attorney,
    Steven D. Werth of Low, Ball & Lynch of San Francisco,
    countered that the decedent was "negligent himself." Narconon's
    defense largely rested on a combination of "cross-complaint" legal
    filings described by the Plaintiff's attorney as being "without any
    legal or factual theory or justification" and "solely for the
    purpose of and intention to intimidate, coerce an/or deter Smith's
    pursuit of her original claim," and depositions of Narconon staff,
    (some of whom were located by private investigators after being
    transferred to a women's shelter in New Mexico, and others who
    repeated the assertion that decedent Smith had exhibited speed as
    he left the facility just prior to the accident).

    Narconon claimed that the "release of liability" signed by Justin
    when he entered his treatment program on May 8, 2000, included
    language which prevented "any legal action or litigation against
    Narconon Inc., its Board of Directors, members, employees, or
    L. Ron Hubbard arising for any reason out of my participation in
    the Narconon program."

    Staff at Narconon Watsonville in 2000 were listed as:
    Tyson Bates, Joey Burnham, John Burns, Scott Friend, Angie Manson,
    Daniel Manson, Laurie Miller, Andy Troy Moore, Lisa Moore,
    Eric Petersen, Tatsuya Sakamoto, xxxxx xxxxxx, William Starr,
    P.J. Treat, and John Vereeke. Others named (possibly clients)
    were: Ed Hocking, Frank Montara, Mr. Papastefanou, and
    Richard Prescott. A local resident who witnessed the accident
    was "Hagger."

    Eric Petersen, injured in accident, (was Narconon employee)
    Last at: Redondo Technologies, Redondo Beach CA 90277

    Smith's mother subsequently established a drug-abuse
    information program, seen at welcome to the Jason Foundation,
    which offers scholarships to students in drug counseling
    curricula, and which provides information on state legislation
    requiring training of drug counselors.

    (Excerpt from FREEDOM November-December 2005)

    It was Thursday July 13, 2000, but I remember it like it
    was yesterday. I was standing in my living room at 11:30 PM
    listening to two police officers tell me my twenty-two year
    old son had died in a car accident earlier that evening.
    My first words were, "It can't be Justin; he's in a safe place".
    It was Justin. In the weeks and months that followed,
    I learned that he had not been in a safe place. I learned that:

    In the drug addiction field there were few regulations;

    Marketing claims publicized by drug rehabilitation clinics could be unsubstantiated;

    Residential drug rehabilitation facilities could obtain state licensure by writing their own program;

    Patient recruiting and interventions could be sold on a commission basis;

    Drug addiction counselors were not required to have any formal education or training;

    Patient recruiting and interventions could be sold on a commission basis;

    Drug addiction counselors were not required to have any formal education or training;

    There were no regulations regarding length of time a counselor needed to be sober before working with clients;

    Sexual relationships between staff members and/or clients could go undisciplined;

    Alcohol and other drugs could be kept and consumed by staff on residential rehabilitation premises;

    Traffic accidents involving drunken staff and clients could go unreported to proper authorities;

    Sexual harassment and verbal abuse of staff and clients could occur without consequence;

    Even rumors of rape and sexual perversity warranted no investigation.
    I was appalled and sickened at what I heard from previous clients, staff
    and family members.
    I asked myself how I, or other parents, could have known what was going
    on behind closed doors and the answer is that we could not.
    The Justin Foundation was founded because everyone in need of
    treatment for alcohol or drug addiction should have a SAFE place to go.
    Most of us parents do not know much about addictive drugs, so
    The Justin Foundationís first task was to create a parent-friendly
    web site at The Justin Foundation offering information regarding addictive drugs.

    The second goal was to see mandatory education and training for
    drug addiction counselors. The newly enacted state regulations are
    a start. We are hopeful the newly formed CAADAC/PAC will be able to
    influence legislators to strengthen requirements.
    The Justin Foundation stands ready to support that effort and has
    agreed to serve on the Counselor Certification and Oversight Committee
    being formed by the State.

    In today's world of addiction recovery, people can be in unsafe situations
    now, so it is imperative we get more counselors that are qualified into
    the field as quickly as possible. This year The Justin Foundation started
    a scholarship fund to assist people who are committed to obtaining
    addiction counselor certification obtain a formal education.
    To insure professionalism, only CAADAC approved study programs qualify.
    Recipients receive $500.00 per semester for tuition and books, which is
    renewable as long as the student maintains a B average in six or more units.
    We were able to award two scholarships for the 2005-06 academic year.
    In 2006-07, we will award as many scholarships as we can fund.
    If you can help with this endeavor, very dollar you send will go
    directly into the scholarship fund and is 100% tax deductible.




  40. TomVorm Member

    Re: Woh, This is Interesting (Narconon)

    Then, there's the rape complaint against Narconon.

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