Women in the streets...?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Portland-PC, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. As an American girl, I'm curious about the women involved in these protests. Real change can't come about with half the population automatically sitting on their hands, and I know that there are a lot or women out there. I would love to hear from them, but any information or stories about how they're participating, how many women are out there compared to how many men, pretty much anything.
  2. kldickson Member

    I'm an American woman too. A considerable number of them are marching for the same reasons the Iranian men are; there are also some marching for women's rights. Look up information on Zahra Rahnavard if you want more information on the main person marching for women's rights in Iran .
  3. Well, Zahra Rahnavard is definitely not the main figure, she's just mousavi's wife.
  4. cussbunny Member

    You must be male. ;) She is an icon of progress, poise, and intelligence. She shows the women in your country that one can be female and respectful of Islamic law, yet still politically influential and powerful in her own right. She is not the candidate I know, but there is a reason people call her Iran's Michelle Obama. She is a remarkable woman.
  5. Sol Mann Member

    Check the pictures thread.

    The Iranian people are extremely diverse and modern. Their women are not likely to sit on their hands, and would probably find your post a little offensive.
  6. cussbunny Member

    This picture will tell you everything you need to know about the courage of Iranian women this week.
  7. Sol Mann Member

    Damn straight! Love that picture, inspiring stuff.
  8. Faryad Member

    I can not believe you said that, you know how Iranian females are or at least you can see how many of them are out there in the street shouting and letting everyone hear their voice.

    I hope you did not mean that.
  9. Iranian women are out there too! but because of the fear of the Basiji forces that would do anything to stop the protests most of the young women don't partisipate in the demonstrations. also Iranian's family are traditional and if the family wouldn't let the girls to go out in these days, the cant really go out! (in most cases this is true! )

    also some pictures you can find interesting is here:

    there are enough women out there to demonstrate and show the women's support...
  10. You must be uneducated. Michelle Obama is the farthest thing away from remarkable. She's a brain dead, spoiled, conceited, brat. In fact, the entire Obama family, especially Hussein, are all despicable, phony, liar cretins. Just remember who Barrack Osama's advisors are, and who's in his administration. It's the same people who put Iran in this position in the first place (through IMF shark-loaning and forced selling of oil in dollars): Henry Kiss-ass-inger, Geithner, Greenspan, and Brejenski for crying out loud!

    Obama=Black Bush

    Obama's Iraq=Iran
  11. cussbunny Member

    Mmmhmm. Okie-doke. :rolleyes:
  12. zzz Member

    gtfo of general discussions. This is about the women of Iran and what they're doing amidst this crisis, not your political baawwwwwing.
  13. I didn't mean any offense, of course. I mean to say that I KNOW women are out there with the men. I'm just up for their stories. I've been looking for a way to get in touch with Iranian women specifically, but I haven't had any luck.

    And thanks you guys, these pictures are incredibly inspiring.
  14. oh dear, please don't try to tell me who is who in my own country.(and I am a male who believes in equal rights for men and women; and my sister is a sociologist and women activist so I exactly know what I'm talking about.)
    Zahra Rahnavard is brillian scholar and a good artist among many other things but she is definitely not the icon of progress!(one of her worst comments just a couple of days ago was about the protests and that she is a part of the governing system and will not go out of the system's game rules to support activists and protesters, urgh) and we were talking about the key figure..
    we have many other female activists who have fought hard through recent years, been arrested and jailed several times, leading women's movements (like the 1 million signature campaign). we have women like "Shirin Ebadi" who won the peace Noble prize for her efoorts in Iran just a couple years ago.
    I do think Zahra Rahnavard has similarities with Michelle Obama; how much had you heard of Michelle obama 3 years ago? would you have heard of her if her husband wasn't to be a presidential candidate?

    I didn't say anything about women not fighting. in fact I think women (Especially younger generation) have been more active than men in recent protests.

    and they show the serious limitations of Chador and tight Hijab too.
  15. wsss Member

    All the pictures and video's I have seen so far there is a lot of pictures of women out on the streets protesting.
  16. it is very concerning that so many women are out on the street. they should stay inside the house.
  17. wsss Member

    Why should they stay inside?
  18. It is okay if they have their husband permission to go out!
  19. Shutup stupid pull your head out of rush limpdicks fatass
  20. I don't think she was saying that Iranian women were sitting on their hands, just that real change can not come without them. She seems to be suggesting that she knows the women are out there too, and is interested in their stories. The way she phrased it, however, could lead one to think what you thought.

    I was personally impressed by the number of women taking an active and risky role in the protests. It is a stark contrast to the limited number of women at the supposed Ahmadinejad rallies. It has been alleged that these rallies are filled with plain clothes military and others bused in from other regions. Those women at the protests seem genuine, determined, and brave.
  21. I as a citizen of the UK

    you must realize not everything you see on fox news as truth...the american media is just as biased as the iranian news is. Of course their are women protesting. Are they not people too?
  22. Runa Member

    So Fox News didn't show women protesting...?

    News channel need to condensate a lot of imformation in a short period of time. Do not expect them to show you everything about Iran, only the most important things. For the rest there's internet, books, etc.

    And since you mention 'bias', let's not be biased: the women shown on tv are from the wealthy part of Tehran. Off course they're going to be more liberal. I have the feeling that inland Iran is more conservative and so is women's behaviour.

    And since we're talking about females in the movement. you might find this interesting: it seems that the number female members of the 'Basij hunting' squads is quite high.
    The Four Iran Scenarios and "Basiji Hunting" - The Washington Note
  23. i was stating that the american news network fox likes to dis on muslim countries with their propaganda saying that women have absolutely no rights and all muslim countries are terrible places to live.
  24. ...yeah. Fox isn't the best source of news. Um, that's not new info.

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