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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Apr 2, 2014.

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    "HMMM what is he talking about?? OH well, back to stupid fucking memes"
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    VAXX09 I have had my boosters so try again

    About the video you posted. It gives credit to Dan Olmsted
    He has a great link to what most consider to be a cult, but wait they dumped him too

    This article has links showing all of his "studies" are incorrect

    and if we want to talk the Amish and vaccinations

    "Ken Reibel, of the blog Autism News Beat stated that, "The idea that the Amish do not vaccinate their children is untrue.” Dr. Kevin Strauss, MD, a pediatrician at the CSC, when contacted by Reibel, said that Olmsted never visited the CSC or spent much time in Lancaster County"

    "There are alternative explanations for the low Autism/ASD rates in the Amish communities. Autism is thought to have many genetic or epigenetic correlations.[13] If prevalence of ASDs did vary in a relatively isolated, closed population such as Amish communities, it could be explained by gene pool variations compared the general population. Similarly to Amish having statistically higher rates of some conditions (such as dwarfism, angelman syndrome and metabolic disorders), they could also be expected to have lower rates of some others.[14]
    In addition to likely or established gene pool variations, Amish populations have significantly different lifestyles to the general population.[15] An example being dietary differences.[16] Diet and environmental factors are known to significantly impact the make-up of gut microbiomes.[17] Gut microbiome differences have also been associated with autism.[17][18][19][20] Amish also avoid many modern technologies.[21] Given the wide range of different lifestyle factors involved, apart from vaccination rate differences, there are many confounding variables to making a causal link to the hypothesised autism prevalence difference. These environmental factors do not have any established link to ASD, but may be determined to be related in the future."
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  6. VAXX09 Member

    Thanks, this explains everything.
    No need to question anything about pharma, Bill Gates was just joking when he said that thing.

    Going to eat some GMOs while I watch Fox News and fart all day.
    Lets do whatever they tell us and take all the shots they enforce.
    Autism is genetic, if some say otherwise, they are all quacks!
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    Don't bother posting here lol, you will be labelled anti-vaxxer for questioning it.
    They are well thought from all the propaganda. Critical thinking is overrated, plus, a lot of them are obsessed with scientology.
    So yea, don't waste your time.
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    This thread is officially about Bigfoot now....
    Bigfoot, a rabbi and a nun walk into a bar.....
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    Anons are about dox, actual documented science. We demand scientific study with double blinds and validated, published research, not junk science. We are not easily swayed by fear based theories and assumptions based on junk science funded by people with a vested interest in proving vaccines cause autism.

    This site was founded as a place for protestors against Scientology to discuss Scientology, find and document abuses and organize protests. Hence the whole "obsessed with Scientology" thing. We've grown over the years to include other topics, but the basis of this forum is Scientology activism.
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    No, it's still about anti-vaxxers using Fair Game on people who disagree with them.
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    That made me cringe thanks guys now i have that image in my head for the rest of the night.
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  15. BrainStorm Member

    "The seemingly systemic nature in which natural doctors are ending up either missing or dead raises serious questions as to whether some entity or person is possibly orchestrating these events. With billions of dollars at stake, what lengths would big pharma go to in an effort to silence those that share their knowledge of natural cures with the public?
    It seems that being a holistic health care provider that promotes natural health can now be dangerous to ones own health!"
  16. John Duff Member

    Strange, indeed.
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  18. Hedorah Global Moderator

    Looks like to me some of these are Dr's name go well with the word fraud added at the end of the search.

    So is this the new vax are bad thread?

    "According to the copy of the warrant provided to me by the United States Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Georgia, the search warrant was executed at Bradstreet’s Buford, GA, ‘wellness center’ because authorities were seeking information related to “evidence of a crime and contraband, fruits of crime, or items illegally possessed” associated with violations of interstate commercestatutes covering food, drug, or other products that are “adulterated or misbranded” and with “frauds and swindles” by “wire, radio, or television.” Punishments for those convicted of these crimes can include fines and up to 20 years in prison."
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    OMG I cant stand the suspense, such a conspiracy, surely a 67 year old man who is found slumped behind the wheel of his car must have been moidered!
    I just am beside myself awaiting the autopsy results for such an upstanding man as this 'DR' Hedendal;
    As for Dr Jeff bradstreet, well omg that too is a mystery I mean having a run in with the feds wouldnt make me shoot myself in the chest not even if they had discovered that perhaps I had been up to no good and were about to discredit me, nuh uh not even a possibility.

    I mean what is this statistical bunching crap. Thats the real lie created by the aliens in charge of all conspiracies across the globe fo sho!

    I mean for instance I know of a doctor who across the span of his 40 year career has known no less than five specialists in his field die in separate plane crashes. I mean come on that's just so obviously a plot ffs :rolleyes: Cant wait, watching this thread with baited breath for what comes next.
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  25. BrainStorm Member

    LOL :D
    Thanks for the lulz

    It's just an article with no comment from my end,
    although I am tempted to do so ...for more memes ofc hehe
  26. Anonymous Member

    This has been very disappointing. :(

    I was expecting to read that Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola, Deepak "quantum" Chopra, other moonbats and a long list of quack chiropractor scientologists had gone missing or had been found croaked.

    There's a terrible dearth of good news recently. :(
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  27. DeathHamster Member

    If I was a sinister Big Pharma conspiracy, I'd start with those, not some Dr Whogivesashit, with the feds closing in on him already.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Another Florida Doctor Murdered, Bringing Total to 8 Dead and 5 Missing in Just the Last Month

    By Jay Syrmopoulos. The Free Thought Project, July 24, 2015

    Last week we reported on a number of doctors, many from the Southeastern U.S., who had been killed, died under questionable circumstances or had simply vanished without a trace.

    Just one week later, another three doctors have been reported dead, with one being found shot to death inside of his Florida home. One of these doctors, Dr. Norman John Castellano, DMD, of Tampa, Florida passed away on July 13, 2015. An anonymous source has indicated a cause of death, which has yet to be verified or released.

    We’ve also become aware of Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez’s untimely death on Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

    Continued here:


    Dead Scientists 2004-2011

    Dead Scientists And Microbiologists 1982-2005

    Search: dead
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  29. WTF I had no idea doctors die!
  30. Anonymous Member

    God died. Why not doctors?
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  32. How many ppl commit suicide with a gunshot to the chest?
    Lame trolls are lame.
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  33. John Duff Member

    This weekend, I saw (on a "Anonymous" haha page on FB) a video about a guy who "explained" haha why these guys got killed.
    Looks like these doctors found a way to treat cancer, autism etc.
    He explains (with a nice passive-agressive voice) that when children get vaccinated, they get a dose of some substance that prevents the body to react to these diseases (some kind of hormone inhibitor).

    I didn't have/take the time to check these infos.
    Does anyone have the link to this video (looks like it got lost in my news feed) ?
  34. RightOn Member

    David Miscavige's mother inlaw.
    seriously, they said it was a suicide.
  35. White Tara Global Moderator

    You really think that small group of individual homeopaths or chiropractors or whatever they were discovered a cure for cancer and autism? and that someone then decided it needed to be stopped? And yet they allow all kinds of herbal bullshit treatments continue on and make them money? Ok please please find that link for me I really have to see it to believe someone would even think it likely.
  36. John Duff Member

    I don't believe any of this, but I didn't look for more info yet, so I'm not sure that this is 100% bullshit (there may be some truth in there).
    I'll search for the vid tonight.
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    After the post-9/11 anthrax scare, some pointed out that such an attack could have a more devastating effect by killing the people most qualified to provide a cure.

    Anthrax Attacks and Microbiologist Deaths

    Search: dead anthrax
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  38. That is too subtle for the real word. Wouldn't the enemy just drop anthrax all over and kill off a lot of people? The scientists might come up with a cure but the world would be devistated already.
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