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Discussion in 'Projects' started by anonymutt, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Woof woof

    Woof woof anonymous. [/url:tf0wxff9]
    (I realise that I look uncannily like Woll Smoth in MIB but please don't hold that against me. I really am against Cruise and Co$)

    I’d like some feedback, and suggestions with an idea that I have before I go any further with it.


    First I’d just like to say that I could never have imagined that I’d ever want to be associated with ‘Anonymous’. I’m not a terrorist script kiddy hacker, and I don’t go around blowing up vans :roll: (I realize that’s all BS *cough* Fox *cough*). I've been through my 'mid life crisis' and I know bugger all about computer programing. I grew up with black and white TV when the news was something that you’d find wrapped around your fish and chips, but I spend quite a bit of time surfing the net, so I’m familiar with what it means to be an ‘Anonymous’ and where it originated.

    The internet phenomenon has revolutionized the way that news is delivered. Everyone has a chance to speak, and you can find out just about anything you want to know about almost any subject that you’re interested in. It’s based around freedom of speech, and it MUST be protected. I realise that’s what kicked you guys off on this noble cause.

    Ever since the Cruise video, and the emergence of ‘Anonymous’ on the issue, I’ve been following it closely, and gorging myself on information about Scientology from all over the web, spending most of my time between ARS, OCMB, and the thread on SA, as well as following all of the most popular links posted. It’s truly shocking that this cult is still allowed to operate (Tax free here :evil:) in its present form. Almost daily I’ve been outraged, or had my heartstrings pulled reading another account from someone who’s been trodden on by these bullies.

    Wise Beard Man, Tory (I’m happy to see her posting here. She's fantastic :) ), and Arnie et al, are amazing in their perseverance, and what they’ve achieved over the years, and I can feel their exhilaration building (with the momentum that’s been brought on by anonymous) following recent events. I’m astounded to see how much they are achieving at the moment (posting on forums, radio and TV interviews etc.) in getting the word out about this evil cult.

    There’s a wave of support for you guys, coming from ALL over the world. You’ve busted the dam and people are coming out all over the place. I’ve never publicly protested about anything in my life, but what’s happening now is truly amazing, and I want to be a part of it in some small way.

    It was John Peeler's inspiring thread that finally made me decide to get off my butt and join the protest. The time is NOW. Read it here;


    So here’s what I’m planning to set up for the protest;

    [IMG][/url:tf0wxff9] [/url:tf0wxff9]

    That's me in the milk crate with clear plastic hanging down on all four sides around the push bike. I want to make a tiled (out of A4 sheets) banner for each side, as well as the front and back, and stick them to the back of the plastic. It will be like a mobile billboard that’s 1.8 metres wide, and 1 metre high. The front and back will be about 600mm wide and 1 metre high.
    I’ll be riding in the milk crate with my head poking over the banner. I’ll be wearing my sunglasses for anonymity (I forgot about them before taking the photo), and perhaps a tinfoil hat to ward off any thetans that might be floating around. My pet human will be riding the bike all around the protest area in Sydney, but he won’t be wearing a tinfoil hat because he doesn’t have a head. He is anonymous.
    Here’s a picture of him; [/url:tf0wxff9]

    This whole set up is just something I knocked together quickly this afternoon as a proof of concept to see if it would work, and it will. If the consensus is that it’s a good idea, then I’ll do a much better job of my human’s suit (with a tie as well), and I’ll get some new plastic without any creases, folded over so it will be waterproof in case of rain. It needs sticks at the bottom so it doesn’t flap around in the wind, as well as a bit more tweaking here and there.

    So what do you think, and if it’s a goer, then what do you reckon should be on the banners?
    There will be quite a lot of pages involved and I want to get it right the first time, so what's the best free program to use for tiling the banners?
    Apart from my headless human, I will be alone, so where is the best place to find out how many will be attending the Sydney protest?
    Any ideas or suggestion for changes are welcome.

    To anyone else out there, who up until now (like me) has just been sitting on their butts reading about all of this;
    NOW is the time. If you can’t get to a protest, then write letters, donate to Mark for his documentary or buy a WBM product (can that business with Cafepress be sorted out? I want a WBM T shirt), make a comment somewhere or start a blog. At least tell all your friends and family, but just DO SOMETHING.

    The internet is a wonderful and amazing thing. Let’s keep it that way by supporting freedom of speech, and freedom from Co$ oppression.


    BEWARE Co$ ! I’m not scared of you.
    I may not have a dog, but I am a dog.

    We are legion, and we are everywhere.

    Even in your own backyard! [/url:tf0wxff9]
  2. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Sadly I think the lack of a head will make you(r pet) easy to identify - maybe wear a fake head?
  3. Atomosk Member

    I'd suggest finding a human to pretend to be your owner. after the protest, you can run off wherever, and the human can go in a different direction.

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