WOR reports Ahmadinejad's propaganda machine is showing signs of breaking down

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. World of Radio reports that there are signs that Ahmadinejad's propaganda machine is beginning to break down. Also reports jamming of BBC persia into Iran.

    mp3 of report: One click file hosting
  2. Angelraven Member

    And he is still saying insane things...

    Iran media: Ahmadinejad wants public talks with Obama. Via reader Chas, CNN runs this report:

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he wants to engage President Obama in "negotiations" before international media, a semi-official Iranian news outlet reported on Saturday.

    Speaking at a meeting of medical school deans, Ahmadinejad said Iran "will soon pursue a new round of diplomatic activity" amid a new position of strength for the Iranian government, the Iranian Student News Agency quotes him as saying.

    "I will go to the United Nations and will invite Obama to negotiations," Ahmadinejad said, adding that such talks would be "in front of the international media, not a sit-down behind closed doors in order to talk about matters."

    Right, like anyone would invite you to the UN, crazy murdering , dictator!
  3. He's trying to make himself look legitimate.

    "See see I'm the real President!!! I'm doing speeches, I'm meeting people!"
  4. July 5.09 Ahmadinejad wants to speak in open with Obama.

    A ploy to patch his cleric problems? It doesn't matter the reason. The world sees the Iranian government for what it is and more are realizing a secular government for ALL countries will at least cut out one of the issues that lead to oppression and war.
  5. sounds moar like pretext for global control and enslavement, I think this is making more people realize that this is the way MOST governments will act given the power and circumstance
  6. Da Sandmastah Member

    Does Ahmadinejad live in a bubble or what? Does he really think that the crisis going on in Iran is not their fault but in fact, America's? What a stupid little man.
  7. Ahmadinejad needs to have public meetings with important foreign leaders in order to legitimize his position as the newly elected leader. The best thing for the Iranian people is for world leaders to not give him the time of day.
  8. This is an important truth. If the government is not viewed as legitimate amongst the nations of the world, the people will then begin to question its worth as a government.

    Realistically though I don't even think it matters. The "government" we're all referring to faces about as uncertain a future as possible.
  9. a desert Member

    Quoted for truth. And if Obama lets him step foot in the US, well... disappointed won't be able to cover it.

    He wants it to be in front of international media because I think he feels that Obama will pull his punches if it's going to be aired to the entire world. And since Obama's the US president, having him on Ahmadi's 'side' will make him look uber-legitimate, even compared to, say, France or the UK. (Not exactly sure why, but whatever, it's not like Dinner Jacket does logic very well.)
  10. Srpska Member

    Obama's position vis-a-vis the Ahmadi regime is tricky. He wants to be able to deal with whoever emerges as victor, and he doesn't want to appear to be interfering with Iran's affairs (because that would burn off the goodwill he currently enjoys from the Muslim world instantly). So he can't come out and support Mousavi as the legitimate President. However, he also doesn't want to appear too much of a pussy to the American people and Senate, so he also can't get too chummy with Ahmadi.
  11. he shouldn't even use the word Ahmadinejad in his vocabulary. The guy is illegitimate.

    Obama has to negotiate with the representative of Iran!!!!!!!!!

    Make no mistake about who is the representative of Iran. It is definitely not Mr. Ahmadinejad.

    No government can force him down the throat of the Iranian people. Mr. Obama must
    know that he cannot make future plans based on a person with no credentials.
  12. Srpska Member

    Morally, Ahmadi has no leg to stand on. However, international relations tends to deal first and foremost with what is, not with what "should be". In that sense, if Obama starts to feel that Ahmadi's position is unassailable, that the protests have failed and that no serious challenge to his authority is likely, unfortunately the logical thing for him to do is to deal with him.

    Happily, however, none of those three criteria have so far been met.
  13. Swarm Theory Member

    Apparently he does...

    Since reportedly his father-in-law says he wouldn't vote for him!

    Google Translate

    Can we get a better translation?
  14. KKAABB Member

    There is actually a clause that was inserted into America's acceptance of the UN headquarters that they cannot deny a visa to anyone addressing the UN.
  15. a desert Member

    Fine, if we can't deny him a visa. Let him fly to DC and have luck trying to flag down a cab. And he can book his own damn hotel room, and try to navigate the metro himself.

    Maybe we have to let him touch down, but there is nothing that says we have to be nice about it. Maybe we should just re-route his flight to Idaho.
  16. He'll be beaten by the mob if he tries to stand on the left on the metro escalators. Us DC folks are kinda prickly about that.
  17. a desert Member

    Haha yeah, I've seen that when I swing down there. It would be a rather awesome sight.

    Back to the point, though, it's going to be a dark day in DC if that idiot decides to touch down and try to 'talk' to the President here. I can't believe that he'll think he'd get a warm reception here; if he comes this summer it's going to be the coldest day in DC ever in terms of political response.

    The only logical response I can think to do if he would come down here (short of crying havoc and letting slip the cats of war, thus releasing a horde of kittens into DC) is letting every institution know that any place that chooses to host him won't be getting any patronage from us and any politico who tries to make nice has just lost votes.

    I know it seems unlikely to some but politicians... they might bluster now but I honestly question how many of them truly give a shit. I wouldn't put it past the politicos to welcome his presence here.
  18. Idaho might like him. I hear he likes handing out potatoes.
  19. Srpska Member

    Just for the record, I would like to make it quite clear that I do not in any way shape or form condone a large number of local Anons heading for Ahmadi with air rifles as soon as he lands. This is a vile Zionist lie which I utterly reject.

    I hope that is understood.
  20. Visionary Member

    Let him sleep outside in the middle of Dupont circle.
    I'm sure he'd get a kick out of that. ;)
  21. Srpska Member

    1. Send a submarine to Bermuda
    2. Route Ahmadi's flight over Bermuda (if it doesn't already fly over it, which it might well do)
    3. Tell the crew to bail out
    4. Pop a missile through the plane
    5. Blame it on the Bermuda Triangle
    6. ????
    7. PROFIT
    8. Egyptian newspapers nevertheless blame America, like they blamed deep-sea US nuclear detonations for the Boxing Day Tsunami
  22. Stacy Member

    Last I heard this time he was blamming the Brits more than us. With a person like him in power, anything that is a problem is always due to someone else causing problems. He thinks everyone should believe him when he says without people from the outside, things in Iran would be perfect and everyone happy.

    A classic attitude of every tyrant that has ever ruled and ever will.
  23. a desert Member

    You know what? We will book him a hotel. In inner city Baltimore. Whilst we re-route his body guards to York, PA or something.
  24. akuma_river Member

    I think Cheney is more dangerous than Ahmedi.
  25. jadt65 Member

    I agree....Cheney has more experience at being evil thanks to a battery operated heart.
  26. Srpska Member

    Um, what?

    Seriously, what the fuck?
  27. Khamedinejad are on unassailable. They are two men in a sea of dudes with guns. Once enough see the light the tide will turn against them. They will continue to feel more and more isolated. Eventually we will find the happy couple in a cave with nothing but pajamas and a bottle of dove body wash. Finally, they will be brought to justice. Medieval style.

  28. akuma_river Member

    In regards to switching Ahmedi for Cheney, Cheney is more dangerous.

    Ahmedi may be a bastard but he's not a crazy fuck like Cheney. Ahmedi at least doesn't seem to be screwing over his own friends...or shooting them in the face.

    Cheney is fucking nuts and a cruel despot ceo greedy sonuvabitch with no regard for anyone's lives and only thinks of making the green. Trust me, I've got family that has dealt with Cheney on a business level and as 'friends.' He will betray his own mother if he thought it would benefit him.

    Look at everything Cheney has done in his career: he helped topple the world ecconomy as well, not to mention the whole Gitmo, War on Iraq, secret Assassination Squad, outing out CIA ops because their relatives pissed him off... I can go on and on about that bastard. Oh yeah, can't forget the big one. Because he couldn't be assed enough to read memos or talk to the people in charge of the fucking security of our nation 9-11 happened. Which caused the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    This guy has got hundreds of thousands of people's lives on his hands.

    I think compared to him...Ahmedi isn't that bad.
  29. ramin.ger Member

    @ akuma_river: :D:D nice one, lol. You got it.

    But both of them has something in common. They are brothers in arms against democracy and freedom.
  30. A'jad is Bush-style stupid whereas Cheney is Darth Vader.
  31. Srpska Member

    I'll be as clear as I can here

  32. I heartily agree.

    Fuck the democrats.
    Fuck the republicans.
    Fuck American narcissism.
    And while we're at it, fuck it!

  33. Obama will never agree to that. Ahmadinejad would DESTROY him in public debate. The only thing Obama can do excellently is to read speeches from his teleprompter ... for that, he is exceptional talent. As to real debate ... no chance, destroyed!
  34. a desert Member


    Obama is noted as a rather eloquent speaker (as well as a writer). Meanwhile, Jibber Jabber says stupid things like there not being any gays in Iran.
  35. Oh, he did not? If he had, do you think American propaganda media is going to parade it all over?

    How naive you have to be? You have to actually look for it ... like type 4 words into google or so ...

    The Raw Story | 'Karl Rove's IT guru' Mike Connell dies in plane crash
    brainwashed sheeple ...
  36. a desert Member

    For fuck's sake, stay on target. It doesn't matter if Bush and Cheney are buttfucking in the middle of I-95, it's not pertinent to helping the protesters.
  37. He can be noted as a dalai lama, that doesn't make it so. I've never saw him in proper debate, have you? Sure he is "rather eloquent speaker" when he has his telepromter before him or is giving memorized speech. Debate? No chance, he doesn't have a clue what he is speaking about ...
  38. let's take another look at A'jad superb speaking skills.

  39. a desert Member

    LOL, you think other politicians don't utilise teleprompters, prompt cards or memorised speeches? Jesus, have fun with your kool-aid.
  40. Yeah, that's the strategy ... don't look at political persecution in US, don't look at warrantless wiretapping, don't look at illegal fucking torture and people being killed in US. Look Ahmadinejad farted, we have to invade Iran! Go back to sleep America, everything is alright, go back to sleep, your government has it all under control again.

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