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    The purpose of this thread is to separate labour issues from the rest of the CCH lulzy stuff. Here you will find issues related to employment at Camelot Castle Hotel.
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    Ok good call on this thread lets get as much info up as possible.

    Translation of original Polish workers post on a Polish blog.

  3. Anonymous Member

    Definitely need a warning message in several languages.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Apart from Polish, what are the common nationalities working there ... Lithuanian? Croatian? Albanian?
  5. kernowanon Member

    This is from a blog again translated from 2008.

  6. slobeck Member

    Thank you xenubarb. I wonder if we might bring over the post by "ex camelot staff"... her(?) story is interesting in that she(?) pretended to be all into the scientology in order to receive better treatment...also interesting this:

    not like pocket notes are dox or anything, but interesting no doubt. Also: is it legal to not provide a copy of a contract so that the person could have a solicitor look at it?
  7. RightOn Member

    Story posted by a person with the ID "Ex Camelot Staff"
    taken from the other thread

    1. Hi there,
    I was trying to find a website where I could express what I have been through, working at Camelot Castle. But the review pages won’t exploit my review for some reason.
    I’ll try and keep it short but tell my story. So it will be a long story haha.
    I came from abroad to work at Camelot castle. I arrived and was told to go to my room and not speak to anyone until the manager MRS Mappin Arrived (forbid should I call her Irina) She came and I signed a contract that said I’d be working more than 48 hours a week (never thought it would turn out to be 70 at least) as they don’t want you to think of anything else but your life at Camelot. We also never got a copy of our contract. I would have to study their scientology books and was forbidden to smoke or drink and I would have to tell on colleagues if they did something they weren’t allowed to do. I wasn’t really allowed to talk with my colleagues, hardly. I thought all of them were the same when I started and was scared. It felt like a cult to me, but I kept an open mind and did my job. Till some colleagues and I SECRETLY hooked up at night and all had the same thoughts and wanted to get out. The only ones that almost seemed like brainwashed robots were the reception and head of restaurant boys. Polish guys who were vulnerable, got praised and forgot about their lives in Poland. Is it even legal to tell your staff what they can and can’t do in their spare time? We didn’t get paid for reading the books in our spare time or the times we weren’t allowed in the pubs to drink or whatever.
    It seemed to me the newspaper was the same every day, different date. But I’m not sure of that. All the pictures in the hall with the famous people have never stayed in the hotel. Just an event they happened to be at and took pictures. Ted Stourton (sorry, MR Stourton/recovering alcoholic that looked brainwashed or mental) pretended it was such a lucky and amazing thing if he was around and there in the hotel to show you the LIGHTBOX! He never leaves the place. He just wants to sell his ugly paintings in a manipulative way. And they only support Stourtons art as it’s the only art in the whole place .everywhere!!
    The Mappins were always around spying and giving lectures. Staff always looks miserable unless we put on our fake smile. Because we are were allowed to tell any of the visitors or other outsiders what goes on in Camelot. There was a rumour going they sent people to test us and ask us how great it is to work at Camelot to see what our response is. So Naturally I always said: Ow its great, the Mappins are great and this is such a good opportunity. I felt like I was 10 years old again and shouldn’t get caught doing something wrong! The staff flat was a DISGRACE!!! don’t even want to get into that..Horrifying. As for the rooms in the hotel … I’m so sorry for anyone that spent their money. They don’t get cleaned properly because they don’t want to hire much staff and expect them to do a certain amount of rooms in a certain amount of time. So basically they try to make the rooms ‘look’ clean as quick as possible. Also the bathrooms and what not are crap if you want an opinion about it.
    Anyway I very quickly decided to leave after my first monthly salary after they were talking about ‘auditing’ me!! Talking about ethics, what an unethical thing to do according to scientology. Try and force auditing unto someone who doesn’t believe anything is wrong with them. When I brought them the news I wanted to go, they told me I was making a mistake. They spent a whole day trying to keep me there. It kind of freaked me out. They are sooo good with the way they twist things, you almost start believing things they say. They told me they could save me with scientology . Don’t think I needed saving (only from them). Don’t get me wrong. I liked some aspects of scientology. The basics. The whole ethical and science part of it. Helping people and so forth, but their methods were wrong and after them telling me contradictive things I found out they were very manipulative too. It seems like scientology is a money and power thrive. Anyway eventually I got away and thought. I wish somebody would have put this on the net so I would have known! So therefore I am doing it here.

    Ex Camelot Staff"
    PS: I just put this post on about working at Camelot. I do think that how they are doing things is wrong but I don't agree on the whole gay, shag and childish comments made about them. This is a serious thing going on and don't want to below myself with some of the things said. Thank you for letting me tell you about my true experience working in the hotel as no other site will let me post this.
  8. RightOn Member

    other posts for Ex Camelot Staff:
    I did mention in my post also that the Mappins themselves have showed me that it was all minipulating and actually very UNETHICAL and a power and money strive unlike what I thought before .. So I totally agree. I thought scientology was there to help people which made me show some form of interest untill it showed its true colors to me

    another post answering questions:
    RightOn said:
    SO Glad you made it out of there! WELCOME!!!!
    Would love to hear more about the conditions of the worker's sleeping quarters, what you ate, and anything else. Where you allowed to get mail? And if you did, was it opened before you received it? Allowed to go places? Did they take your passport?

    Where you allowed to buy clothes, toiletries ect...?
    Where you allowed to use the internet or the phone at all?
    Where relatives allowed to call there. Where you allowed visitors?

    Did they subtract money for any books or courses from your pay? What where your meals like? How often did you take breaks?
    Sorry for all the questions, I just think they are imortant.
    I know you said you didn't want to get into all of it, but if there is more about worker's rights being abused, it should be known.

    Okay.. I have to be honest. I kind of got 'special treatment' because i didn't want to sleep where my colleages did and get treated as badly as them> I actually wanted to find out more about the Mappins as I was working there so I kind of pretended I was very positive about scientology and the books. So I got to sleep in one of the hotelrooms. Just like Marek (head of reception, now also scientologist) The other staff that didn't show as much enhtousiasm towards scientology had it even worse. I went to the staffhouse and I had pictures of it but recently deleted it unfortunately. I just e-mailed one of the people that stayed in the staff flat if she still has pictures.. I hope she does and I will post it on the site. basicly no heating, no way to cook your own food. You had to pay for your own electricity so that cost money out of your wages. there were loads of bugs in the house. walls broken, bathtub you wouldnt want to sit in. broken bed. All of this we took pictures off..I so hope she still has them!!!
    We were allowed to buy clothes and toiletries.But there was no time as the only 2 hour break we had we had to catch up with reading scientology books. We had no excess to the internet and the only contact with our family was with our own mobile, but we weren't allowed to tell them about what goes on in camelot. As it sayes in the contract. But of course all of us did! We never got a copy of our contract (ellegal?) But another one off my colleages secretly made his own.. I'll see if he can email this to me too. See we slipped eachothers contactdetails in eachothers pockets secretly.. as contact with eachother was something the Mappins didnt seam to like

    average workingday: We started work at 7/8 o clock morning. Got our breakfast at 10 (15 min break) worked till like 2 o clock non stop. read scientology. Started at 4 again. got Our dinner at about 10/11 o clock and worked till 1/2 in the morning and the next morning we had to get up at 7 again 7 days a week!! Unless after 3 weeks you get lucky and get a day off! The chefs were very nice (non scientologists) They slipped us food through the day sometimes (also secretly) because we were on our feet non stop to the point where I got physically ill where they tried to give me vitiman supplements as they told me my own werent good enough. But I didnt take their vitamins. They say they order it from america and are expensive so they would take that out of my wages too. I think we paid like 90/ 100 pounds a week towards accomodation and wokred on minimume wage. There was no time to do laundry, shopping, relaxing in the 2 hour break we got or even vlean our own rooms As we werent allowed to use the laundryroom in the hotel and the launderette in town that we had to pay for too was 20 min walk there..then you have to wait almost 2 hours for it to wash and dry and then get back! Visitors not allowed! Noway! We werent even allowed in eachothers rooms.. I wasnt allowed to go to the staff flat, but I secretly did.

    They said we were priviliged because reading the books was for free. but it wasnt because it was in our only little precious free time we had. I had to go to the study room till like 2 in the morning once when I finished work a bit earlier. We were allowed to go places, but again had no time and if we did it wasnt in the pubs. and no smoking and drinking allowed (not that I do) but is it legal to tell your staff what to do in their spare time? Someone posted a post of a polish worker translated on this site. I dont get all of what she.he is saying but the things I do all seem VERY familiar to me. As for people dissapearing.. nobody dissapears its just a matter of..if you get caught doing something wrong they will send you home early in the morning or late at night when we are working and we are not allowed to say goodbye or talk about it. so when you arrive at work the next morning and your colleage is not there you just presume..they sent him or her away and you never got a chance to say goodbye or know what happened.

    I hope I answered most of your questions
  9. RightOn Member

    more posts from "Ex Camelot Staff":
    bolded are the questions they were asked

    As I mentioned to Kernowan..The thing is.. WE ALL SIGN THE CONTRACT!! why? I am not sure. I suppose we already maid the commitment to come from abroad to earn money.

    kernowanon said:

    Another question please, how where you recruited to work at the Hotel?

    found there was a great opportunity to work as a general assistant at camelot ..on gumtree where most of us found the job looking for work in the UK. I applied by sending my CV and got a phonecall to invite me for the interview. The interview was just saying it was hard work and they wanted us to be ethical sufficient workers and then at the end of it, please read through the contract and sign.. well ofcourse im going to if i flew all the way from abroad and need the money now.

    kernowanon said:
    And here's the gumtree advert they are running currently.

    Now how does this fit with the account of "ex camelot staff"'s experiance?

    Remember that "Katerina Scherber" of the email does not exist it is Irina you will be emailing so who's gonna apply then?

    answer from Ex Camelot Staff:

    Yes that is what I applied to!!! And why did they make up this Katerina person??? I know she never existed :S This job advertisement sounds like its a good opportunity, but it is sooo not!!! It defenitely did not feel like a holiday and why have all the colleages I worked with back than also 'escaped' the place? They say the training will help through out your life ... because the training is scientology.And the people that answer your e-mail are most likely Marek ( head of reception scientologist and maybe Irina ) I had a few reception duties so I know this.
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    more questions for "Ex Camelot Staff"

    Ogsonofgroo said:
    Wow, very cool to have some new insider stuff on the Twisted Castle, and welcome ECS, glad ya made it out in one piece but am curious as to what you had to go through to get out and how /if you've made it home again?
    What's yer take on the fine art of Ted btw? Were any staff forced into the lightbox thingy or to buy his 'art' ? :p

    Ha so many questions from people. funny to know some people actually do know dodgy things are going on there.

    I kind of pretended to care about scientology to get good treatment. So a better room and the reception job instead of binwork and things like that. So after a while I came forward to them and said I found the workingconditions terrible and I actually want a life outside of my job. They kept lecturing me how scientology can save me and I probably wanted to leave because of an experience in my past life and I will always keep running in my life unless I solve the problem by getting audited. They twisted everything I said that whole day. So I made up that I needed to go back to school. Then they said things that schools are corrupt and that scientology has the best teaching methods, basicly they didnt want me to go back to school.. From them twisting every agrument I had (and sometimes I kind of started to believe them wich is quite scary) I decided to play it stupid and just kept repeating myself by saying. I just want to go..they asked me why over and over and gave me reasons to stay. I just said again and again. I dont know, I just want to go and you cant force me to stay I am leaving. Then THEY DESIGNED A NOTICE LETTER for me saying my workingexperience was great there but my reason for leaving was that I had to go back to school. I signed it because I simply did want to go ..for other reasons though.I left and I went to Newquay as I had been there on holiday before and met with an old colleage that got fired because she was talking to staffmembers too much. we stayed in a hostel and found jobs and I still live here today enjoying surfing skating fishing..I work to live now..I dont live to work and I get many visits from my family abroad. So I had a good ending.

    Ted/ Mr Stourtons art is a matter of opinion. If you want mine: blodges glitters glued butterflies and symbolic people... not worth a lot. The lightbox was supposed to be a big secret and for people to find out themselfs. they didnt want staff to know what it was because we could tell guest what it was..and its a surprise oooeeh. One of my colleages went to see it and as I always had to bring Mr Stourtons food to him I saw a glimps of it. Its not magical to me. I dont think anybody gets forced into buying. But I do think its really a trying to sell sceme.. the whole build up are soo lucky to get to see the lightbox as Mr stourton is in the premises (he always is) then Ted tells o so great stories and confronts you with buying something.

    to this day I am still not sure if their intensions are all good. I dont think they are 'evil' I just think their methods are screwed up.
  11. RightOn Member


    Ex camelot staff Member

    Anonymous said:
    Try here you may need a stiff drink after watching this please identify anyone who you knew

    Enjoy !!!!
    What, this is so strange.. the bartender Miro AKA Mirek, polish.. he started just before I left and he 'hated' the place. He really thought it was screwed up and he is still there??? 20 months later? and he likes it? OMG and the maintenaince guy is lying about it being great to work there and that they are wonderful people as he told me he thought that it was wrong the way the place was been run ... strange!


    Alona said:
    Re: Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stou

    lol some of them are my friends :D
    are you on the picture..? I actually remember the one girl where it says can I be with the anynomous now
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    Question for "Ex Camelot Staff"...
    did they take your passport after you signed their contract? Did they hold on to it while you worked there? And if so, was it difficult to get it back?
    Also...when people are "fired" or are not working out or whatever, do the Mappins pay to send them back?
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  14. maybe put the polish one on aswell ..for the polish people
  15. No they never took my passport from me. They dont pay your taxi bto the airport or other hotel nothing when youre fired..they kind of fire you without notice but they pay out your salary. Youre kind of screwed if you only got to work there for a week moneywise
  16. RightOn Member

    what exactly was your salary?
  17. kernowanon Member

    Delighted to here it is! Perhaps Ex camelot staff could provide a better translation too.... Please!!

  18. Anonymous Member

    Excellent work Anons. This pleases Lord Xenu.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    bumpity bumpity
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. timthephoto Member

  23. I worked in CCH a couple of years ago, I do not regret working there because this experience taught me not to trust peopple so easily and be more careful in the future. There is always an element of risk if you decide to go abroad for work, but in the case of Camelot Castle Hotel things look a bit .... hmm ... much different. It is a dangerous place. The whole hotel business is just a cover for a serious scientology business. Once you decide to work there, you not only should worry about poor living conditions, sick rules but also about your own self as the owners will hire you just for one reason - to convert you to scientologist (a member of a dangerous sect).
    There is a lot to say about this place but the main message from me, someone who experienced working there and learned a lot of details about this hotel as well as scientology business, BEWARE of this place!!!!!!
  24. RightOn Member

    thank you for coming here and telling your story, please consider contacting authorities even if it is done anonymously.
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  25. sallysock Member

    I am sorry for you experiences at the hands of the scilons. How did you end up working in such a place and what made you leave? I am also interested in hearing more about the living conditions and rules you mention. Anything you can share would be appreciated. Leaving out details which might identify you is understandable and likely wise.
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  26. RightOn Member

    this ^
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  27. i'mglib Member

    Are they still in business? How is that possible?
  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. jensting Member

    Thanks for popping in. What you could do is get an account here and send me a message, or you could send me an e-mail. There might be ways of getting this story out where it could help people outside the fringes of the Internet...
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  30. I should have said something about it a long time ago but I just happened to forget about it. What made me eventually write something about it was a very recent advert in the internet about CCH hiring people..... again. It has to stop! I just can't believe their business is still alive. Well, it' s just another proof for the fact that money makes the world go round.

    I'm not sure what else to say about them. Honestly, if I was someone who was just going to work there and I was lucky enough to read the same or similar comment to mine, I would not need any more comments, and would definately give up a mere thought of going there.
    But, of course, if you have any specific questions, I am more than happy to answer.
  31. RightOn Member

    It is not going to stop unless someone files a report.
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  32. Django Member

    Greetings Fw. Glad you got out of your CCT experience relatively unscathed. I have a couple of questions, and will understand if you're uncomfortable answering any of them.

    Where do workers at CC reside?

    It seems from your story above that you're from the European mainland. Without being too specific, where are you from, how did you end up traveling to CC, and have you been allowed to stay in Britain?

    How soon does the pressure to join Scientology start, and how heavy is that pressure?

    Glad you've survived this encounter, and thank you for sharing your experience...!
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  33. I m not quite sure why did you deduce from my short statement that I m from Europe but it does not matter much which country I am from. The point is that people that get to work there are from all over the world: Pakistan, India, Russia, Poland, even Britain and many other but I guess most of workers are Polish since the manager of this place is polish. Anyway, to answer yuor first question - some of the employees are placed in hotel rooms but only for a week or so, then they are moved to the rest of the workers to something that the owners call "a flat", which has nothing to do with anything that reminds a flat, well unless we can call a cellar a flat. Stingy, awful, dirty - the list is endless - place for which workers are charged something about 90 pounds a week, don't remember exactly. Oh and they have to pay additionaly for electricity.... not cheap either.

    How did I end up there. Well, the answer is simple. I needed money, and I ve been to UK before so I decided to try again, but this time in a much more interesting place than the rest of England. I am not going to repeat the application process that has been mentioned by others on this forum, but what is important in this matter is the fact that Mrs Mappin never gave me any specific info about my duties as a General Assisstant, but she was so nice and convincing that I did not see then anything wrong with the position or the company itself.
    I m not quite sure what you mean by this question: have you been allowed to stay in Britain? - but I guess you just want to find out if I was eligible to work in UK or not. I don t think it is relevant in this case. I believe that those who get to work in CCH have the permit.
    As far as money is concerned, it is true that at the beginning they postponed the date when the money was to be paid, but it wasn't that bad, some of my friends though did not get their last pay at all.
    Working hours... well.... there was a lot of work, so those who came there to make money did not have to complain, but I have to admit it was too much at times.

    The real problem with this place is scientology.

    How soon does the pressure to join Scientology start, and how heavy is that pressure?

    It starts with the moment of signing the contract. Stupid rules are imposed on every newcomer. We never get a copy of this. One of the rules that I recall was saying that whenever we hear somebody saying something bad about other workers or the owners, we should report it to the manager or the owners themselves. We were also hardly allowed to talk to one another.

    I guess the point at which the pressure to join Scientology starts is individual. They are very skilled psochologists and they know how and when to try to "invite you to their world".

    The Mappins usually invite you to this strange room near reception and ask you many absurd questions, and at the same time record, and I mean 'record' your answers... well // the whole conversation.... I m sure about it because they are able to repeat the exact words you said a couple of days before. The conversation may be easily compared to brainwashing. I was lucky enough not to get drawn into this game. At the beginning I was curious about what scientology was actually about but then when I realized how dangerous they may be I simply pretended I was interested in it. It was OK for a while but then they started to seem frustrated by the fact that they cannot control my mind and found a reason to fire me eventually.
    I hope that this helps those who consider working there.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry to hear that. I've worked in resorts before and the apartment while not palatial was always provided free-sometimes I paid electric, sometimes not. Goddamn, the Mappins have totake money back from their employees. What a bunch of cheap wankers. At least they aren't 'out exchange'.:rolleyes:

    Thanks for talking to us, Former Worker, glad you're out of there, Cheers!
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  35. RightOn Member

    one of the things that needs to be exposed is whether or not they held your passport or any other worker's passports

  36. They did not take my passport, and I don't think they did in anybody's case. They even took care of National Insurance Numer and all the documents that were needed, but I think they didn't do it for every employee. Everything was done in such a way so that noone could accuse them of doing something illegal. They are masters of camouflage. I am sure that they are very inteligent but consider others complete morons who can be easily manipulated.

    I don't know much about the experience of other workers because I think they were just afraid to lose their job and didn't want to share with anyone. For example, I never heard about the pills or vitamins but the questioning that was going on in this room near the reception was immoral, abnormal and had nothing to do with our job. Besides, everything there was just one great mystery. A very important fact, from a legal side, was that people were fired without any notice. I was told that they don't need me any more and I had to leave the next day. I wasn't paid even one day notice. As far as I know, they should have given me at leas two weeks notice. I also know that they did the same with other employees and they also lied to the staff about the reason why this or that person left. They usually said that the reason was a theft. Funny, right.
  37. Anonymous Member

    In my resort experience (US) you could be fired immediately, but they had to pay your final check within 24 hours and give you about a week's notice to vacate the living space. I don't know if this was state law, US law or what, but if you lived there, they couldn't just kick you out (and a good thing as these places were generally up mountains during ski season, not conducive to sleeping rough).
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  38. RightOn Member

    remember, every person they get on course they receive a kick back from the Church of Scientology. Same with the books and courses sold.

    Do you know anything about any worker's visas expiring and them staying beyond the expiration? How is that handled?
    Why do you feel you were asked to leave?

  39. I haven't got any knowledge about that, I'm afraid. All I know is that there are three employees, one from India, one from Pakistan and I don't remember the third one, who have worked there for a long time. They go back home once or twice a year, but this is just what I found out from them and have no idea if this is true or not. But how do they handle the whole visa thing, I just don't know.

    So I was asked to leave or rather fired because I broke the rules, the ones in the agreement of which I wasn't given a copy.
  40. jensting Member

    Well, if you can do me a favour and make up a new e-mail, use it to register on this site and then send me a private message, please, I might have a lead on how to get your story out to a wider audience than this forum (although this is a start - don't get me wrong!).
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