WorldOfWarcraft as a means of communication?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. A friend mentioned it. I twittered it. The Resonance was good. I don't have enough knowledge to determine if it works.

    Please Discuss:

    Is WoW a safe & anonymous tool to communicate with & about Iran?
    IPlease explain risks or confirm this. And Spead the result.

    Back up from Experts is needed.
  2. I belelive that it's already been blocked in iran it's self.
  3. Geraldanthro Member

    It would work.

    It would work.
    And provide cover.

    Somebody that games check it out.
    Send private msg, back and forth.

    And report.

  4. It would absolutely work. Someone said the game has already been banned, wouldn't surprise me. It would probably work in other gaming formats too where it's simply FAR too much work (if even possible) to go through all the other data being exchanged to get at the chat.

    There's plenty of MMOs in the sea, many with free trials or free basic service.

    Anarchy Online. EVE Online...just googled this list of MMOs, includes free ones and information: Free MMORPG Lair - Huge List of Free MMORPGs

    Good luck

  5. byway LC-5

    Wow is anything but anonymous; you need an account. Getting your account requires a valid credit card number.
  6. MMO's are not going to be anon, but the question is what will be exposed to an interested party.

    US Gov can see pretty much everything, but they wont be sharing any of that info with the Iranian govt.

    Packets you send to/from your computer to/from whatever gaming server you are connected to will likely not be secure, or possibly use minimal protection for anti-cheating measures. I would not count on information sent this way to be secure.

    Additionally, there would be billing information somewhere that could tie you to the account. While companies like Blizzard are unlikely to share, the fact that it exists would be troublesome.

    It seems like there are better ways to communicate available that leave you less exposed.
  7. Are you willing to BET YOUR LIFE on that? Worse, you are betting other peoples lives on that advise.

    Get it straight, someone makes a mistake, they die! Maybe not today or tomorrow. Maybe they'll be lucky and it's a bullet in the head. If they aren't... you don't even want to think about it.

    Don't shoot your mouth off about things you don't understand. Your statement proves you have no grasp of even the elementary concepts of ELINT. At least read 2600.
  8. notion stay away from second life, nasty things have been done with packet sniffing and packet injection in the past. stay clear even if it's free and requires no payment info.
  9. Just a suggestion:

    If a one time pad exchanged, either personally or through RSA, then this wouldn't be a bad method. It depends on how deep any analysis on it - they might know that a message is being sent and who is sending it, but at least they can't know what it is. Its a risk, although some "free" mmos might not need a valid credit card to get a trial. Pidgin with Tor is proably better.
  10. TheONE-IRAN Member

    The stakes are too high, lives are possibly on the line. Pass on this and stick with proven secure methods.
  11. 666300 Member

    That's what I'm sayin'
  12. There are many other games that have 14 day trial offers, that do not require real information to set up trial accounts. If there are some that the packets can't be analyzed on, and that people can make accounts on, it may be a method. Obviously no-one should consider doing this unless they know it would be effective and safe, but there was a chart posted should that game applications and X-box access has been one of the least disrupted services in Iran elsewhere.
  13. rev Member

    The NSA and other American agencies are pretty much just waiting on Obama's order to help the Iranian people. They're on the edge of their seats in this one.

    EVE requires no credit card. and only uses one Shard/Server/Universe. and is based in very Free Iceland, with its server farm in London. it has good internal mail/IM system... the in game browser is wonky but OK if you code for it.

    it will also work on Linux/ OS X / win on a pretty basic machine.
  15. JoeRodge Member

    I don't see how it would be hard to intercept messages on these games. I may be wrong, but couldn't this be done with basic packet logging?
  16. For the last time....

    This is not a game. This is Darwinian real life.
    Worse, so are the others you are communicating with.

    You play not only with your own life and freedom, but the lives and freedom of everyone around you.
  17. Then perhaps it should be tested, if possible, outside of Iran. If it works properly, then it wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Sometimes its not about how secure the method is over whether or not the method would even be detected.

    Then again, if its confirmed that WoW is blocked entirely, then maybe not...
  18. credit card

    if WoW can take them, people can use the prepaid Amex gift cards.

    still have the other security issues, but hey, why not use the one time pads.
  19. gahh its a way around the filters with out useing a proxy, you would still need code or encryption,

    they whould have to crack EVE (or what ever) it self though, it has its own encryption to prevent cheating etc. its not mil grade or anything but you couldn't just find the bytes in the clear.
  20. ariksan Member

    Even if it might work - there is no way Iranians could download or even patch these games at the moment with the current speed of their connections which are slowed down through proxies or/and the regime etc
  21. N.A.T.E-IRAN Member

    Mmk guys, I know internet and activism turned out to work much better than we thought it would in the past, but this is just crap from people who don't want to have to pause their leveling their orcs or dwarfs long enough to put their money with their mouth is so they figure why not put the two together.

    Fuck off. Get laid.

    For the horde, assholes.
  22. ariksan Member

    Hey, the basic idea to use tools that are not easily identified with communication or arn't primarily designed for communication is not that bad. It's just not realistic for most people in Iran at this point.
  23. I've had Iranian friends in two of the games mentioned here, they can have up to 128 kbs, and not everything is as heavy as WoW.

    and to the haters.. if it weren't for basement dwellers and their wacky ideas none of us would be here...
  24. private servers

    hey guys! we iranian dont have credit cards here, we are banned, remember? so no one can trace us. thats about official Blizzard game of course

    i've been thinking about this for sometimes. private servers such as WoWscape are working fine. we can try those. they only need an email verified account and since they are private, they may even cooperate with us.
  25. It will not be an effective way to mobilize large numbers of people; too many problems with accessibility, organization, etc. The best tool being used currently to mobilize large groups for protests is Twitter.

    It may potentially be a way for small groups to meet and organize. And AFAIK with WoW accounts a credit card isn't needed, one can use a 'free' 14 day trial and a pre paid game card. If a credit card is needed, I'm sure if the need was there, prepaid credit cards could be arranged specifically for that use. Blizzard's 'Warden' could prove a serious security issue, but I'm not sure how much of one.

    As far as the govt. spying on gaming, in early 2008 there's the Reynard project which was to start watching WoW for 'patterns' of abnormality, then pick those players out which displayed threat level behavior and see if they could ID them (real world ID), primarily as a 'can we do this as a counter terrorism tool'. China saw the potentials earlier than that, and at least with WoW, the copy in use in China is a government altered program. (Not that bootleg US copies weren't used there, but due to financial issues [IE: 'chinese goldfarmers'] Blizzard tends to ban IP ranges out of China unless a US/Euro based player notifies them they'll be temporarily playing there.

    ANYWAY: I don't think ultimately it's a good method to organize. There's plenty of other better and safer ways to do so anonymously.

    As far as 'would you bet your life?!' questions; it doesn't matter what *I* think there, neither you nor I are betting our lives. But I'll answer it anyway. If it were short term, absolutely. Long term, *no*. It really depends on whether or not the situation in Iran is resolved short term, or becomes like China's student protests...squashed and suppressed with a government invested in spending time and money tracking down dissenters.

    Everything is a risk, it's simply a calculated one. But, this area is relatively moot; <b>there's better and safer ways of coordinating that will offer both short and long term protection provided people take the steps needed to protect themselves.</b> And far more adept people than myself have posted step by step instructions for Iranians to do this. I sincerely hope they follow their advice in fighting this appalling censorship and tyranny.

  26. Consider private UO shards as well. Again, I don't know the security level you would have there. Perhaps someone more adept than myself can address it.

    As far as cooperation, you could expect quite a lot of it from gamers. I just wouldn't necessarily trust their level of *knowledge* [Girl gamer here, life long, nearing 40 :p]. Many gamers believe they have much more knowledge than they actually do. The sticky threads on this site on how to protect yourself are probably the BEST information you'll get. Perhaps using those methods would allow you to safely 'gather' on a private gaming server. The psychological impact of gathering with a group of avatars shouldn't be underrated, it gives a greater sense of 'group' than hundreds in an mIRC room.

  27. The internet in Iran is too fucked for a game like WoW to work, but other games that don't take as long to load might work. Any ideas on some simple online games with simple graphics and low download times that allow people to communicate well?
  28. Actually EVE online would be ideal IF the packets were safe to send across. The game was built to work in High-lag environments "1000+ people have been known to be on the same area regularly in Jita and other major battles in the game". It shouldn't disconnect you if you have a connection speed of less then 1Kbs. The game is essentially built to work in poor connectivity conditions just to accommodate that many people.
  29. Just realized that downloading the client might be problematic though.
  30. Basji, Revolutionary Guards......your choice, murder people or freedom. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM.

    Ask your mother, ask your wife if you should murder people or lay down your arms. Ask them if you should CHOOSE FREEDOM!!!

    Basji, Revolutionary Guards, if Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM!

    Khamenei, why choose Ahmadjad when your people choose Mousavi? Dump Ahmadjad & make $$$ from tourists, We love your people.
  31. i would recommend using a mud as a means of communication. they are free and you play them via telnet. there are literally thousands of them at any point in time, however, i don't know how secure it would be. you could even organize a new mud each night to communicate over
  32. muds have no d/l and are free and no email or anything required (not all are free and no email though). idk how the govt would monitor 1000+ of them many of which have 100+ players on at any point in time

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