Wounding Basiji

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Unregistered, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Violent suggestions of any kind are not allowed here. Locked.
  2. Violent suggestions of any kind are not allowed here.
  3. ech0 Member

    Why is this post being repeated?

    Could it be the government trying to show that the protesters are violent by posting violent suggestions on this board?
  4. This is no goverment. It's time you guys drop the pacifist act. People are already fighting in the streets, and there's no turning back. If they get basiji is it not better to hurt and put them out of action than killing them? Would you rather I suggest they surrender peacefully and try to talk their way out if it at the precint? Nobody wants to see more people get hurt, but when it comes down to it, people have been fighting for days already. Actually, you guys should be trying to find a farsi translator for all those self-defense manuals. They are actually gonna have to use some force, and it's best if its tactically aplied rather than blind violence.

    So yes, I repeat. Instead of beating a captured basiji to death, breaks his hands and legs so he won't run or shoot. Don't kill your countrymen, but don't let them kill fellow protesters. Get real, people.
  5. the 2nd post is by me, and I am most definetely not affiliated in any way with those monsters.
  6. Don't become a monster too

    "the 2nd post is by me, and I am most definetely not affiliated in any way with those monsters."

    If you start breaking people's arms & legs you just become what they already are. Once the regime falls will lyou just take their place?
  7. Are you joking? We're talking SELF DEFENSE here. This is not vendetta, or torture. It's about taking people who are axing, shooting, arresting and torturing out of action. It's about saving those who are beside you. Please, people, get it through your thick skulls. Practicing self-defense is different than indulging in blood bath. If someone's about to beat the shit out of you, defend yourselves! How hard is that to understand?
  8. To succeed keep cool and keep going

    It is time to stop confronting the bullies but to get rid of them. It is time for general strikes across the country. Start organizing strikes now!
  9. really i think it should be their descion to fight if they want to fight.. not be encouraged to fight by people in other countries...

    i am not against them fighting back but i do not see it as my place to encourage them to do so..
  10. You do have a point, but it seems that they don't need much encouraging. They're doing it on their own, day in, day out. So why not try to provide ideas and ways that could save lives? I've seen people trying to delete threads about self-defense and rioting techinques that have worked for protesters everywhere. We're not influencing the iranians in their decision to put up physical resistance, but we could influence them with ideas and past experiences that could make a difference. If free flow of information is what we're trying to help them with, this sort of information also belongs here. Like, someone suggested that they should use the black bloc technique, and it could work, but it's really up to them when it comes down to it. Giving advice is probably not doing any good, but it's better than just wishing you could be there with them.
  11. پيام به بسيجي, سپاه پاسداران, ارتش چه اتفاقی برای شما وقتی اين رژيم مي افتد? ما عکس های شما. ما مي بينيم که اسلحه تيراندازي و كتك زدن دانشجويان, زنان و مردان است. هنگامي كه رژيم جديد صورت مي*گيرد, مردان با كشتن تبديل خواهد شد که شما به زندگي خود را نجات دهد. دراز بکشید بازوهایتان است. به جاي كشتن آزادي انتخاب مردم بدون اسلحه. حتي برخي از سرداران فرمان امتناع كرد.


    What happens to you when the regime falls? We have your photos. We see you shooting and beating unarmed students, women and old men. When the new regime takes over, the men you kill with will turn you in to save their life.

    Lay down your arms. Choose freedom instead of murdering unarmed people.

    Even some of your Generals are refusing orders. I ask again, what happens to you when Rafsani takes over? We have your photos and will demand you account for killing and beating your people. CHOOSE FREEDOM.
  12. The OP is a plant / fake. Do not listen to him.

    If you catch a Basij, do not harm him. This will harm your cause, and fuel even more violence by the basij. Disarm him, remove whatever tools he has. Detain him if you must to remove him from them fight.

    Convince him to give up his violent and oppressive way, and join your cause of freedom. Let him go after the protest is over, and let him carry the message of peace and freedom back to his oppressive organization if he decides to return. You MUST win over members of the Basij, IRG and military if you are going to attain your freedom. Killing unless forced to will work against this goal.

    That being said, If your life or someone else's life is in immediate danger, act swiftly and without mercy to do whatever you must to survive / protect others.

  13. Eloquently said. It takes courage to stand up against an armed enemy seeking your pain or ending. It takes great spirit to turn that enemy into an ally. If enough Basij see the error in their ways and turn to your side, many more may follow.
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