WOW: This protest was everywhere

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Frylock-IRAN, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Frylock-IRAN Member

  2. iraniam Member


    This is an all girls high school, They are chanting:

    "Teachers with pride:....We need your support"

    " I will kill, I will kill whomever kill my brother"

    " All political prisoners MUST be free"

    "Death to dictator"

    "Death to this regime who kills its own people"

    I cried when I watched this video over and over again. They are the pride of nation of Iran. May god bless them and keep them safe.
  3. Frylock-IRAN Member

    Amen and thanks for the translation. Never would I have expected this kind of overall turnout. Endless beatings, prison and death and the Greens just get stronger. A great day.

    (Roe: Been watching you on twitter, your wife must me overjoyed.) Sounds like plans are in the works for noon tomorrow.
  4. Very moving video. They are definitely Iran's future!
  5. Very true John!!!!!:D
  6. Coyote-IRAN Member

    Remember what they did the last time the protests were this big.

    I'm glad they all covered their faces. It is hard to find people in the West who have guts like this anymore.

    We could learn something from these Iranian schoolgirls.
  7. AStranger Member


    I am from Canada and our civillians can learn something from the Iranians in terms of standing up against a self-serving and corrupt government.
  8. Frylock-IRAN Member

    I fully expected a smaller turnout and a heavy crackdown that would leave the Greens in fear for their families and themselves. Just the opposite happened, there is no movement breaking fear. If the hardliners crack down with a total iron fist shooting live rounds into protests with a heavy death toll a 1,000 new Neda's will be born (and that did not work out so well for Peach last time, sadly the best recruitment tool the Greens were given, if the death of one woman spawned so much do the math on a much larger toll.)

    The hardliners do not have an exit, they can't crack down hard and have a large death toll and their bullyboy nightsticks no longer evoke widespread fear.

    I expected a slow burn of say 10 years of change, one crumb at a time, if the Greens keep it up, the light at the end of the tunnel is not that far away.

  9. Coyote-IRAN Member

    LOL, I was actually thinking about fighting for our countries instead of against them, but hey - as long as you care about something at all you are miles ahead of most westerners. If my government every became as corrupt and started spreading as much pain as the ayatollah's government is spreading, I'd turn against it too.
  10. ramin.ger Member

    Now i have a bad feeling reading this.... I mean maybe they did not wanted killing protesters right on that day, the whole country remebers the killed students of the pre-dictatorship.
    And suddenly it makes sense to me what the mullah on last friday's prayer meant by saying "you will get homeless". He said that, didn't he ?
    The system has every reason to fear the opposition. And exactly that is what makes them so dangerous.

    I hope you are right, frylock.
  11. Green Movement

    This movement moves through artery of society until it covers entire of Iran
  12. Frylock-IRAN Member

    I hope so to, I don't claim to be any sort of expert and lack knowledge of Iranian culture, the police seem largely neutral, the only way I can see a crushing blow is to roll in the army and the tanks which would just shift the movement back some years, the powers that be are putting their false teeth on the nightstand and counting down their mortality. The youth in not to many years will be middle aged and in charge.

    I can also see the Army fracturing due to the average age and number of youth. Then we may have a standoff or civil war (lets hope not on the last one).

    Speculation: Yes, buckets of it.
  13. Frylock-IRAN Member

    Thanks for all the great info I just read.

    Two days ago I would have went with around 10 years, a few repeats of yesterday and I think it's close. Did you catch the pro government demonstration by students, the numbers were estimated at 2,000. Even if we go out on a limb and say that was not somewhat staged, the pro government demonstrators and the Greens math says a ton.

    Add that to the fact the pro government demonstrators have nothing to fear I am shocked there were not far more of them. The Greens on the other hand, I think it's a safe assumption for every one on the streets, there was at least twice that amount that are with the cause but playing it safe.

    Time will tell, perhaps not that much time.
  14. Frylock-IRAN Member

    No on the last part, throw up a link, I'll take the comical when I can and the regime seems to pull some damn funny ones. (Is there not some wise thug that sits back and says "Hold on, Perhaps we should use people that look like students".

    Point 5 Seems right on track and is the norm. You have the youth, Idealistic, single, full of energy and not allot of ties to lose. They roll the ball.

    Then you have those with good jobs, kids, a wife who wait for the scales to tip before they act, if the scales have not tipped questions fill their minds, if I act and am imprisoned or worse who will provide and care for my wife and kids, (or in this case heck, who will care for my husband and kids).

    I pray the scales tip soon.
  15. Frylock-IRAN Member

    LOL Roe, Since I know a bit about your wife let me introduce you to mine, shes 19 and a Playboy bunny.
  16. Nedjarsan Member

    is there any indication from when and where that u-tube thing is in the opening thread ?
  17. I believe it was a female high school in Tehran on Monday.

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