Writing Your Congressman - IMPORTANT INFO

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    Writing Your Congressman - IMPORTANT INFO

    OK, I don't usually post on forums, so try not to completely discredit or go nuclear on me if I screw up somewhere.

    Basically, my American Political Systems teacher is one of the smartest men alive and we are in the unit about Congress.
    He told us some info about writing letters to Congressmen that may be useful (some of this, if not most, you probably already know):

    1. Congressmen DO pay attention to letters. They assume that for every letter they receive, at LEAST 100 people think the same way.
    2. They DISCREDIT email, for the most part. It is incredibly easy for one person to create 20 different email accounts and send messages to make it look like they have 20 people on their side. Therefore, we should avoid emailing them and just use regular mail. Not to mention they get the idea that if you took the time to sit down, write the letter, print it out, buy a stamp, and then go mail it, you believe very strongly in what you wrote about.
    3. DO NOT USE FORM/SIMILAR LETTERS OR FORMATS. They WILL pick up on this and assume that a bunch of people just got together, planned out a single letter, and then altered it slightly multiple times. It leaves a much greater impact if you write your own letters with no coherence (except for your point of view). They view that as not a group of people, but as many individuals all with the same point of view.

    Feel free to add on to this.

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