WSB-TV: State investigates Narconon Georgia after Channel 2 reveals new evidence

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The Part 2 segment of the Channel 2 Action News investigation by by Jodie Fleischer into the Narconon Drug Rehab case involving the wrongful death lawsuits of Patrick Desmond continues here:

    Posted: 5:05 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012
    State investigates Narconon Georgia after Channel 2 reveals new evidence

    Investigation sparked after death at Scientology-linked facility

    Initial Part 1 coverage:
    2 Investigates: Patient death at Georgia Narconon
    Suspicion arises over drug treatment program after patient's death

    Additional coverage on WSB News Radio:
    Pete Combs Investigates: A look at Narconon of Georgia
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Pete Combs of WSB News Radio in Atlanta is the new sexy beast, prove me wrong!


    He is leading the multi-outlet investigation into the Patrick Desmond wrongful death lawsuits against Narconon of Georgia, Narconon International, et al. This investigation is explosive, and Combs' daily coverage is top notch and deserves it own all-inclusive thread.

    An index of all the WSB News Radio reports, related dox and other WSB-TV coverage is being compiled here:


    His latest piece that was posted shortly after the WSB-TV Part 2 coverage aired is pure WIN!

    The Narconon-Scientology Connection

    /SALUTE Mr. Combs. Nicely done!!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    In Pete Combs second radio segment, you can hear Mary Rieser (Executive Director - Narconon Georgia) say:

    “So that’s why I’m saying ‘what’s the story here?’; you know, stationary..., stationary doesn’t kill anybody. You know what I mean? It’s like... So how much of a story is there where we have to conjure up a bunch of stuff as though that has anything to do with anybody. I,I,I promise you.”

    Wow. Regardless of whether or not she ordered the manipulation of the letterhead, she shows not an ounce of responsibility for Patrick's death. This woman needs to go directly to jail.
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. another123 Member

    This just popped up on their archives page:
    WSBradio: The Narconon-Scientology Connection

    Much more @ link
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Patrick Desmond OSA Report |

    Created less than 24 hours after Patrick Desmond died of a drug and alcohol overdose while a patient at Narconon of Georgia, this memo, written by executive director Mary Reiser, is clearly routed to the legal director of Narconon International, the executive director of ABLE Eastern US, the Director of Special Affairs at the local Church of Scientology and the Office of Special Affairs at the Church of Scientology International. While Reiser never reported Desmond’s death to state regulators, this is her report to Narconon and church officials.

    Download PDF

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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. another123 Member

    Dear OSA,
    Love, Mary
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. RightOn Member

    "more tomorrow on it's links to Scientology"
    Happy Thursday Stats Scientology!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    The link to the radio report on the station's website not working for me.
  12. Anonymous Member

    It has been posted a day early - for Wednesday morning broadcast.
  13. patriot75 Member

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  14. patriot75 Member

    Video at bottom of page...
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  15. jensting Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Great coverage. Hope WSB follows up to ensure that David Cook (regulator) finally does his job and closes down Narconon. I find it amazing that even with numerous complaints, he never did an in depth investigation. He's a public servant isn't he, what are we paying him for???
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  17. Daverator Member

    The dude's on life support and they're fucking giving him "assists."
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Things That Shouldn't Be | wsbradio

    PDF available on link.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. I can't even keep up with all this Narconon pwnage. In the span of like 1 year:

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres (sp.) in Canada gets shut down.
    Narconon Arrowhead is getting investigated big time.
    Narconon Hastings closes up shop.
    Narconon loses tax-exemption in Amsterdam/Holland or wherever the hell it was.
    Narconon Georgia getting investigated by the state.

    They're getting Narconowned.
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  21. Jodie Fleischer says she is following up 'every lead we get' on Narconon Ga. Scam victims - Gogogogogo!
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  22. Ron B DED Member

    Fuck, how can I winner this thread again?
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  23. Attention, all state health agencies and drug courts. Get ahead of the curve. Launch a noisy investigation into your state's Narconon today.

    Because this story is a gimme for the channel 2 newses of the world. Probably an easy "exclusive" for just about any local news outlet if they do a little digging at almost any Narconon facility.
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  24. Chipshotz Member

    Another nail in the coffin.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Shut 'em all down. Show no mercy.
  26. grebe Member

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  27. BigBeard Member

    Except destroy your liver, and other bodily organs...:(

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  28. I'm totally in the dark as to what an "assist" is, can someone please enlighten me? I could look it up but I think it will be much more awesome if I get my answer here.
  29. fishypants Moderator

    Laying on of hands - Scientology faith healing. Quack medicine.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Sure, here's your answer:
    Awesome ain't I?
  31. wolfbane Member

    Well bust my bubble and color me jaded. All this WIN in Georgia, and then today - nada.

    No Part 3 from WSB Radio? And no AJC article yet. 'Sup with that?
  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. anonysamvines Member

    it's ONLY cos of David, troi riviers, Ok and the Desmond's suing (and having SUCH AWESOME LAWFAGS) having happened and being in the meeja that this is happening.

    Patrick died in 2008.
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