WSB-TV: State investigates Narconon Georgia after Channel 2 reveals new evidence

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I missed something, which video is this from?
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  2. anonysamvines Member

    just looking at some of the unsealed docs
    one page of statistics (bates page no 10062) has this buried in it

    Number of New Names to Central Files 1 4 Up
    the two numbers are previous and current week

    granted there is no info on how names are generated or what central files is, but it could be a starting point for questions
    on the other hand I bet David knows
  3. Xenu Is Lord Member

    In this report she admits that she let someone extort money from them in the sum up to 60,000 dollars. If true this means that they are used to not reporting crimes to the police and covering their own asses. It also acknowledges that they had a person on staff “running the sauna” that the state had not ok’d. Setting aside that the state does not license people to run a sauna, she again makes reference to hiding information she thinks is compromising.

    Moving on, She states that the staff went to the hospital and gave Patrick a useless Scientology procedure called an Assist. (Because they are the only ones who can help.)They also did this with Maria Etc. this is an indicator that they are more likely to do this than call 911.
    She admits that she used his medical toxicology report to black PR comments being made about him having OD’d. She excluded the alcohol part, did not have permission from his family and was most likely violating his patient privacy rights. She did this without any final reports being made. (I thought Naconon believes these things should come out in court?)

    She admits to bringing in a Scientology Minister in to a facility that calls itself secular to minister to students who did not ask to have the cults beliefs visited on them.
    She videotaped a privet service with patients who were emotionally compromised. No doubts that anything they said would be used against them if they later changed their minds
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I don't like this fuckwits either but that thar is some pretty serious conclusion jumping partner.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Care to explain which conclusion they miss- jumped to?

    You can use the "Jump to conclusions" mat to help:

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  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

    None at all, every responce I gave is a direct responce to actions she made.
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  7. another123 Member

    (@ 2:10)
  8. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous delivers! thank you!
  9. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is famous for not telling the whole story. Saying that the man extorted them is dicey, but they did need the sauna to operate, so was it extortion or just a little pay off to help both parties? Assuming that this situation means "they are used to not reporting crimes" is pushing it.

    Sending people to the hospital to do touch assists does not equate to not calling 911. Sorry, logic fail.
    This isn't conclusion jumping, but it is a little lame. It is not unusual for clergy to visit places like public schools, hospitals, nursing homes to council people. And really if they are at Narconon they have much bigger issues than this, like being in a Scientology facility.

    You did make a direct response to her actions. Your opinion of how they may provide some insight into her particular behavior patterns is duly noted.
  10. Xenu Is Lord Member

    No it is not conclusion jumping and where I felt there was an area for debate I used words indicating it was my opinion. So of the entire post you chose to rebut the part where I talked about the minister? I will say it again SHE INVITED a Scientology Minister to speak to students WHO DID NOT ASK for the cults beliefs to be visited on them. This was done in a place that has stated it does not push scientology AND IS SECULAR.

    Every element of that part of the post is directly quoting her or well documented.

    Feel free to try again, or move on to somthing constructive.
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. patriot75 Member

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  14. patriot75 Member

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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Letter from Narconon Georgia Board of Directors |

    The following is an email sent by Narconon Georgia's board of directors in response to the Channel 2 Action News investigation.

    Date: October 4, 2012
    To: Fleischer, Jodie
    Subject:From the Board of Directors Narconon of Georgia

    We are disappointed that the Channel 2 reports that aired in the last three days have been very misleading. WSB News presented these reports as if they were based on recent news, when they arose from an incident that happened more than four years ago that is the subject of a current lawsuit. We are especially surprised at what seems to be an attempt to try a case through the media, a practice, which to our understanding, is against the rules governing the actions of attorneys in the state of Georgia.

    Contrary to your recent reports, the Narconon program is not about religion. In fact, most of the students of Narconon Georgia are Christians who go to Church every Sunday. Like other recovery programs, including Alcoholics Anonymous, we believe that faith is an important part of recovery and, while Narconon is a non-religious program, our staff have always encouraged our clients to practice their own personal religious beliefs.

    Many people who work at Narconon understand the problem of drugs first-hand. For example, Ms. Rieser experienced drug abuse in her own family 17 years ago and was forced to face a situation that she and Narconon now help families face every day. It is never easy as a parent to deal with a child who is abusing drugs and it is even more difficult to face the inner demons that can taunt one. “Was there something I should have done differently?” “How could I have avoided this?” “Will it ever get better?”

    The staff of Narconon, or of any rehab for that matter, know that ultimately, no matter what the cause of the addiction is, the success of any drug rehabilitation treatment program depends on the commitment and desire of the addict to recover from his or her addictions. Any recovering drug addict will tell you that they know that the decision to stay clean is up to them.

    This is why many Narconon students and families who viewed your recent reports have told us that they will continue to support us. The vast majority of our students and their families know that our program is based on the facts of addiction treatment, education and recovery. The sad thing is, many people really don’t care about drug addicts and have long ago written them off as some kind of scourge who are not worth helping.

    However, Narconon and its staff have not and will not write drug addicts off, despite any and all efforts to try and convince them to do otherwise. There are still too many that need real help.

    The worn out and false allegations that you aired are also repeatedly stated by members of the “anonymous” group, made up of individuals who like WSB News, have never had any personal dealings with Narconon.

    The real truth is that Narconon of Georgia is a fully licensed, outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Every single inspection by our state resulting from the false allegations you aired, claiming that Narconon of Georgia is running a residential rehab, have resulted in a DCH finding that explicitly rejects these allegations.

    Narconon of Georgia has fully cooperated in every inspection launched by the state of Georgia and it will continue to do so in the future. The state has concluded in the past that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations that Narconon was running a residential center, and Narconon is confident that any new inspection will yield the exact same results.

    Both the state of Georgia and Narconon’s resources have been overtaxed by these repeated attempts by the “anonymous” group to divert attention off of our respective duties – duties that involve the welfare of others. We consider this to be dangerous to our students and their recovery.

    In contrast to the hate group “anonymous,” Narconon staff members continue to effectively help thousands across the world. Sometimes, despite all efforts, addicts make bad decisions that turn tragic. This is a cause of great sadness for all who worked with them and tried to help them. However, it makes no sense to attack the people who try to and do help addicts on a daily basis. We need more people helping addicts within our communities. WSB News should not be trying to use four-year-old stories that are in current litigation to try to damage those who are doing their best to help individuals in our community who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

    The real story, which WSB chose to ignore, is that, according to CDC statistics, at least 100 people die each day from prescription drug overdose. By way of example of the magnitude of the problem, according to a report by, the National Center for Health Statistics in 2009, 36,450 people died of drug overdoses and 23,199 died of alcohol induced causes.

    We suggest that WSB News shift this public discussion to something that is based on facts and not emotion, and helps us and our communities to solve the problem of drug and alcohol abuse.


    Board of Directors

    Narconon of Georgia

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  16. patriot75 Member

    I would like to bring Gordy Weinand into the Light. He has been a very big player with Narconon from the begining.

    Some intersting pictures:
    View attachment TheoriginalNarcononGroup1966founderWillieBenitezhi
    View attachment GordyandNicoleatGOPEVENTinAtlantaGANarcononGeorgia
    View attachment GordyandSarahPalinatGOPEVENTinAtlantaGANarcononGeo
    View attachment TheentirestaffandfriendsofNarcononItaly_zps3e537fe
    View attachment WhatagreatmomentsharinghonorswithJuneBenitezandFel
    View attachment WMBenitezFounderOfNarcononGordysalltimegreatestfri
    View attachment GordyandfriendsatNarcononsItalyanniversary_zps93c0
    And Finally........
    View attachment JohnTravoltaandGordyWeinandatthepremiereofTheGener
    Hiya OSA...:p:p and Mr. "Really Gay" Travolta IMHO:rolleyes:
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    ORLY? But the cult is oh-so-quick to portray David and Colin as members of "anonymous" who certainly have had their fair share of personal dealings with Narconon.

    What a bunch of crooked bastards. They just say anything these days with no real thought or reflection, hoping that somehow their latest asinine utterance will somehow make it all go away.

    Well guess what Narconon and Mary Reiser - it ain't going away. So talk out your ass all you want. Judment day is coming. (And thank you for the shout-out!)
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  19. patriot75 Member

    read moar..
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  20. anonysamvines Member

    well isn't that a first?
    I thought the usual story was that it was all due to the spectacularly wonderfully effective (and secular) narCONon programme based on the writings of the original hubtard and only that!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I see your confusion so let me clear it up for you once and for all. Whenever an addict stops drinking or taking drugs, it's only thanks to us that they were able to succeed. Whenever an addict fails to kick their habit, or relapses, it is entirely their own fault because they did not correctly apply our method.

    As you can see our success rate is 100% for those people who actually do the program the right way.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    does someone have a screen shot of when the Narconon website stated it was a residential rehab before they changed it?
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  23. jensting Member

    .. unlike the untruth that narCONon GA is somehow an inpatient facility. As was represented to the court in FL. By narCONon GA. Ehrm, I don't get it...
    At only 30000$ a pop. Even though "most of these people are liars." Isn't that nice of narCONon?
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    try the wayback machine for Here's the archival website:

    Here is part of their website -
    Hope for Recovery

    Addicts seem to continue to use drugs, no matter what the consequences. In fact the most significant aspect of addiction is that addicts seem to be willing to sacrifice everything in order to continue to use. The reality is that drug use was a problem well before the addict began to stumble and fall. At the beginning there was some pain, something the addict could not deal with, or something the addict never learned to deal with.

    Addiction Treatment

    Drug use and drug addiction is more prominent today than in any previous age. With it comes a deterioration of values, morals, and education, an alarming increase in crime and violence, with soaring rates of injury, sickness and death. The drug culture we currently live in did not exist at any time previously. New methods must be used to treat addiction:
    Sauna Detoxification- A New Life: Sauna Detoxification

    Below are some commonly asked questions about our program, please call an intake counselor at 1-877-755-5719 for more information.
    • Who is this program for?
    This program is for anyone over the age of 18, we accept students from the entire United States as well as foreign countries.
    • Where will the person live while attending the program?
    Housing in a residential setting is provided.

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Above screenshot was on May 17,2011
  27. Anonymous Member

    Oh Oh.........guess what I found on Narconon of Georgia's website............they are advertising Narconon of Georgia as an ALTERNATIVE TO JAIL. How can an outpatient facility be an alternative to jail???? Answer: it can't. Here is what their website said on May 17, 2011.......

    Jail Alternative- The Atlanta Recovery Narconon Program: A New Approach Offers Hope

    The Narconon program offers a jail alternative to imprisonment and state-supported addiction. More than thirty years ago, an inmate in Arizona State Prison decided to do something to help himself and his fellow prisoners break free from drug dependence. This was the beginning of the Narconon program. A fundamental element of its success is “The New Life Detoxification Program” developed to cleanse the body of accumulated drug residues. This regimen of exercise, nutritional supplements and sauna sweat-out has redefined the concept of drug “detoxification,” and has enabled thousands of addicts to live without continued drug cravings.
    “Narconon has a unique position in the rehabilitation field,” said Alfonso-Paredes, M.D., a Professor at UCLA’s School of Medicine and a member of the Narconon International Science Board. He advocates drug rehab as a jail alternative. “It offers addicts a relatively painless, drug-free withdrawal something that most addicts and professionals consider impossible. It has developed effective programs at no cost to taxpayers, at a time when the government has invested billions of dollars in experimental approaches that have not offered satisfactory solutions.”
    In a discussion of the Narconon program as a jail alternative, it was stated that the program;” understood that drugs store up inside the body, and that there was something biochemically wrong with people who were drug dependent,” said Dr. Forest Tennant, M.D., an expert in the field of drug abuse who has examined thousands of addicts. “As a result of breakthroughs, Narconon has to my way of thinking – been the most successful residential program for hardcore drug users that the world has ever seen.”
    A certainty is growing among parents, law enforcement professionals and those in the rehabilitation field that new approaches to treating addiction must be found. A jail alternative such as the Narconon program is the new key to ending addiction, one that we cannot afford to ignore.
    The Atlanta Recovery Narconon program offers a jail alternative to incarceration for most that have created criminal/legal charges as a result of their drug addiction. In the past, a number of states in America have used us as a jail alternative to incarceration and have awarded the client with ‘time served’ at the completion of the program. If you or your family member has encountered legal difficulties as a result of their drug addiction, please give us a call or go to the contact us page and fill out the help form and our legal liaison will determine to what extent we can help find a jail alternative

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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Alfonso Paredes - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    STATE OF CLEAR Source 74 1991-02-01
    THE CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY COURSE Freewinds 82 2011-01-01
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  29. Missfit Member

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  30. Missfit Member

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  31. Missfit Member

    funny, he runs his own rehab

    not to mention this:

    "The main therapeutic resource in our program is narcotic replacement therapy with methadone. Methadone is most effective to relieve symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Methadone also blocks craving for heroin and other opiates. This medication makes possible to live comfortably without the health risks and the emotional swings experienced with heroin."

    more and more I think about this, it makes ZERO sense. There is no way he's clear and a psych...i'm baffled
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  32. Xenu Is Lord Member

  33. Missfit Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. grebe Member

    Yeah I know, Missfit. Shit does not add up. Which is why I think so much of Scientology is an act. One part is OMG serious business we have to clear the planet ASAP or everybody dies! The other part is something else.
  36. Missfit Member

    I'm just in serious disbelief. One one hand you have a 60+ year practicing PSYCH on your board of science who is also a $ci which makes zero sense. I cannot under any circumstances understand this. OT3 I can fucking understand better than THIS. Their entire belief structure, every working of Scientology is based around anti- psychiatry. They go as far to say it is the reason for all the ills in the world TO THE PUBLIC. So this Dr. is either reading shit wrong and missed the whole part on Psychiatry and on top of that all of the higher ups in the church missed that fact that this guy is a practicing psych, Or this Dr. is a complete whack job who should have his medical license revoked. It does not add up and I want to know MOAR.

    On the other side you have another Dr with zero $ci affiliation besides a quote about the CON on their webpage, who has openly to the press stated he think the CON is dangerous. On this side, I wonder if that Dr. knows he's being quoted by the CON, if he does....well I'd like to hear his explanation and if not a nice slander lawsuit will fit just fine.
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  37. Missfit Member

    I may or may not have sent an email asking for confirmation on the program to Dr. Tennant. He may or may not respond to my maybe email. If I did send it and he does respond, I will make sure to alert you.
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  38. Missfit Member

    oh hai, nice to see you:

    Why won't they let Alfonso Paredes disappear? Dr. Alfonso Paredes is professor emeritus of psychiatry at UCLA, and is not happy that Narconon is still using his name. Paredes was hoodwinked into an affiliation with Narconon when the cult offered to fund him to conduct a study of its effectiveness. That funding never came through, but Narconon continues to trade on Paredes' reputation. He cannot retaliate because his son is a Scientologist, and family relations are already strained because of Scientology's antipathy towards psychiatry.

    It's Wendy time, I'll stop hogging this thread.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Nice. You never know which seed will come to fruition.
  40. Intelligence Member

    Let's not forget Professor Stephen Kent from the University of Alberta who
    has one of the largest Libraries in North America concerning the COS.

    He has examined the 8 Narconon Books on two occasions - - the most recent, under oath at
    a deposition. I met Kent in New England recently and he stated under oath, he said, that
    QUOTE: "There is nothing in the 8 Narconon Books that is not 100% Scientology"

    I have the 8 Narconon books, plus a case of COS books. The NN books contain "VERBATIM"
    in every page of the 8 books, text from the COS books.

    OSA throws the "SECULAR" word around more than DM slaps his staff flubbers. The ONLY
    secular aspect of Narconon, is EXPANSION of Scientology into the Secular Community. The
    "Keep Scientology Working" fiasco.

    Here is a Link to all 8 Narconon Books in PDF Format: (Scroll to bottom of Website)

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