WSB-TV: State investigates Narconon Georgia after Channel 2 reveals new evidence

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Oct 2, 2012.

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  3. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Is it me or does this guy look like DM?
    He will poop his pants too
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  4. grebe Member

    That is getting closer to the "something else" bit, which I imagine is a network of part time thugs, basically. We've always had them. Scientology simply has their names and addresses and their ruins and their hopes and dreams in some centralized database.

    An aside - just got a robocall from "Crossroads GPS" which is worth a look:

    A few days ago I googled your friend, Mel Sembler, who has given a fuckton of money to politicians. Like hundreds of thousands. That doesn't *prove* he's laundering money and buying influence of course. But anyway, he's the sort of person I think of in that non Scientologist network accidentally furthering Scientology's interests.
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  5. grebe Member

    This is the guy who is blackmailed into supporting Narconon because of his son being into Scientology?

    Alfonzo Paredes Jr. in Scientology's Publications

    The following 1 mentions of Alfonzo Paredes Jr. appear in official Scientology publications:
    Alfonzo Paredes Jr. Founding Patrons Impact 109 2004-09-01

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  6. Missfit Member

    ^ that's the one.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I find it difficult to believe that this paragraph was written by a big cheese academic psychiatrist. It strikes too many off notes. So I am guessing some Scientology friendly professional in the mental health arena wrote it and the doctor signed it.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I don't want to teach the Scientologists how to lie more convincingly, but one point I will make so my criticism is not entirely cryptic: an expert is unlikely to say, "experts often note."
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  9. anoncane Member

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  10. anon walker Moderator

    While it's true that this tragedy occurred several years ago, the lawsuit is current and the story is of public interest, given the recent deaths at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. Presumably what you refer to as "an attempt to try a case through the media" stems from recent reports of Narconon Georgia's dubious practises. It is, in fact, news and should not surprise you; particularly when some of your lies come to light regarding your "not-inpatient-but-we-have-an-apartment-next-door" practices that led to the death of a client of your overpriced bolonium. Bad press does not equate 'trial by media.' It just means there is interest in your illegal and dishonest program.

    Considering that your coursework is merely a rehash of the Green Vols used by public Scientologists, you can't say this isn't about religion. It has been well documented by ex-clients that your coursework is nothing more than Scientology; no content about addiction or associated issues are included. One might infer that Narconon merely takes advantage of vulnerable addicts and shuffles them over onto the Bridge of Scientology. Indeed, the much-touted 70% success rate may be more accurately applied to 'Number of clients converted to Scientology' rather than 'number of clients fully clean of drugs.'

    I imagine Desmond's parents are asking themselves the same question, except for the first two. Obviously, not sending him to Narconon's half-baked Hubbardian quackery would have saved his life. From all reports from witnesses, most of the people who work at Narconon understand the problem of drugs first-hand and at weekly parties such as the one that led to Desmond's death. It has something to do with trying to turn newly-graduated Narconon clients into drug counselors. They are not far away enough from their own problems to tend to someone else's, hence the repeated reports of rampant drug and alcohol use among staff and patients.

    Sure, as long as their folks pony up cash up front...

    So if more people die from your negligence, it's OUR fault? Is that really what you want to say? ARE YOU SURE?

    You can keep on saying this but the facts remain after your hot air has dissipated.
    Your staff parties hard.
    You were running an illegal residential treatment center.
    You take cash money up front.
    You offer a dangerous, medically flawed program kludged together from various Scientology programs and courses.
    Your program has nothing to do with drug rehab.
    Your staff is unqualified.
    You take cash money up front.
    You will continue to run Narconon until it is no longer financially viable.
    You give no refunds until forced to by bad press or the court system.
    You cover up deaths, rapes and other criminal behavior from your staff and clients for whom you are responsible.

    In contrast, the "hate group" Anonymous (actually Project Chanology) is pressing to have your deficiencies, illicit behavior and criminal activity exposed for the huge waste of money it is for people desperately seeking help. Narconon always has a bed when legitimate rehabs have a waiting list, and desperate people do desperately stupid things. Chanology is concerned for these people and their well-being.

    You are only concerned with their wallets.
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  11. Random guy Member

    Too tall.
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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This gal looks legit so I FIFH.

    NA is a common acronym for Narcotics Anonymous. It should never be used as a shortened form of Narconon. To reduce Narconon to a 2-letter abbreviation, use NN (Narco Non).

    You need more/less coffee. You're thinking like a wog. She already said she's a Scientologist and that is her "church". She can't KSW without taking one for the team here.

    "How did we get dragged into this??" asked one nervous cyst.
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Mary Rieser IS going down and the cult will probably throw her under the first
    available bus if the fire gets too hot - - like it's getting now:)

    Now, I must grab another Red-Bull to pour in my Coffee so I can see noises - LOL :)

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  15. anon walker Moderator

    You can't see the box he's standing on...behind the bushes!
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  17. muldrake Member

    Thirded and fourthed. Scientology deliberately named their scam operation to capitalize on it being confused with Narcotics Anonymous, which is the twelve-step version of Alcoholics Anonymous. One easy way to distinguish is that NarCONon is the one with "CON" right in the middle of the name.

    Whatever criticism some have of twelve-step programs, they are NOT a killer scam and are genuinely intended to help people overcome addiction.

    It's critical not to let people think NarCONon has anything to do with Narcotics Anonymous. It helps NarCONon and hurts Narcotics Anonymous.
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  18. RightOn Member

    looks like Woot Goofed the Floof
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  19. patriot75 Member

    Youtube Vids of WSB TV coverage:
    WSBTV Narconon GA Part 1 2012-10-02

    WSBTV Narconon GA Part 2 2012-10-02

    WSBTV Narconon GA Part 3 2012-10-03

    WSBTV Narconon GA Part 4 2012-10-03
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  20. A 13 minute segment with Pete Combs on Sunday will be on at 9am on WSB Radio, AM 750, FM 95.5, or Internet at Listen Live.
  21. Incredulicide Member is the direct link.

    Looking forward to WSBTV following every lead from all the people now calling them about their own Narconon experiences :)

    Edit: I just heard an advert on that radio stream for "addiction help hotline, 800 356 2058 'end the addicton'"
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  22. anon4eva Member

    Now is the time to forward all relevant info to ALL state governments and have ALL NarCONon facilities investigated for the myriad of frauds being committed.
    How many MORE people have to die before there is a widespread federal investigation??
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  23. snippy Member

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  24. blownforgood Member

    Mary Reiser used to work at the Int Base. She was in the Exec Strat. I am pretty sure she was an Evaluator or an assistant or something like that. She went on LOA to take care of her kid that was living with the grandmother. She left and never came back. In the S.O. that is desertion. She is probably still making amends for doing that.

    She was just as shifty and full of shit back then.

    As soon as this case is over and NarCONon is shutdown in Georgia, she will be doing amends for 10 more lifetimes.


    Until next time...
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  25. Not sure what happened with WSB radio this morning, unless it aired earlier at 8 am. As soon as more is known, will post.
  26. I just finished Blown for Good (via Kindle) 3 days ago, and I thought the name Reiser sounded familiar. I went back and checked and found the story with "Ray Reiser", I'm assuming there is no relation?
    But really, I just wanted the opportunity to tell you that I loved the book and couldn't put it down, and am seriously looking forward to the next one! Words can be cheap, but I want to thank you SO much for telling your story, it was just incredible to read....;)
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  27. Xenu Is Lord Member
    Posted: 6:00 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012

    Mod edit: Article snipped. Please give this author some link love.
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  30. jensting Member

    OK, maybe noyt a license loser, but surely something to make the courts in other states go "hmmmmmmm...."
    What the heck is this, then?!?
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  31. Incredulicide Member

    8 and 9.. "hmmmmmmm...."
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  32. Per the Scientology Admin Dictionary, B of I stands for Board of Investigation.



    1 - the purpose of a Board of Investigation is
    to help LRH discover the cause in any
    conflict, poor performance or down statistic.
    A Board of Investigation is composed of
    not less than three and not more than five
    members. A majority of the members must
    be senior to the persons being investigated
    except when this is impossible. The board
    may investigate by calling in a body on the
    persons concerned or by sitting and summoning
    witnesses or principals. A Board of
    Investigation is a much less serious affair
    than a Committee of Evidence. Persons appearing
    before it are not under duress or
    punishment. The whole purpose is to get at
    the facts. A Board may recommend a
    Committee of Evidence. (HCO PL 4 Jun 66)

    2. a Board of Investigation may (and
    should) be convened any time there is an
    unusual improvement in an org or its statistics.
    Such a Board must (a) isolate the
    reasons or changes which brought about the
    improvement. (b) draw up their findings in
    the form of policy or directives to pass them
    on to the convening authority and W recommend
    commending any person found
    responsible for the improvement (the board
    does not command, it only recommends, the
    convening authority alone may issue the
    commendation). (HCO PL 31 Oct 66 II)

    Abbr. B of I.
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  33. JohnnyRUClear Member


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  34. Oops, I'm late to the party. Getting ready to post this, but a search shows The Wrong Guy already posted it earlier.

    Oh well, here's a screencap of Atlanta Journal-Constitution hosting Mary Reiser's e-mail to Scientology


    download link
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I was surprised to see how well she looked. Got her hair and make up done, not too thin or fat, nice suit and so on. It is clear that either she is getting commission out of her patients and has money, or the CoS cleaned her up and bought her new cloths, before the interview.
  36. snippy Member

    Fun fact: Psychopaths tend to be perfectly turned out for every occasion. Appearance is everything because substance is lacking.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. Intelligence Member

    LOL- Ha-ha-Ha - ***Tiny-Fists*** - - "Doing Amends for 10 more lifetimes" ROFLMAO!!!

    This ^^^ may be more true than some think. When the ESTO Officer, sent by NN Int to
    replace the ED, Marc Bernard at NN TR, she messed up huge. She was a "Saluted" slave
    down in California for 10-12 years, then an Executive of Narconon Canada for Expansion of
    more NN's in Canada.

    Can't get into details ,..., YET, but after I blew, then returned a few days later with Police and TV Media,
    she (ESTO Officer), was gone to another Province and Narconon Canada was DISSOLVED - - under
    the Bus for the entire executive NN Canada staff; especially the ESTO Officer - -

    My immediate superior in Div 6, resigned - - apparently couldn't eat or sleep - a MESS!

    I find it amazing and incomprehensible, the FEAR these people face when things mess up?

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  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    First, you're a big boy now, so stop putting question marks on statements. (shakes stern finger) What, do you think you're Australian or something?

    Second, it is amazing, but it does make sense. The "piece of blue sky" (initial love bombing, early "wins", idealistic crusade to clear the planet of insanity, war, blah blah, etc., all leading to the idea that Scientology is your personal route to salvation) is the carrot, and fear of losing your way to that blue sky is the stick. Stats and PR are crucial, so... why wouldn't a clam fear a stat crash or a PR flap?
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Firstly, I have to agree it does make perfect sense but in a creepy culty sort of way, that depth of brainwashing is still breathtaking none the less

    Secondly, mock not the inflection that is rising! :)

    A dingo took my baby always requires a question mark after.
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