Wtf is this shit?

Discussion in 'Deutschland' started by Krautfag, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. Krautfag Member

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  2. Ashbringer Member

    omg srsly ? just a troll
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  3. Anonymous Member

    [A Google Translation...]

    Why the "Anonymous.Kollektiv" page has nothing to do with us.

    The "Anonymous.Kollektiv" or "Anonymous" by Mario Rönsch has nothing to do with Anonymous.
    Link :

    First of all, can you ask any Anonymous-cell in Germany to do so. Almost all have been detached from the site administrator. The reason does not lie in an infiltration by intelligence, but a much simpler reason. The admins of this site have married the wrong person. If someone Admin (Manager) is a page, it can degrade or rauwerfen all other admins of a page.

    The current admin has done exactly with all our Admins. He is currently so sole admin of this site and has been since 2012. How did it happen?

    The current admin is called Mario Rönsch and comes coincidentally also from Erfurt. As more of our men were admin there, he has increasingly tried to advertise on this page, advertisement, which should personally bring him profits.

    Something had, for example, Mobile Apps or advertisement for his own company. At that time the side had around 100,000 Likes. Of which neither our Admins nor the fanbase were delighted that caught the also increased.

    Why have the former admins who actually come from the Anonymous Scene, kicked the Lord Rönsch as admin. What she did not know was that he had a second account it. With the help of this account he has all the other admins then kicked out of the page.

    Now he is there sole admin and not only spread his advertising for his personal business and any mobile apps, but also a lot of BULLSHIT that have nothing to do with Anonymous.

    This includes his personal and political settings, as well as the advertising party, which he runs for increasing the AfD (Alternative for Germany).

    The site has long been nothing more to do with Anonymous, even if every now and then Anonymous-related news will be posted. The site serves only his own company and his personal political views.

    In addition, his company is an IT company who "Facebook Likes" sold for cash. These Likes are not "real" likes, but bots that are simply just liken any pages on Facebook.

    This he sold to all kinds of companies that are active on the Internet. These companies, which thereby verhoffen naturally be more successful, ripped from him and wondering, why not increase their sales.

    Therefore the meantime, some actions run against him and that is also the reason why he now has with his side "Anonymous.Kollektiv" to 250,000 Likes. The largest part of this is swindled and comes from his own company, ie bots. Mirror has even reported:

    Mario Rönsch was soger several times gedoxt and therefore its address on the Internet is available. . Simply looking after His company is called "FanDealer":

    In addition, this man has betrayed some Anonymous activists to the police in order to get money: https :/ / I

    that enough of information in order to keep me from the people want.

    We Anonymous activists distance ourselves from him and his side, because:..

    1) None of the Anonymous activists can contribute to the site or may

    2) SHARE little posting to garkeine Anonymous-related topics, such as "Internet, freedom of information, censorship and Scientology"

    3) The owner of the page (Mario Rönsch) the opinion of our activists on his side even censored (and Anonymous fights against censorship!)

    4) Mario Rönsch on this page only his own political attitudes and opinions published on this page and allow

    5) Mario Rönsch abused this page under "Anonymous" label for the profits of his own IT company.
    To get everything to understand yourself, I suggest that you / her own once the contributions of these followed page and also searches the Internet even after this man. Simply folgene search criteria: Mario Rönsch / Anonymous / Fans / Fandealer / dox / Advertising etc.

    => Conclusion: This page has absolutely NOTHING (more) to do with Anonymous! I hope this statement could help you.
  4. The Internet Member

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.26.40 AM.png
    Looks like over the top anti-EU propaganda. While I’m sure the EU is as fucked up as most large political human things, I doubt EU membership means Germans will suffer the kind of mind control policing they endured under the KGB controlled Stasi.

    Over-the-top is a style I associate with cold war Soviet propaganda. Lots of useful idiots in every country who are easily agitated by paranoid conspiracy theories concerning their own elected governments.

    Strong man power has a major advantage over liberal democratic systems: less time and energy wasted on internal political disputes. But dictatorships make citizens miserable resulting in lower productivity. So if you are a dictatorship competing with more liberal political systems, it is a good idea to crank up internal debates within rival nations. Let them be burdened with crazy disputes that can’t be sorted to the point of inaction.

    Scientology’s strategy of miring critics in legal proceedings then dragging out those proceedings 18 different ways is a similar way a shitty totalitarian mind cult can gain an advantage over a free thinking law abiding public.
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  5. The Internet Member

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.56.24 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.57.15 AM.png

    Google translate:

    So this German Anonymous Facebook page likes Russia a lot. Even though Russia just stole all the Ukrainian naval vessels, they are the cool guys.

    I think the KGB remains a multi-billion dollar per year disinformation machine saying stupid things to make people stupid just like in the cold war days. I know they call themselves something else now, but KGB is more catchy.
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  6. The Internet Member

    How do you say “vitamin” in German? Cuz any pimping of vitamins on that Facebook would confirm my KGB suspicions. Not that the idiot behind that page is KGB. Moar likely useful idiot. We have those here too in spades.

    On our side, Moonies took control of crazytalk radio and right wing news. It is easy to see how Moonies aka North Korea played both sides of the cold war for big bucks.

    I am trolling but just a little bit. I keep meaning to look at funding records for Alex Jones and other crazy talk outlets.

    Oh another idea I should do some day: Putin looking badass without a shirt. See which sites have that way more than any real criticism of Putin.
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  7. The Internet Member

    Another Google translate from that Facebook:

    GEZ-media: propaganda for government Merkel (CDU)
    Medial mass stupefaction by # GEZ media: If go to Spain a total of 2 million people on the street, this refers to the evening news as a quotation: "stone-throwing rioters". When firebombs are thrown at police by right-wing extremists on the Kiev Maidan, then speaks the tagesschau contrast of "activists" or the "opposition," the Germany radio even speaks of "reformers". And that's why everyone has to join the boycott initiated by us Payment against the GEZ! The boycott call was within 48 hours already shared 12,000 times. We have information that the GEZ has this morning received several thousands of letters. Together we bring something! Anonymous shows you how to very SIMPLE and LEGAL einstellst your GEZ-payments and any contributions already paid are requesting back!

    So Anonymous is mad that some media outlet called “GEZ” referred to protesters in Kiev as something other than “stone throwing rioters.” So Anonymous wants to fuck over that media outlet. Hmm.

    Also obvious use of bandwaggon tech is obvious.
  8. The Internet Member


    Buy Russian wheat, people. US wheat will kill you!
  9. The Internet Member

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.42.21 PM.png

    The New York Times needs to fire that fucker who thinks anyone cares about his personal opinions. Dox or GTFO. Go back to journalism school.

    Oh wait, lol. Well played, KGB, well played. Seems John Swinton doesn’t work for the NYT anymore. Not since the 1800s actually.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.45.12 PM.png

    Seems I wasn’t the only one who fell for this troll:

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.46.47 PM.png
  10. The Internet Member

    Translation of the text associated with OP’s video:

    The bad Anonymous I do not like always makes vids that are tl;dw.
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  11. The Internet Member

    David Dees, is that you?
    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.13.59 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.16.14 PM.png

    Russia will overreach with its propaganda efforts during the fog of war. By noting where these types of memes appear we may better understand its network of useful idiots.
  12. The Internet Member

    OMG, it is David Dees.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.26.14 PM.png

    And just before the climate change denialism wuz eco memes typical of green movements. Which is a weird combo when you think about it --i.e., "Say yes to Gazprom and Koch Industries; say no to toxins and GMOs!"

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.25.43 PM.png

    Also “natural law,” which I associate with far right politics. But I don’t know if the narrator was pro or con.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.24.43 PM.png

    Also chemtrails.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.25.59 PM.png
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  13. The Internet Member


    Obama with Hitlerstache? Check!
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  14. The Internet Member

    Random shit apparently of interest to that Anonymous on Facebook.

    A friend.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.14.07 PM.png
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  15. Random guy Member

    So, German site-admin has gone full retard and the Germanons are cringing?
  16. The Internet Member

    I guess Mario Rönsch weasled himself into the group then used his admin powers to de-admin others. Then someone got admin powers and banned him. Then he used a sock with admin powers to ban all admins other than himself. Now the site is like half of Facebook that repeats NaturalNews truther Zeitgeister moonbat memes, probably because someone pays money for those memes to proliferate like that.

    What is funny is it looks like that Facebook started out as an anti-Zeitgeist effort, if you bother to scroll to the first few posts.

    I wonder how many Facebook profiles are socks run by the unemployed and the citizens of poor countries getting two cents per “like” click and meme re-post.
  17. The Internet Member

    I really like those Deutschland Anonymous faggots. They are already on this.

    Die Computerstimme klingt wohl bekannt, die einleitenden Worte ebenso: „Greetings World. We are Anonymous.“ Aber spätestens als die ikonographische Anonymous-Stimme zu einem „Grüße an das deutsche Volk“ ansetzt wird es eigenartig. Mir zumindest war bisher nicht bekannt, dass sich die anarchische Hacker-Gruppe auch berufen fühlt im Namen von „Dichtern und Denkern“ zu sprechen.

    Ein Engagement für Aufklärung und Neu-Ordnung der BRD durch das von unterhaltsamer und anarchischer 4Chan-Rhetorik geprägte Kollektiv kommt doch etwas überraschend: „Deutschland als das wieder aufbauen, was es sein sollte: Als das Land, das mit seinem Geist die Welt von der Sklaverei befreit.“ Nein danke, nicht schon wieder.

    Seit Montagabend zirkuliert im Netz ein Video mit dem ausladenden Titel „Anonymous – Nachricht an die deutsche Bevölkerung.“ Es zeigt neben konspirativen Stilblüten vor allem das Problem verschwörungstheoretischen Trittbrettfahrer, die meinen im Namen von Anonymous auftreten zu müssen.

    Die obskure Produktion, die weitgehend als Collage von Politiker-Zitaten daherkommt, ist sich nicht zu schade in Pseudodramatik ein paar Maximalforderungen zu erheben: Schluss mit der „Vermännlichung der Frauen, mit der geistigen Manipulation durch Medien und mit Multi-Kulti-Wahnsinn. Auflösung der BRD-GmbH. Ende der EU-Diktatur.“ Kampf gegen die Bilderberger, gegen Chem-Trails und für das Ende der Co2-Lüge. Und natürlich: Bio-Lebensmittel für alle, denn Verschwörungstheoretiker lieben Bio! Kurzum das ganze Programm inklusive zauberhafter Illustrationen des national-homophoben Compact-Magazins und Bilder von nationalistischen Demonstrationen aus Schneeberg.

    Soweit so widersprüchlich und dämlich. Ungünstig ist jedoch, dass die Forderungen von der mit Abstand größten Anonymous-Facebook-Page im deutschsprachigen Raum verbreitet wurden. Das Video wurde am Montagabend über Anonymous.Kollektiv veröffentlicht, die nicht nur tatsächlich mit 300.000 Likes die meisten „Fans“ aller deutschen Anonymous-Seiten aufweisen, sondern schon seit Monaten dazu übergegangen sind AfD- und Compact-kompatible neurechte Parolen zu verbreiten.

    Und nun versammeln sich die ahnungslosen Anonymen auch noch zu Demonstrationen am Brandenburger Tor. Der Demo-Aufruf führte auf Facebook dann auch gleich zu Schwarmintelligenz in ihrer vollen Schönheit, als ein Nutzer kommentierte: „Hallo Leute, ich habe vor am Montag nach Berlin zur Demo zu kommen (aus Würzburg). Kann mir einer sagen, wo ich da nen guten Parkplatz finde.“

    Hier ein geheimer und von denen da oben verschwiegener Hinweis: Vielleicht in dem weitläufigen und abends für gewöhnlich menschenleeren Tiergarten-Areal in unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft? Nun ja, Hauptsache kollektive Wohlfühl-Kommunikation, und das alte Anonymous-Motto (mit dem sich auch das YouTube-Video brüstet) mal etwas dümmlich-deutschtümmelnd aufpeppeln:

    „Hallo Welt. Hallo Deutschland. Wir sind Anonymous. Wir sind Viele. Erwartet uns. Und haltet uns einen Parkplatz frei.“

    Bei einem genaueren Blick offenbarte sich jedoch, dass die Seite Anonymous.Kollektiv tatsächlich nicht mit wahrhaftigen Likes so groß geworden sein dürfte. Der alleinige Admin der Seite—was bei einer kollektiven Organisation schonmal widersinnig ist—ist gleichzeitig auch einer der größeren halbseidenen Like-Einkäufer Deutschlands.

    Mario Rösch ist mit seiner Seite FanDealer schon früh als deutscher Anbieter in das Geschäft mit den Likes eingestiegen. Zu den (unbestätigten) Kunden seiner Seite adfanyo zählen auch große Firmen wie Hochland-Käse oder Pit-Stop, wie der Spiegel schon 2012 berichtete. Herr Rösch scheint auch seitdem nicht inaktiv gewesen zu sein.

    Wie seine ehemalige Anonymous-Kollegen, die er vor zwei Jahren mit einem Trick allesamt von Anonymous.Kollektiv rausschmiss, in einem PasteBin klarstellten, hat die Seite seit ihrem Rausschmiss eine Verdreifachung ihrer Like-Zahlen erreicht. Ob ein solcher virtueller Relevanzgewinn nur mit einem zunehmendem Schwenk zu mehr Verschwörungstheorie alleine zu machen war, darf bezweifelt werden. Alleine seit der Veröffentlichung des Videos sind die Fan-Zahlen erneut um 25.000 Follower in die Höhe geschossen.

    Die kritische netzpolitische Gemeinde und die Anonymous Szene haben sich ohnehin beeilt, sich von ihm zu distanzieren. Nach den schon älteren Hinweisen auf AfD-nahe Quatsch-Postings und der inzwischen nahezu vollständigen Abwesenheit von Anonymous-relevanten Themen, ist es vor allem die Tatsache, dass Mario Rösch mit der Seite eigene kommerzielle Ansprüche verfolgt, die der Anonymous-Szene übel aufstösst.

    Wir könnten genauso gut die neue NSDAP sein.

    Betreiber der Seite Anonymous-Deutschland zum Beispiel gaben mir gegenüber an: „Er nutzt das als Marketingnetzwerk und verbreitet gelegentlich esoterische Inhalte, wie das kürzlich viral gewordene Video, von dem wir uns nochmal ausdrücklich distanzieren. Sofern wir das hinsichtlich unserer Struktur können.“ Der anonyme Sprecher verdeutlichte noch einmal die Tatsache, dass Anons sehr heterogen und unterschiedlich sind, aber dass ihren Verlautbarungen mit ein bisschen Menschenverstand normalerweise problemlos etwas abgewonnen werden kann:

    „Du bist gut beraten kein einziges Video unter dem Namen von Anon zu glauben. Beurteile den Inhalt. Nicht die Tatsache dass es von „Anonymous“ kommt. Ich mein ehrlich, warum glauben die Menschen einer Gruppe, die NICHTS von sich Preis gibt? Haben die den Verstand verloren? Wir könnten genauso gut die neue NSDAP sein. Das ist doch sehr leichtsinnig.“

    Anonymous seien eben weder die Guten noch die Bösen. Anonymous kann theoretisch jeder sein, von der kapitalismuskritischen Occupy Wall Street Unterstützung bis zu kaukasischen Cyber-Gotteskriegern, die unter dem Namen firmieren. Bezogen auf Deutschland sind Anonymous vor allem auch mit Aktionen aufgefallen wie den geleakten Nazi Kontaktdaten und anderen anti-faschistischen Aktionen.

    Ob sich Anonymous, wie Ruhrbarone schreiben mit den aktuellen marktschreirischem Verschwörungsblödsinn „endültig als Rechtsaußen-Truppe positioniert“ ist wohl dennoch eine etwas pauschale Feststellung. Denn die deutsche kritische Anonymous-Szene bleibt durchaus lebendig, wie zum Beispiel die Hamburger Dependence verdeutlicht. Sie treten nach wie vor konstant mit Aktionen gegen Scientology in Erscheinung.

    Den Macher des Videos selbst dürften solche politischen Feinheiten ohnehin nicht unbedingt stören. Ihm—und auch Anonymous.Kollektiv— geht es um mehr als seine Maximalforderungen: Neben dem abschließenden Slogan, „entscheiden Sie sich für Deutschland“, wünscht er sich vor allem, dass die werten Zuschauer auch mal weiterklicken, bis in ihre kommerziell befreundeten Gefilde. Die Informationen zum Video klären nämlich einzig und alleine über die Fakten seines Sponsors auf: Powered by ITundBuerotechnik Wolfgang Kestenus.
  18. The Internet Member

    Google translate cleaned up (skipped the bits I couldn’t understand; corrections welcome).


    The computerized voice and the first few words are familiar: "Greetings World. We are Anonymous.” But what follows is less so --at least for me. Can it be true, that the chaotic hacker collective speaks for “poets and thinkers”? That it is committed to education? That it wants “a new Germany which might free the world from mental slavery”?

    No, not again, thank you.

    Since Monday March 24th a video entitled, "Anonymous - Message to the German People,” has been circulating on the Internet. But this video is strange, more like an example of conspiracy theory free-riding than an Anonymous release. It’s been faddish lately for paranoid thinkers to borrow Anonymous methods and memes to make their unlikely ideas seem more popular.

    The video’s production quality is not bad. Drama builds as we watch a collage of images and listen to provocative political sound bites, such as:

    - a call to end the "masculinization of women" via mental media manipulation
    - "Multi-Kulti madness”
    - restoration of the Federal Republic of Germany without “EU dictatorship"
    - the need to fight the Bilderbergers
    - chem-trail fears
    - putting an end to the "CO2 lie"
    - organic food for all; the conspiracy minded are also eco minded!
    - charming illustrations from a national homophobic digest magazine
    - images of nationalist demonstrations near snow-capped mountains.

    In short the video’s message is inconsistent and stupid. Strange then that it appeared on Anonymous.Kollektiv, ostensibly the most popular Facebook page for German-speaking Anonymous, with over 300,000 “likes” and more fans than any other German Anonymous pages.

    With release of the video, Anonymous.Kollektiv also called for demonstrations at the Brandenburg Gate. In no time enthusiastic supporters responded: "Hi guys, I intend to come (from Würzburg) on Monday to Berlin for the demonstration. Does anyone know a good place to park?"

    This comment was greeted by helpful advice shared like a secret meant for insiders: the place is usually deserted in the evening and there’s a large lot in the Tiergarten area not far away. More tips and well wishes followed. Then someone quipped:

    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    Expect us.
    And our free parking!

    How did the Anonymous.Kollektiv site become so popular? Well, the sole administrator, Mario Rösch, is a fake fan farmer, one of the largest in Germany. His clients include large companies like Highland Cheese and Pit-Stop.

    Two years ago Mario Rösch became a site admin for Anonymous.Kollektiv. He then kicked the other admins out. Subsequently the page “likes” tripled. Its content also took a swing toward conspiracy mongering. After the recent video, fan counts skyrocketed up to 25,000.

    After Rösch's takeover, the core Anonymous community and the more serious political activists distanced themselves from the site. Anonymous.Kollectiv went on to reflect the commercial interests and personal views of its owner, including his support for “AfD,” or “Alternative Fur Deutschland” as expressed in posts peppered with political slogans.

    The admin of another German Anonymous site stated to me that “[Mr. Rösch] uses [his site] as a marketing network. He spreads esoteric ideas. We have made clear that we want nothing to do with the recent video that has gone viral."

    A little common sense is in order when examining a video or an article from “Anonymous.” Anonymous is a diverse, heterogenous collection of unknown individuals. So you must judge the content and not the fact that it comes from “Anonymous."

    I mean honestly, why value a source when it might be anyone? “Anonymous” could be a new Nazi party. Putting any confidence in "Anonymous” is very reckless.

    Anonymous is neither good nor bad. The banner has been invoked by groups with conflicting goals, including critics of Wall Street capitalists and cyber jihadists. Perhaps the most consistent Anonymous actions have been the protests against Scientology.

    Anonymous.Kollektiv’s video ends with a final slogan: “Opt for Germany.” But the video’s author hopes that his values-laden message will inspire other actions, like some clicks to his commercial sites. Notice his sponsor: "powered by ITundBuerotechnik and Wolfgang Kestenus."
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  19. Anonymous Member

    oh gott neuer Tiefpunkt.
  20. crazywomen Member

    German Forum ist the new thunderdome - you heard it hear first.
    Are you ready to escalate?
  21. crazywomen Member

    How do I like my own post?
  22. Anonymous Member

    1. Screen Cap the post.

    2. Print it on paper.

    3. Take the printout to bed with you.

    4. ???

    5. Profit!
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  23. crazywomen Member

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    why cant i just go to bed,
    with you?
  24. The Internet Member

    David Dees, the guy with the most artwork in OP’s vid, has been a Putin fan for a while. I think he might be one of those marketing people willing to promote KGB style misinformation. He probably believes his own bullshit, cuz KGB-tech favors true believers over people who just want money.


    I started a thread about the Russian disinformation machine after finding a scholarly article about the KGB promoting AIDS conspiracies.

    I know the KGB are gone and I need to update my abbreviation. So what is the proper abbreviation for the Russian sneaky propaganda and spying agency today? They have more than one intelligence agency over there. Here is one. I think those backwards letters mean, “The Batman."

  25. Anonymous Member

    AFAIK, the old KGB now has two successors and these are known as:

    1. FSB - Federal Security Service Of The Russian Federation (Secret Police Agency).

    2. SVR - Foreign Intelligence Service.
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  26. PresidentShaw Member

    Whew, I almost gave a fuck there for a moment.
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  27. Thatcher Moderator

    Just to make anyone aware...THIS THREAD IS BEING WATCHED.

    Stop posting random moonbat shit from the pseudo-anon unless its funny -and i mean really funny!- or has tits.

    PS: You fuckers made me interrupt my wwp break. I hate you all.
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  28. Thatcher Moderator

    Apart from the upper message:
    This is the Deutschen Forum.

    Stop zu sprechen Mondsprache!
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  29. Perfecto Member

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