WTSP: Federal suit: Scientologist spent $30 mil to cover up death of Lisa McPherson

Discussion in 'Media' started by another123, Nov 16, 2012.

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    BTW Mr.#99 .... can you explain this posting of yours? You are a member of a "closed FB group" which does NOT ALLOW THE CRITICISM OF MARTY RATHBUN. Does it mean, per YOUR POST, that he is the one RULING YOU?

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  6. eddieVroom Member

    I'm not a lawyer, and I don't recall the particulars, but I do believe I have read of judges denying protection vis-a-vis statute of limitations when allowing it would "reward" a party for criminal behavior.

  7. Malory Member

    Yeah, early on in his blogging career he made a crass remark along the lines of hoping she'd be reading his posts in her new meatsuit.
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  8. wolfbane Member

    I would agree they sounded reasonable, but the actual Dandar reply memorandum they are trying to have stricken I have not seen. (is it even out on the interwebz?)

    So after the batshit crazy point about the settlement offer e-mail being extortion (and bwahahahahaha on that btw) who's to say the seeming reasonably sounding points even exist in the missing "reply" response that Marty's depo was attached to.
  9. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I love the fact that they state that Dandar has committed a felony just for making the accusations. This kinda demands that he have the right to prove his case. They want the judge to just strike Marty's testimony on their word that Dandar and Rathbun are bad guys. It is almost laughable. They also sound very confused about who they are defending. They seem to be arguing on the behalf of Judge Beach at times. Also the idea of Marty only being able to testify to hearsay sounds week too, if he was an eye witness to two people conspiring to commit a crime, we is a witness. This does have the feel of a Debbie Cook case, where we might have to see witnesses get on a stand and testify about what they know.
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  10. RolandRB Member

    No, because the testimony will be struck from the court case. That is the way Scientology works.
  11. Anonymous Member

    This depicts Marty as "the most vocal critic of Scientology" when, in fact, he's a critic of what he calls "altered" and "Reversed Scientology," as practiced by his former boss and pal, and now enemy, Miscavige. Marty is probably the most vocal proponent of Scientology, yet he's described (by the "wogs") as the "most vocal critic."


    Marty's messing with their heads.

    Watch out all you "wogs." Marty IS a Scientologist.
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  12. Random guy Member

    I think the first person to be fired up by this is Marty himself.
  13. Agreed. Marty's best move is to take down DM and schmooze up to whomever takes over next and have himself undeclared in exchange for bringing the Martylanders back home. It looks to me as though that is what he is up to.

    I like his deposition but I can't help hating his guts. Listen to him squirm when he talks about Lisa McPherson.

    My suspicions Marty has sincere motives disappeared upon reading this. He is hiding much. Makes me wonder if he was the one that withheld medical treatment...

    If that testimony matches with the recollection of the Judge Beach this could do enough damage without even going to court. This could kill careers, which could make anyone in the legal community cautious about doing this again.

    Also, to the sneakster, you are probably on the wrong site. You are after Also, don't bother insulting anyone's intelligence here with your denial of Marty worship. We don't think it is a coincidence that one of Marty's friends turns up to 'handle' this thread. We're not fucking stupid brainwashed morons here. Maybe you thought you were on your Facebook group. If so, no hard feelings.
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  15. another123 Member

    scandal rags picking up on it.... Scientology Accused Of Spending $30 Million To Cover Up Wrongful Death [Video]
    RadarOnline: Scientology Accused Of Spending $30 Million To Cover Up Wrongful Death Of Follower
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  16. Anonymous Member

    This video makes me think we need to start making ID's of who attends these events Marty is talking about. If they are state or public officials, we might do well to start picketing their offices Etc.

    I also would loved to have seen Marty describe the cufflinks, we cloud pic apart photos for that guy looking for them.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    If there is corroborating evidence to back up Rathbun's testimonial, the people who had power over the Lisa McPhereson case and allowed themselves to enter into conflicts of interest should be publicly outed and shamed. They deserve it, because they allowed themselves to be wined and dined and becomes chummy with the very people responsible for her death.
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  18. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I would also like to see if there is video or photos of this guy at the Super Bowel.
  19. DeathHamster Member

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  20. wolfbane Member

    FkingA! At the end of that footage, Marty gets into a new nugget I don't remember hearing before, a "release" Joan Wood wanted signed by DM/CoS before she changed the death certificate that is supposedly locked in her attorney's safe. That should of been in Marty's depo and it is a damn shame this interview wasn't out in the public domain when Dandar pulled his exhibits to quiz Marty on. :/
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  21. wolfbane Member

    Plain Old Thetan on the Possibly Helpful Indy blog has written an interesting take on things that isn't drowning in the kool aid, but rather brings up a few good points worth keeping in mind as things go forward.

    snips on worthy points:

    Hmm. Squirrelbusters and their handler that was running them back at Int/RTC HQ. Where are they now?

    Funny he should mention Debbie Cook. After some of the statements Marty made in his depo, I'm hoping that once Dandar succeeds in NOT having his reply stricken (hopefully) in the emergency hearing tmo - the next two indie scilons he gets depositions on re: the Lisa McPherson fiasco is Rinder and Cook.

    Sidenote question for lawfags: Regarding Goodis, Woods attorney. Now that she is dead - can he be grilled under oath about the claims Marty made? Or is attorney-client privilege still protecting him? TIA.
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    Lee Fugate seems worth watching. He's not just Scientology's chess piece, he seems to be one of Miscavige's personal chess pieces, like Monique Yingling, for blocking attacks on things Davie wants to protect in Florida. In the Kyle Brennan case, he was lawyer for Denise Gentile (sister of Davie) and Gerald Gentile.
    Links to the German reports of Ostertag's drowning would be nice. I have the progression of reports in the SP Times of a body being found and it gradually being traced back Scientology. "Oh, him! Yeah, he's been missing for over a week, but we didn't think to mention it to the police..."
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  23. BigBeard Member

    The 911 law needs to be changed to require emergency responders to talk directly with the person who made the call, not just a security wanker that may be trying to put a lid on a possible escapee.

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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

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  25. CarterUSP Member

    Interesting to see how this plays out. No idea what rathbun's angle is on this, but whatever happens it's bad PR for CoS and Rathbunology.
    I approve of this.
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  26. Random guy Member

    Someone with an account could perhaps ad a comment on how she died? The current press release present a rather sanitized version of her last days. No "Introspection Rundown" nor cockroach bites.
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  27. wolfbane Member

    Oh the lulzy irony of the media shitstorm that is beginning to formulate, and the online paparazzi rags making/repeating the mistake that Marty is a critic or Ex-scientologist with zero recognition for his Indie movement.

    The caption on the picture in this article is priceless in that regard -- Turned: Marty Rathbun, the former second-in-command of the Church of Scientology, has turned on his former religion and has made numerous public accusations against church leaders

    (ha hahahaha ha ha ha!)

    Normally I would piss-and-moan about the blatant inaccuracy but due to the fact that this will likely stick in his craw enough that he won't link to it on his blog, I <3 it.

    Mr. Hype-master, the world's greatest mass propaganda spinner and BlackPR artist extraordinaire, is reaping what he has sown for once.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    From Facebook:

    Tony Ortega shared a link.

    Scientology signed a secret agreement with county medical examiner Joan Wood to change the cause of Lisa McPherson's agreeement to "accidental," thereby heading off a criminal investigation of the church. That's the explosive new allegation from Marty Rathbun in what is turning into another nightmare week for David Miscavige and Scientology. Oh, and we also have your Sunday Funnies!

    Marty Rathbun: Scientology’s Secret Agreement With Joan Wood to Change Lisa McPherson’s Cause of Death

    On Monday, a hearing will be held in the court of Judge Virginia Hernandez Covington, and we’ll be interested to see if Rathbun’s testimony is allowed to remain in the court file. Dandar has confirmed to us that he has also deposed another former Scientology executive, Mike Rinder, and that testimony contains further explosive allegations about Scientology’s cover-up of the McPherson matter.

    More, and open comments, at
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Can somebody please mirror this video? Tony O didn't even post it on his blog. So Bunker might remove it as well and we don't want to lose this gem.
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    I think the chances of that piece of paper surviving are pretty slim. I'd wager that it disappeared pretty quickly--sort of like how Joan Wood disappeared for over a year.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    We’ve made a decision at The Underground Bunker not to post Bunker’s video at this time. Unlike Rathbun’s explosive deposition, the YouTube video is not a privileged court document. However, you can easily find the video yourself at, and we encourage you to watch it and discuss it here.

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  32. AnyOldName Member

    WBM posted it in the comments, I watched it and when I tried to reply the comment disappeared.

    Great video! Marty revealed additional info, inc. the Demented Midget signed a release for Joan Wood that was kept in her atty's safe.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, that's what I was referring to by the need to mirror this video.

    It's just a speculation, but DM would never sue Marty for libel or slander. The defense against such suits is "I spoke the truth" and DM will have having a real hard time proving that Marty lied.
    But the dwarf might sue Bunker for disseminating the libel. However, seemingly, his case would look weird in court, if he'd sue the maker of the video (Bunker) and not the source himself (Rathbun).
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Holy fuck, so much crime.

    When representatives of some party in a legal proceeding round up expert opinions for the opposing party without disclosing these connections, isn't that a form of witness tampering or conspiracy or something like that?

    The scientist mentioned who wrote something up for Dr. Wood --was he aware of who he was dealing with? If so, he is a piece of shit. I hope he's still alive so people can rub his nose in what he did.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    If Miscavige, in his hungover hubris, did indeed decide to go after Rathbun over what he said in the video, it could be the foot-cannonade we've all waited for, but never expected.

    brb, popcorn ;)
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  36. AnyOldName Member

    wolfbane said:
    FkingA! At the end of that footage, Marty gets into a new nugget I don't remember hearing before, a "release" Joan Wood wanted signed by DM/CoS before she changed the death certificate that is supposedly locked in her attorney's safe. That should of been in Marty's depo and it is a damn shame this interview wasn't out in the public domain when Dandar pulled his exhibits to quiz Marty on. :/
    Since Marty doesn't have the DOX and it is probably long "disappeared" probably best not to go there at this point.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Just a thought - it's not DM, but Goodis that might sue Rathbun.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Samefag: yah, 'twas wishful thinking.
    I suppose Goodis will sue, if only to defend his name. If Rathbun told the truth, then Goodis will be damned either way.
  39. Anonymous Member

    either way, popcorn
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  40. Every time I try and quit.... you suck me back in. Please end this soon, so we can all move on to bigger and better issues.

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