WWP Donations drive!

Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by da5id, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. da5id Administrator

    WWP Donations drive!

    Hello again, everyone!

    The economy is in the crapper, everyone's scrambling to buy presents, and WWP is asking for money again! Smells a little bit like christmas, huh? As you may remember from our last discussion (, is a very expensive website to run with essentially no income generated. This is of course a price that we pay due to popularity, to handle the surges in traffic that we receive everytime something makes the news, and to help thwart those that might want to see us offline.. but it is an expensive price, and frankly we're broke.

    To that end, we have created some Paypal subscription options that we hope some of you might be willing to use. Essentially this would allow you to setup a monthly donation to WWP automagically, in an amount from $5 - $200. We completely understand that this is a very tight time for many, and we are feeling it too - but if just a small portion of our dedicated userbase were to sign up for the $5 subscription, this site would be self-sustainable and we could quit bugging you guys for money :D

    We hope that the past months have shown you that we are true to our word and doing everything that we can to make this the best experience possible for chanology. Please take a moment to visit the completely transparent donations page if you can help. Donations - Why We Protest

    For information on how you can create a donation subscription, make a one time donation via paypal, or send a money order anonymously, please visit:
  2. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    how much per month do you make from adds?

    is it nothing?
  3. Anon752 Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Poppins can get that info, but I think the total from last month was under 100.
  4. Daywatch Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Poppins and Gregg already got enough of MY money
  5. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    ITT: the real reason AGP was b&

    soliciting monies for AGP knob polish = stealing ramen from the mouths of hungry admin

    bad AGP, bad!


    What's Mimi been up to these days?
  6. da5id Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Im not sure what you're talking about here, but it sounds pointless. Quite simply the site is expensive and you use it more than most. Something to think about.

    Actually, AGP was banned because he pissed off a mod, but that was fixed. As far as the money goes, I do find it interesting that he accepts donations for his non-existent legal fund, but that has no bearing on this website.

    As for Mimi, why dont you go ask that cocksucker LE where he took that box when he quit chanology forever.
  7. Lacelotte Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Seems to be a lot of pointless bickering going on about this subject.

    I can fully see why the site would need donations and ordinarily I would be happy to help support it but there are too many stories flying around about Admins/Mods and the site going down etc for me to consider offering anything at the moment.

    I think more people would be willing to donate if there was transparency and we could see where the money is needed and where it is spent.
  8. da5id Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    FULL TRANSPARENCY: Donations - Why We Protest

    please go and look and reconsider.. we've put in thousands of our own dollars and hundreds of hours in keeping this site running, and it's just not going to stay without help :(

    EDIT: and for a reminder of why this website is so expensive to run.. please think back to how it was in March when you couldn't log in.. and then think back to a few months ago when the site was being DoS'ed to the point of a crawl. We no longer have these problems due to this setup.

    General Expense

    This is the basic costs to maintain hosting/hardware for this website, and is currently our most expensive item. As of this time we pay $870/mo for hosting and bandwidth. I know that many of you are thinking that this is an outlandish amount of money to pay for hosting, but allow us to take a moment to explain what is involved in that price. Again, running this website is more akin to a medium-level business site, and not what you might be thinking.

    Server: Dell PowerEdge 1950
    Power: Remote Power Management
    Hardware RAID: RAID 1+0 (Stripe + Mirror)
    Operating System : Debian
    Uplink: 1 x 100Mbps Full-Duplex
    RAM: 16GB DDR2
    IP's: 2
    Hard Drives: 4 x 300GB SAS
    CPU: Intel 2x Quad Core Xeon L5320
    Volume: 10 Mbps (95%) bandwidth
    Service Level Agreements: Best Effort
    KVM over IP: KVM over IP - Remote Management Card
  9. Anon752 Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    It is spent on the site and you can see it completely transparently? Go to the donations page off the front page: Donations - Why We Protest

    From that page you can click on the name General Expense (its in blue because its a link.) That will take you to: General Expense - Why We Protest

    That page is a list of every donation in, and the server cost going out. Which is $870 to the hosting provider every month.
  10. An0nand0n Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Stuck in a one off donation, will set up a direct debit when I start my new job in the spring. Keep up the good work. I have no problem paying towards the upkeep of this site so long as I can see where the money is going.
  11. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    You people have no shame. Every time a donation drive starts, the forum plummets into a state of epic failure.
  12. Forseti Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Listen folks whether hosting and bandwidth is costing them $300 a month or $800 a month, it doesn't matter. The fact is, it costs money and people are putting their own time to make this possible.

    As far as I can tell, the Anonymous movement is thus far the most effective thing in the campaign against Co$. Co$ is hurting and the Anonymous movement is on the front lines. Without this website and forum, it is my opinion that Anonymous would dwindle into an insignificant force. What or who would be left to put this movement in the public eye? After all, it is the media attention from protests and anti-scientology videos that is the Anonymous movement's "weapon."

    I will be happy to donate and everyone who uses this forum should too. If everyone threw in 5 dollars here and there, you won't miss the money.

    just my 2 cents......
  13. Re: WWP Donations drive!

  14. NomDeGuerre Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    I'll donate some next week
  15. themadhair Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Still broke from the last donation so it'll be after christmas before I can stretch to another one.
  16. Daywatch Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    fool me once shame on you
    fool me twice

    and I'll kick your ramen down!!!
  17. Lacelotte Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Daywatch are you allowed to post outside of the Dome?
  18. Forseti Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Donation Completed. it's your turn. Yes, eeet!
  19. Kilia Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    If I donate, I would rather not go via paypal or internet at all.
    Is there a physical address I can send a donation to?
  20. sue Administrator

  21. NailsPDX Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!



    Honestly, cool, hope people donate. But all my money goes to PDXanon, which has more uptime than this forum.
  22. Kilia Member

  23. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Some of us are trying to split our donation capability between the local and centralized boards. Of course, it's totally your decision...and I know this feels like a public radio fundraising campaign, but srsly. You use the site. Toss a couple bucks in.
  24. Vir Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Bucks duly thrown in.
  25. tofuman Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    I would like to donate, but I'm a little paranoid about doing that since the site has been hacked.
  26. Gentlemen Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    My only real concern with this is that i feel like i'd be doxing myself if I donate
  27. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Ok, donation made.
    Taking down the cult will save lives, anons.
    This site does a heck of a lot towards that.
    Pl0x support it.
  28. Anon752 Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    None of the donation info is stored on this site. Its all at paypal. So hacking this site wont get anything out of that.
  29. Anon752 Member

  30. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Donation made.

    Everyone, please step up - this is so important, and doesn't even take into account the hours and hours and hours that our mods/admins spend working on the site.

    I know everyone thinks this shit just magics itself up, but it doesn't. The amount of money that we'd have to spend if we didn't have such a kick ass tech team would be astronomical.
  31. Gentlemen Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    do you accept British lioncash or should I amercianise my lioncash first?
  32. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Pay day next week. I'll be mailing in an international money order.

    Edit: Fuck it! Created Paypal account. DONATION SENT NOA! >^..^<
  33. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Could we put Daywatch on ebay and sell him to raise funds? His Dome is working at a huge deficit. He should either donate or GTFO, otherwise he is going up for auction, lol.
  34. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Well, TOS say you can't sell live things on eBay. I wonder how they feel about reanimated corpses...
  35. realitybites Member

  36. sue Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    that po box isn't owned nor accesible to/by Gregg.
  37. tazor Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    I'll be sending you some bucks next week. :)
  38. kitfisto Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    ^^^this . thanks it's better for us schizos
  39. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

  40. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    I thought it was leif, who has since ragequit. Dunno if he's still doing it now, if someone else is, or if it was someone else from the beginning. Also, cocks.

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