WWP Donations drive!

Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by da5id, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Hello visitors.
    This site is worth supporting so please click the Donations button at top of page and help it do its job of stopping Scientology's abuses.
    (No, it is not my site but I support it)
  2. da5id Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    No, there has been no news on the LE front, but the staff here WILL be announcing some cool stuff in the next 2 weeks or so that should please you.
  3. The Shadow Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Unless you're announcing the death of LE, the recovery of the server(s) and the refund of donation monies (or the transfer of said monies to current WWP donation fund), I doubt they'll be pleased
  4. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Your parents taking your internets out of your room would be lulzier, if only initially.
  5. Tolp Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    I'd donate, my only concern is that Paypal has my full name, and bank details, so I'd be doxing myself if I'd donate.

    I'll try to set up another account, and throw in 10 bucks. I'll donate some moar once I get moar money.
  6. Silent Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    If you want an extra layer of obscurity in between you and WWP, then put some money in project wonderful, and use it to win the auction and put up some banner on the site.

    That way you pay project wonderful, and project wonderful pays wwp.
  7. firebug Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    You can use the P.O. Box address to donate anonymously
    NAME OF FUND (i.e. General Expenses)
    P.O. Box 920126
    Needham, MA 02492

    WhyWeProtest P.O. Box
  8. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    How about you speak for yourself and not for "them".

    I fucking hate you.
  9. Tolp Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Hmm, that would not be very confident, because I only have euro's here, and my shitty bank always has to order foreign money.

    Guess I'll just use paypal.
  10. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Well, I'll echo what a lot of peeps have already said.....I got burned by making multiple donations to Enturb and I'm not going to do that again. Next time don't put this garbage in a 'must read'.
  11. da5id Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Good call - you should punish the people that have stepped up and sunk thousands of dollars into WWP for the crimes of LE. BTW - exactly how did you get burned? By the way the site has continued to be online and operational with only a few small outages? Outrageous!

    Enturb != WWP

    grow up

    Love and Kisses,
  12. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Support this site and let go of the past.
  13. themadhair Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    So how can we help fuck LE up?
  14. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Well, I think finding him might be a good first step?

    Good luck with that.

    But, about the server - FUCKING AWESOME!!! =D
  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Is the donation page updated ? The figures seems to be December ones.
  16. FUNKCRAFT Member

    Re: So how come advertising isn't paying for WWP?

  17. Anon-007 Member

    Re: So how come advertising isn't paying for WWP?

    Asking Ann to chill is like asking David Miscavige not to hit his staff.

    Not going to happen.
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: So how come advertising isn't paying for WWP?

    Was not asking me. Lurk moar.
  19. auchraw Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Very pleased about new server but ^THIS^ remains an item and LE remains a criminal. In my opinion. As far as I understand the facts. Until he returns what is not his property or refunds the cash.

    In the meantime how would it be if everyone who donated their money to Enturbulation for the new server by means of PayPal around August last year complained to PayPal about apparent fraud and embezzlement on the part of the account-holder?
  20. azonymous Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    First page has all the links
    account balance -$112
    donations this month $0

    I'll send some $$ this week
  21. An0nand0n Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Done. Exchange rate up the crapper though :(
  22. Forseti Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    is this still a good address to send a money order?
    (i.e. General Expenses)
    P.O. Box 920126
    Needham, MA 02492

  23. Anon752 Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Yep, that address works great.
  24. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    The link from the first page about donation subscriptions etc. is not working correctly. Can an admin provide one that does work? Thanks.
  25. da5id Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Sadly, we're actually even further in the hole than that. I'm pulling up the old invoices that we got from Leaseweb (extra money for bandwidth overages (thanks jett) and for support calls.. bah)... and I'll be adding those in here momentarily, along with the setup/install charge for the current hosting.

    But hey, in good news our new hosting is MUCH more affordable, and we have google ads running again.. so maybe.. just maybe.. this site might be able to sustain itself. That'd be novel, eh?
  26. Gede Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Better than novel!

  27. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    should give awards out for highest donors.. like scientology does....
  28. da5id Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    OK, first off we've been slacking in the donations ledger dept, and for that I apologize. To be fair, we've all been seriously swamped with just keeping things afloat, but we hope to do a better job moving forward.

    So I've collected the invoices from our former host, Leaseweb, and I've been trying to figure out what we've covered via donations, and what has been paid for by the staff. Unfortunately for as giving as this community has been, we're still pretty deep in the hole.

    This isn't a plea for donations thread though, just an explanation of how things are going.

    Turns out that between calls to support (don't get me started, we got really fucked by leaseweb) and increased bandwidth (traffic due to jett's death) our last 3 months of service have been well above the projected $870/mo.

    So, I've updated the ledger accordingly, as well as putting in the $325 charge for setup + first month's service from our new provider. Moving forward we will be paying $225/mo for hosting, unless we get Jett-Popular again, in which case we will upgrade to the $425/mo plan.

    Regardless, good research and the investment in owned hardware by our staff has reduced the monthly costs DRAMATICALLY. With the addition of google ads to the forums, we hope to make it so that the site will pay for itself. We aren't sure on that one just yet, but we'll be certain to let you know.
  29. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    those people afraid of using paypal should not be worried... right?
  30. WTF Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!


    Plox send goldz, else they drag out Pride and Prejudice once more.
  31. Cyclades Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Paypal is one of the least secure ways to pay
  32. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!


    Question: how'd you get Google Ads turned back on?
    Something new with new hosting provider?

    New arrangement with teh Google?
    Or they've apparently forgotten/forgiven the old crimes of Enturb (supposedly violating their TOS)?

    Or is this temporary, until CoS realizes they can get complain and get this one shut down too? :|


    annoying ads are alot more annoying than Project Wonderful, but having monies is way better than not.
    Slutting for a good cause = totally worth it.
  33. azonymous Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    What would you suggest that is more/most secure?
  34. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Well that explains the Tom Cruise site ads! Waiting for expense check to come in so will send some $$$ then.
  35. da5id Administrator

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    WWP != Enturb, and we're not LE so there was no issue of getting anything turned back on.. We should be fine since we're not breaking any rules. We are blocking the scilon ads as they come in, so that removes their ability to complain about us.

    Oh, and we don't have lengthy posts proposing that anyone commit click fraud (srsly, don't, i'll fucking rape you) which is a big part of why google gave EO the shaft.

    Will it work? Who knows, but it certainly can't hurt. Annoying ads are annoying, but just imagine WWP chugging along each time you see one.
  36. Re: WWP Donations drive!


    With this PO Box's definitely the most secure way for US to send you money, but I can't help feeling that it's very vulnerable from your perspective. It would be all too easy for Co$ to intercept (and selectively destroy) anything sent to that box:

    This could either be done by them compromising someone in the organisation that you're renting it from, or by placing a couple of agents in the local postal system's sorting office with instructions to extract everything addressed to that box number, [the items could then be opened elsewhere, a certain level of donations destroyed, before some were returned to the mail system for delivery].

    I certainly don't see this as complete tinfoil. It'd be absolutely in line with actions Co$ has been known to have carried out in the past (mailing rooms have been a common target), and attacking enemies lines of finance is policy.

    A possible alternative would be to check with a bank whether there'd be any issues with receiving anonymous money orders from around the world. It might be necessary to explain the reason for doing so, and there may be a limit on the maximum value of any particular (anonymous) donation (don't know, I'm not familiar with US Banking law/anti-money laundering legislation). Depending on the law, different banks may also have different policies.

    Whilst this would require a namefagged Anon, both the box and the PayPal account presumably require this already. However, if you were to switch to a bank account setup, you'd have the bank's existing security systems gratis, and you'd be able to link to a list of addresses for all (or many) of the branches that that bank has in the US.

    This would significantly increase your security, and might even be cheaper too, depending on the type of account that was used.

    Anyway, wanted to mention it, as I'm certain that many people have been reluctant to donate due to concerns about anonymity/being roped into potential legal action; but I'd hate to think that donations weren't reaching you because of it too.

    Whatever, good luck guys, and full respect to you for picking up the baton when LE (presumably) sold enturb down the river. 2009 is gonna be an interesting year... :)
  37. Anon752 Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    Well the "Organization" they would have to infiltrate is the USPS. Its not coming from some random small company with po boxes. As for security of the people, both people with access to it have already been namefagged, lettered and taken to court, so there is no problem there.
  38. Re: WWP Donations drive!

    It's certainly not hard to get a job at your local sorting office (certainly in the UK), and I can't really see it being any different in the US.

    I'd assume that this would be the more likely route, as the person or people would be doing it for ideological reasons rather than just hard, cold cash, (committed to helping stop "the SP's" spread their lies on the internet and all that jazz).

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up anyway, as I do think it's a vulnerability.
  39. cubby Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    it's a bit more of a process to get a job at the usps here... the jobs have good benefits and are highly coveted
  40. reznik Member

    Re: WWP Donations drive!

    RULE 10 OF THE iRL : "Thou shalt not covet" !!!!!!

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