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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by da5id, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Kilia Member

    When the donations page is in French, I cannot do a thing as I don't know French- capisce?
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  2. rickybobby Member

    I believe at one time that Sue said he was going to try and get it to default to English language paypal-- before he abandoned us. <<<<RICKYBOBBY SOBS IN DESPAIR>>>>>

    I feel like those flowers in the attic kids-- we are left up here, all alone....with only our mods to help us....

    Or is it more like lord of the flies?????????
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  3. psychoghost Member

    Where to donate?
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  4. White Tara Global Moderator

    You have the option of donating to a development fund, for upgrades, or to ongoing bills. Both are accessed via clicking donate at the top of screen. We each give as and when we can, please do not feel obligated to stretch yourself further than is comfortable. :)
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  5. Kilia Member

    It's in English now. Enjoy!
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  6. rickybobby Member

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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  8. OK, I will enjoy!!!!!
  9. sallysock Member

    When anon button comes back, I will donate to cover one month of expenses.
    I hate hate not being to able to be anon. It is irritating.
    I miss my button.
    Derail over
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  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    Dis WTF is that avatar OMG LOLOLOLOLOL :D
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Me too! It's a pledge drive!
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I guess u furriners wouldn't know. Unibomber is from Montana
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  13. rickybobby Member

  14. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ahahahahaahha /derail
  15. I thought he lived in Florence, Colorado:D
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  16. You will donate $500 if someone restores the anonymous posting?
  17. meep meep Member

    I will and That makes 3 of us
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  18. meep meep Member

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  19. Look Sue, $1,500 if you restore anonymous posting!!!!!
  20. I will ejaculate into an envelope and post it to sue.
  21. psychoghost Member

    Lmao oh no sue please put up the anonymous posting lol
  22. me too ...$500.00 here
  23. sue Administrator

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  24. rickybobby Member

    Damn. I went back and looked. The button has only been gone for a little over six months. It seems like FOR-FUCKING-EVER.

    Although six months is a long time in Anon years.
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  25. It's only been 6 months you whiners! Sue is an important, busy man. Money is not the answer, give him a little more time.
  26. Time is a finite resource.
  27. Kilia Member

    Everythings gonna be ok. ~*really*~
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  28. Will it? Will all be well? Will it fuck, this site has gone down the fucking pan rapidly and none of you blind stupid arses can see it.
    Here you sit pretending it's all hunky dory when it's dead. DEAD DEAD DEAD.
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  29. anon8109 Member

    Homo Novii believe that if they repeat a lie enough, and if they wish hard enough it will become true.
  30. Oh, you mean like it's true if we keep saying WWP's thousand-cut, do-nothing actions is really killing the cult?

    Actually, there's more WWP chatter about the Anonymous Reply Button, Scary Dox Guy, AVS Derail and Kittehs than there is about the cult. And the remaining talk about the cult has become the same old crap over and over again and boring.

    Methinks sue's master plan to phase out Chanology is working.
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  31. When I click it is in French again.

    I have a sad.

    WWP please come take my monies
  32. 254

  33. tigeratbay Member

    Mine today is still in French. I commented elsewhere that I wish it was in English as I would donate again.
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  34. ITT, three peeps who were willing to support wwp with $.
    I see the banner that wwp may go dark?
    Go fuck yourself.
  35. sallysock Member

    lol. I forgot that the anon button was once something, I thought would just take time.
    Offer stands.
    The data here is priceless.
  36. WWP can no longer afford bells and whistles.

    1. sueAdministrator
      cantaffordtodonate said:
      FUUUUCCCKK! So things are that bad huh! People here are either one of two things, stingy, or broke!

      Is WWP not worthy? whats the alternative? Lose the site altogether, or try to raise some money somehow?

      So whats it going to be?

      To clear a few things up, it isn't a matter of losing wwp. Whilst yes, I concur what white tara said: donations have been far and between, at times the amount for monthly bills is reached. It was one of the reasons wwp went from a spiffy and easy to manage setup with bells and whistles to something more affordable, nevertheless it is some cause for chagrin that the community has to be reminded in such a way. Likewise, absence of contributions can send various messages most of which I dread typing out, I reckon you can imagine.

      Reason for the future down time announcement is in relation with current contribution trends and a move to another provider, I can't exactly pinpoint when the move will happen or the down time involved hence the heads up to avoid alarming you.

      The former chiefly because:

      A) running tests takes time which is scarce between all obligations.

      The latter because:

      B) employing some new technologies
      C) Down time could range from mere minutes (as usual) to 'a while' depending on if something was overlooked.

      In the end I hope to be able to shave a little off of server rental and build up a bit of a reserve balance again.

  37. Kilia Member

  38. The fact is, WWP no longer needs all of the fancy stuff that donations pay for. This site costs no more than $30/month to run. It's the same forum software that WWP used before Ed switched to XenForo in an attempt to impress donors and new users who no longer exist. Now that his plan to turn the site into WikiLeaks Jr. has fizzled (and WWP is no longer a target for DDoS attacks), he does not need the bells and whistles. By donating conservatively or not at all, WWP users can influence Ed toward a more practical approach.

    Yes, Facebook is actually a better comparison. WikiLeaks in Ed's head, Facebook to everyone else. Yes, he was around at the beginning. He just got bored with Chanology and came to hate Anonymous. "Anon is cancer" was how he said it.

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