WWP Twitter account.

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Dragononymous, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    Someone still on that thing or did the hipsters already leave?
  2. Anonymous Member

    why not
    do it.

    but a lot of summerfags are still runnig aorund.
    but on the 6-7 november it maybe sumer is over
  3. Anonymous Member



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  4. Dragononymous Member

    I don't really know the bloody password do I...?
    Was just wondering about the thing.
  5. sue Administrator

    Do you have any ideas what to do with it?
  6. Dragononymous Member

    After a little brainstorm there will probably be a few?
    The thing is a bit of waste now, being there.. inactive... all that forgotten glory.... Such a shame
    Could be such a powerfull weapon again.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Have mods tweet interesting threads.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Reanimate it with bots, and connect up select subforum feeds via
  9. Anonymous Member

    I don't see the fuss personally - it seemed a good idea to communicate what was going on if WWP went down. The other possible useful application I can see is what Anonymous said - feeds for important subforums, along with any important announcements?.

    It doesn't have that many followers though, so if you want to see a twitter account tweeting about things to do with WWP, you could just make one yourself - this is based on individual contributions, so it doesn't matter if it's an 'official' account or not.
  10. Dragononymous Member

    This thread was mainly started to get the status of the main twitteraccount
    I'm not into Twitter myself really, I was just wondering.
  11. SwitchShifter Member

    I wanna see November 5th happen
  12. SwitchShifter Member

  13. that account should tweet interesting threads going on here, don't approve of lame ops being advertised there though. this is just a suggestion.
  14. James Spader Member

    Everyone here is going to agree on what's interesting and what's lame, right?
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  15. Anonymous Member

    You're asking a furry this?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Tweet particularly active threads, or threads that are highly newsworthy (Sci is France appealing, CCHR head trial updates, etc). Mod announcements, site updates, etc. There must be scripts to automate thread updates and such.
  17. Lame is stupid shit like OPCARTEL, and OP FACEBOOK, in other words if you heard it from fucking hipsters on TWITTER or AnonOps - take it with a pound of salt.

    litmus test of ops:
    did it orginate from twitter? - fail
    is it being promoted primarily from twitter? - fail
    is it the operational room hosted with the spies and snitches over at AnonOps? - fail
    did it start on /b/? - consider
    did it start on /b/ and do threads continue to be made about it? - pass
    did it receive lols and likes on WWP - pass
    are other anon affiliates on board (misc, SA, reddit)? - pass
  18. Anonymous Member

    Does the set of all ops that are lame contain itself?
  19. James Spader Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    The account is owned by Barrett Brown, the leader and spokes model for anonymous. Please direct all questions/comments/useless banter to him.

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