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Discussion in 'Projects' started by No Scientology, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Evening, Afternoon or good morning.

    I am here to protest the cult Scientology. I am a noob in this world of Anonymous protest forums and groups however I seem to seek the same goal as you all in this matter. Global Trust is an organisation I work for and one of our major projects is to expose the corruption and bring Justice to the self defined ''church'' of Scientology.

    To do this we have purchased the domain name and would open the prospect to anyone who has any ideas or wants to help. If this is the case contact me on this forum and I will get back to you.

    Thank you.
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    I didn't think this thread was even worth a google search, but.....
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  4. (them other sites are well I have no idea thanks for showing me that.)
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    Do you have any knowledge of the history of the WWP site? If you can prove to me that you do, I'll refrain from putting you on my Ignore List.
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    I can tell you how this story goes. In a fortnight the OP will disappear and never be seen again.
  7. seems legit .... the disappearance part. You know the rules...and so do I....
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    What the fuck are you talking about?
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  11. Well. The truth is I watched an episode of Southpark regarding Scientology and what they believe, I could not accept that when it said ''this is what Scientology actually believes.'' I initially thought it was a joke but I then searched google for Xemu and saw on Wikipedia that it was actually what they where getting people to believe. After further investigation I became aware that this ''cult'' actually charge huge amounts of money to preach this bullshit to it's followers and noticed the countless genuine and decent people who had fallen foul to the immense pressure the so called ''church'' puts on followers.

    As a human being I feel that using religion or the title of a religion to justify scamming people and taking their liberties as completely deranged and shows just how corrupted man can be. After further researching these things on Wikipedia, I noticed an article written about operation Clambake and what it does. After this, I searched google for ''protest Scientology'' and this site was at the top. I know what the idea Anonymous is and in most parts agree with those who act together for a greater purpose for as long as it doesn't end up being contrary to the goals of freedom and stopping oppression.

    I have researched the Scientology cult in vast details over the last few months and finally have concluded that my single view on the matter is that it should not longer exist. This brings me to your website / Forum to seek help from those experienced, those with ideas and those who wish to fight with me.

    Thank you.

  12. And this is because I believe that they use the Pyramid as a method to gain attention and come across as more so powerful than they actually are. Due to the common conceptions related to the Pyramid symbol such as those shown in freemasonry and the Ancient Egypt the ''Church of Scientology'' can use this to attract members, not proving the fact they actually have or had involvement with either Freemasonry or Ancient Egypt.

    Secondly to me, the Pyramid as a symbol (stand alone of the conspiracy attached to it in modern times) represents strength. The Cult of Scientology seems to promote its products on the fact it can strengthen people when in fact it degrades and oppressed mans given freedoms, Hence them exploiting the symbolism.
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    Now that the OP has further explained itself I think the message to be taken from this thread is clear. OP is a nutter who should be give a very wide berth.
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  14. I'm glad you consider yourself able to speak for a majority as a single person. Shows intellect.

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