XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by Wise Beard Man, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Anon123456 Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    maybe we should send him some C&Ds. or SP declares.

    on a side note. we really need to get a listening device into DMs office. have one of the "outside" workers bring one in. the luls that would ensue from that would be epic. although not admissable in a court it would be very exploitable on the intertubes. so who wants to dress up like a worker and help secure victory. fuck it. do it in every org in the world.
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    Well, sometimes he leaves his webcam switched on. But getting uPnP access in through the router at INCOMM, along the microwave links to Int, and then out to his PC is a real bear. Thank Xenu for default firmware passwords! :hc:
  3. Anon_1HG Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    believe me you are doin it right!
  4. eksef Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    Let's show him not to fuck with our intertubes.
  5. Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    Email me with any accounts that are still down. I'll let YouTube know.

    We most likely will need to subpoena to get the info on who was behind it. It they didn't use an anonymous remailer, we may be able to track them down. It is a real crime to file a false DMCA notice.
  6. muldrake Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    It's called perjury.

    I just notice I haven't actually seen one of these alleged DMCA notifications. Do they really include all the proper language required under 17 U.S.C. § 512? If not, it truly shows the stupidity of a policy of taking down content based on defective DMCA notifications. However, if it DOES contain such language, then Oliver Schaper may have committed literally thousands of federal felonies in a single day, each carrying a potential sentence of up to five years in Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison.
  7. Delta Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    So wait, did he get an epic combo? If so, this is one I won't try to break :massivegrin:.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    Are the notifications provably traceable back to Schaper?
  9. muldrake Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    Guess it depends on how "provable" you mean. At least from our perspective, they seem to have been associated with the oschaper account on YouTube, which is now closed, and which had rants in his usual fractured English on it yesterday. Obviously, YouTube would know more, but unless someone goes legal, we're not likely to see any of what they have.

    EDIT: This obviously doesn't mean that it was really oschaper, though he was PROBABLY associated with it somehow. He could have just been acting as a cut-out for OSA.
  10. AnonLover Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    just in case you havent seen one yet, the wording on the form letter notification youtube sends out is mighty sparce...

    and the EFF has taken notice,
    Massive Takedown of Anti-Scientology Videos on YouTube | Electronic Frontier Foundation

    ^^^Would be nice if we could get these folks to apply pressure to youtube to change their practices.
  11. muldrake Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    That's not really the notification, though. That's a notification from YouTube to you that they've received a notification from someone else. This is a particularly obnoxious practice, in that since you don't even know what the notifier said, how can you respond to it? In fact, you don't even know if it fails to be a proper DMCA notification, i.e. by failing to include the "under penalty of perjury" language, in which case it's null and void, and YouTube is not obligated to reply to it.

    However, I suspect what Schaper did was set up the "Content Verification Tool" available to rights owners, or people who claim to be rights owners. Then, next to your searches, 20 to a screen, is a little checkbox to click (or click "select all"). Then click to send out notifications for all 20 simultaneously. Someone determined enough could simply sit there, scrolling down through search results, clicking "Select all" and notifying 20 in a batch, then moving to the next screen and repeating. You could probably manage three screens in a minute or more, and do 3,600 an hour or more. I'm surprised nobody has gone on a rampage like this before.

    If he did, indeed, do this, he had to have sent in a fax with his personal information in it and indicate he was aware that false identification of material as infringing is subject to liability under 512(f). I don't see any language about perjury on the application, which may mean YouTube's system is defective.
  12. DeathHamster Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    I'm sure that the process could be automated. (Certainly easier than writing a bot for WoW.)
  13. watwatwat Member

    Re: XENU TV Reinstated on YouTube!

    y so srs :<

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