Xerobank Offering Free High Speed Anonymous VPN!!

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Xerobank, a highly secure anonymity provider, is offering free VPN access for Iranians and journalists during this time of struggle for freedom.

    Xerobank provides secure VPN through am international network which is encrypted, multi-hop, multi-jurisdictional.

    These guys are awesome and clearly know thir stuff.

    Take advantage of this.

    If you have questions, please contact: Steve Topletz
  2. corporate shil
  3. Kevin L. Member

    ^ Troll somewhere else.

    Nice to see corporations backing these guys, awesome.
  4. No, I'm not a corporate shill for Xerobank. I have been a customer since Day One. And they are excellent.

    Steve Topletz, Xerobank Admin has an incredible track record due to his involvement with CDC and Hacktivismo. His credentials are impeccable.

    I am simply repeating an offer that XB has made to Iranians and media covering the events inside Iran,that Xerobank is offering free service in the interest of protecting human rights and achieving.

    There are no strings attached, plain and simple.

    This is a vastly better system and offers far superior anonymity that systems like SwissVPN and Tor, which may be vulnerable to all sorts of intrusions and attacks.
  5. why the negativity?

    Nice of the company to offer Iranians the service for free during this period.

    For your reference, internet traffic, in addition to equipment, costs money for the provider.

    Maybe itd be better to have the government to provide this service, eh?

  6. TheONE-IRAN Member

    We need to understand the method in which the filtering is DNS poisoning, ACL's, WCCP whatever etc.

    If they are poisoning DNS look ups try this URL

    You will have to accept the invalid cert since you are not visiting by the proper fqn.
  7. From what I've seen most filtered sites involve first a dns redirection to one of their own "This site is blocked" pages. I'm guessing the filtering is being done on different levels (ISP, Backbone, etc.) because we end up seeing different block pages depending on the site and whose doing the filtering. If you try to access the site through the IP address it just won't go through.
    If you have specific tests I can try to let you know how they filter it, just lemme know and I'll give it a shot. I gotta tell you, its been a big pain in the ass for me this past week. Two of my personal VPNs have stopped working all together and I haven't been able to check several of my accounts.
  8. Actually iran's filtering is using a layered method. it's using all of them in some way:

    first layer is implemented in ISP level: this filter is sinsitive to website addresses and you see ISP's unique filtering page
    it's a page like this:
    or this

    Second Layer is called L2 which is by telecommunication ministry. it's sensitive to words in URL, so even if you search a word in google and it appears in URL search, it will be filtered and you see DCI filtering page. it comes for pages that are filtered since 2 years ago approximately
    it's the page:

    third layer is for recently (since last 12 months as I remember), it's like L2, but some sites are trapped in this layer, it's called L3 or L6 as far I saw. it's like a mixture of L2 and L1. some recently filtered websites are trapped here. it's sensitive to words in URLs as well too.

    strangely for some sites (like facebook) there is no filtering page, but the page remain loading.

    btw, we could use youtube with different subsomains like or some sites by IP, but they're all filtered now

    hope my information help to solve the problem
  9. yes they have different levels,filtering url,filtering specific websites
    around a month ago they set up a new method of filtering,the pages keeps loading for minutes,sometimes it will load after around 15 min and sometimes it will just return timeout ,this new method seems to block certain protocols because many none political websites such as criticker stopped working(which couldn't have been on purpose) along with most web proxies
  10. Any idea how to get around the new filters?
    I'm not too keen on using tor since I don't trust it.
  11. Never trust VPNs!
    (read: shadowcrew)
  12. Protect your ip

    If you are using a Mac u might want to check out TOR - Better known as Vidalia - Easy to use

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