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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Yahoo Answers

    Any Anonymous affiliated with the yahoo answers forum type thing? Upstats are rampant. One example: ... 41QzVBuAaa

    "Anonymous will take on the fanaticism of Hitler and the Nazis if you let them.

    Understand that this is my view and evaluation after looking at both sides in this deal. As janeinla said. The FBI are investigating. Do you really want to be affiliated with anonymous?" -Theta Works (36 year Scio)
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    OH geez... Some correction is in order, I think
  3. Re: Yahoo Answers

    If you search other Scientology related questions, the black propaganda just gets worse. I think this calls for the harpoons.
  4. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers


    It's still Thursday on the west coast - STATURDAY CONTINUES!!!
  5. Thetanonymous Member

  6. Re: Yahoo Answers

    Ah that musta been a clam on yahoo, no Internet savy NON CO$ person is going to ask something so stupid when all they have to do is google...LULZ and the clam got so many ANON answers that it shut answers off. WTG ANON.
  7. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    We'll then, we'll just have to start our own then, wont we? :mrgreen:
  8. Re: Yahoo Answers

    @Darrel_R: scien=knowing ology=study. Study of Knowing

    posting as GandalfParker

    who is this, MAJOR clam prono at yahoo..

    scary dude probably iming 13f.
  9. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    If we could prove they are all OSA plants, Yahoo might b& them, I wonder how much of a downstat getting a b& is?
  10. Re: Yahoo Answers

    The hysterical part is that all of the NON osa plants who post a question about the CO$ invariably read the answers look at links and pick an ANON style answer...the OSA plants ask a question about the CO$ then pick an answer that says "if you want to know about .,read..."

    They are so obvious that I sort of feel sorry for them...their EPIC ineptness is EPIC.
  11. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

  12. alsocake Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    On it as well.

    Also, I think to a scilon, b&hammer is something like -400
  13. CandyWaffles Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    Do not worry about Yahoo Answers, I used to lurk there for a while during a very boring holidays in my ever lazy life, and the average intelligence of someone at Yahoo answers is lower than that of the average /b/tard, no exaggeration. People ask the stupidest things ever, give the stupidest replies with no factual evidence, or if they do, they link to wikipedia. Anyone that asks a question there is probably so retarded that they wouldn't understand what was going on anyway. I'm usually elitist and all that, and generally look down on people because I'm an arrogant asshole, but seriously, you spend a decent ammount of time at yahoo answers, and it is at least as bad as /b/ if not worse, because it pretends to be factual and helpful, not for the lulz.
  14. saerat Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    We have to make sure that we fight on every front though tbh
  15. Choripan Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    Bump! :lrhtalking:
  16. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    I'm a member of quite a few YahooGroups and alot of them have Yahoo Answers questions linked on the bottom. Since alot of my groups are Religion & Spirituality ones, alot of R&S questions get linked. Once or twice, before I was even part of the Anon movement I answered questions regarding Co$ with links to the usual sources, including ones to Freezone site so that people could practice if they wanted.
    It's pretty hilarious to watch how many 'thumbs down' you'll get within just a few seconds from the Co$ trolls, even if you have a fair & balanced reply.

    And YES there are certainly more stupid people on R&S Answers than not, but there are some actually intelligent people on there too.
    I think it would be worthwhile for Anon to create Yahoo accounts and link good info to all questions regarding Co$ - every day or so just search questions for "Scientology" and then have a copypasta answer to put up there. Easy-peasy.

    I would actively work on that forum, except that I already have so many fake accounts linked to Anon work that it's getting hard to manage them all! :p And I'm not stupid enough to get namefagged by using my actual account anymore (I think I answered 2 Co$ questions with it).
  17. notamouse Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    This is so true. The average person on Answers can't tie their shoes let alone use google/wikipedia. It is a personal source of many lulz for me. I suppose I could always go back there during the slow times at work and troll some scifags. That would make the day somewhat more exciting.
  18. Whitehat Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    To the Freezoner who posted in there. Good Job.
  19. Thetanonymous Member

  20. saerat Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    we are loosing the Yahoo battle... cmon we have won everywhere else... need b/lackup
  21. TwilightAnon Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    Gah! I see that guy posting all the time! Definite Scio plant. Anyhoo, I've been doing what I can on there, but there's always a dedicated group of Scios answering questions such as "Theta Always" and Theta Works". I'm thinking they were told to post on there by their Scio superiors. I even got into a short lived debate with one. Of course, it ended before I could give a second response when she either set her account to private so that I couldn't e-mail her or simply put me on ignore to achieve the same effect.
  22. Anon210 Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    I've been doing all I can over there.
    I managed to swing a couple of pro-anonymous best answers, but it's depressing.
  23. Choripan Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    Isn't that stupid kind of person a vulnerable victim of the cult, precisely for his/her inability to think critically by him/herself?
  24. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Yahoo Answers

    LOL. You guys are doing great over there. I laughed at how many of you posted really amazingly extensive info on there!! Keep up the good work.
    Many of the people asking questions over there aren't the brightest, but they are the one's that are seeking (OBVIOUSLY in the wrong place) spiritual guidance of some sort. Your info will really help them!
    Make sure to keep mentioning that the Scienos that are on there are doing it BECAUSE ITS THEIR JOB TO - and that they get points and such. Point to references on that, too.

    Awesome work!
  25. Re: Yahoo Answers

    Keep going! They get massive upstats if they annoy you into stopping.

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