Yahoo News now censoring comments on their website.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. nope you arent paranoid I noticed this as well.
  3. Anonymous Member

    people still yahoo?
  4. Anonymous Member

    That's what I was thinking.
  5. The Wrong Guy Member

  6. Yahoo is Censoring any dissenting non Lib opinion that exposes what they are doing. They want anger, division & rants. The stories are written and posted to gin up racial division, class warfare the whole Lib Puke. If you post something eaposing it, you will be permanently blocked as I was, still am.
    If you post an angry Lib hate or Conservative hate, no problem. Thats what they want. Post a comment saying yahoo posting these stories to assist barry & The Libs & your permanently blocked, Imagine waht other censorship is going on??? Scared?? You should be. God Bless America, God Damn The LIberal Socialist Agenda.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Hold me closer, necromancer

  8. Herro Member

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  9. 00anon00 Member

    Oh. There you are.
  10. I too have been censored. Mention Michelle Obama, and your off immediately, mention yahoo or Obama and use a sound reasonable, conservative tone you get kicked off. And yes, I am very scared.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Hard to care.
  12. Yahoo is now not letting me even comment and the censorship is atrocious, very unconstitutional. Yahoo is operating like a Communist operation. I will boycott yahoo.

  13. Its Yahoo did you expect anything better? Ffs.
  14. flapjacker Member

    Read the thread about the NWO trying to get red states to seceede to impose martial law. Their strategy is to divide people into violent groups and get them to fight each other using propaganda and thought stopping (cult technique). Propaganda can't be effective if people can see through it so they are censoring criticics through their affiliated groups. I've seen propaganda all across the NWO media channels.
    • Yahoo eliminating news story commenting (still in effect in 2021).
    • Twitter calling criticism of trans discrimination against cis people hate speech (demanding stronger males be allowed on women's sports teams without handicapping).
    • Scribd scrambling covid nutrition document tag information to hide them from Google searches.
    • Newspapers hiding covid nutrition information by printing falsified quotes inserted by editors (this happened in a story I was quoted in locally).
    • CDC not telling physicians to load covid patients up with vitamin D3 despite studies showing that this is effective (lowers death rate by 24%).
    • Facebook bans/censorship of stories by independent thinkers who critize propaganda (John Stossel climate stories, Stephen Molynieux)
    This is a taste of what it would be like to live under a NWO system (Temple of Satan, ANTIFA). If Anonymous wants to win America back this is who they need to be fighting. Otherwise they will destroy secularism and indoctrinate the masses into a tightly controlled form of centrist pro-corporate/pro-elite socialism under Biden. You end up with a few thousand super rich billionaires controlling everything and reducing the population to a manageable level.

    If you want to see it in action read Greg Rucka's graphic novel series Lazarus.

    However, they have to do it using legitimate means. They need to gain consent first to pull it off. Just like how Hitler got the Germans to give up democracy and appoint him Fuhrer.

    First they have to disarm the people so they need the red states to declare secession.

    We need honest leaders again who aren't influenced, we need to ban cult mind control in religion and politics. We need these guys disarmed and their groups totally destroyed.

    If we don't do this there won't be an America anymore. It will just be a nation in conflict with a bunch of brainwashed drones fighting each other until an authoritarian police force steps in to squash them and control everything for the elites.

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