Yauba, new service to help Iranians bypass censors

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  2. Won't the Iranians just block that site from their servers? Also...good for anonysearch...not so good when you click on a link...unless you are on a proxy anyway you are toast if you click on "hot monkey sex' the link opens in a new browser page.
  3. First of all...

    Wasn't there first?

    Secondly, and more importantly...

    It's not about what the search engine stores, it's about what outbound connection logs say on Iranian government and Iranian ISP routers and switches. And they -will- say what outbound website someone is connected to. And the packets -can- be inspected to see what the contents are.

    As such, nothing short of encrypted or steganographic traffic going to non-flagged IP addresses, will be truly safe. Known proxies would not be safe, as they would likely be added to some government flag list sooner or later.

    And who knows, they might shut down the whole 'net in Iran completely -- or cut it off from the world, if this gets to be too much.
  4. TheSwabbie Member

    This is absolutely correct. It is a "Cat & Mouse" game. Search Engines dont mean a thing. Its what the Router logs show. Sooner or later they will see a bunch of traffic going to a specific IP address..they will check it out and see that its a proxy and whack it for outbound access. You will then have to find another.

    If Google gives does give them information as to what IP addresses search out proxies - then it would be time to do some Google boycotting. But I dont see them doing that.

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