Yazdi demands special purge at Rafsanjani's university

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by FreedomForAll-IRAN, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. The NY Times is reporting that students throughout Iran who protested the rigged election are being punished--some with suspensions of two years. Conservatives led by Mezba Yazdi plan to cleanse Rafsanjani's university especially and introduce students everywhere to the "true" Islam. As usual the reactionary Supreme Leader is encouraging all of this.


    Khamenei has decided that all trace of normal human and political rights are to be crushed. The IRCG, with close ties to ultraconservative Mesbah Yadzi, is apparently to control every ministry and all aspects of life.

    The regime insists that belief in Islam isn't enough. The regime now insists it must be the Yazdi/ Khamenei hateful form of Islam--the sort that justifies blatantly rigged elections, intimidation everywhere, total censorship and the torture, rape or murder of anyone who questions all this.


    In a regime that offers no hope, maybe youngsters who can no longer stand the prospect of life under such a regime may want to consider such a demonstration. They can carry signs "Please shoot us down now or let us emigrate since we live in a country with no hope!"

    In the past the regime has blocked emigration by denying passports. Let the regime publicly face an embarassing choice--one with some potential to demoralize some of the security forces. Recall the worldwide impact of monks who set themselves afire during the Vietnam War.

    I can't decide whether I'm being satirical or serious as I write this but there is no doubt about one thing: what an ugly life young Iranians face--a life not worth living for any who remain in Iran's totalitarian state!
  2. Images of Cambodia come to mind with this news. Pol Pot slaughtered the teachers in the schools, and piled their skulls in them, because he thought that what they were teaching (math, reading, etc.) was dangerous to the way he wanted things to be.


    Siem Reap, Cambodia --- A pile of skulls in a deserted school, a gruesome reminder of the Pol Pot regime, which killed these people. --- Image by © Michael Freeman/CORBIS
  3. An old film, but a relevant one. Sixty-nine years ago.
    The adversary is the same.
    The film: This Land Is Mine - 1943

    This is the first part.

    [ame=]YouTube - TLIM 1[/ame]
  4. Coyote-IRAN Member

    That movie is excellent, and applies perfectly here as it applies everywhere. What it describes is a universal truth, that no human is capable of erasing, no matter how hard they try.

    Evil eats itself. Tyranny destroys tyranny. Freedom and life, they are two words that describe the exact same thing.

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