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  1. Anonymous Member

    In case the site this list is on gets taken down, or the hard drive storing it dies, or I die, etc.
    I've attached a .zip of the latest snapshot of the Chronology of Publications on Scientology, year ending 2012.
    • All images and the self-generating database are inside the index.html but the search box top right won't work when it's loaded on a local machine (it'll start working as soon as it's hosted on any server, as web browser implementations of indexedDB rely on a domain existing for same-origin security policy/protection against XSS).
    • Links to each publication online haven't all been checked and may fail between now and the next snapshot.

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  2. RightOn Member

    I have no idea what you are talking about but thank you
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  3. TrevAnon Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    A Google Translate:

    "Scientology, the longest battle" The main research work of Scientology


    A book of Gabriel Carrion on rumors and facts of this movement.

    Hand investigative journalist Gabriel, a fascinating immersion in the history of attacks on religious movements in Spain and especially Scientology.

    The word Scientology has been in the mouth, feathers and many keyboards, but no investigative journalist has widened both as impartial as Gabriel Carrión has done so.

    While some have written from devotion, and others from hatred to economic interests, Carrion made ​​a personal and professional commitment to investigate and expose what he found on Scientology.

    The author argues that:

    "Scientology the longest battle" is primarily a research book. An open to knowledge and new religious sects especially movements door.

    It is a manual that Scientology used as a case study to clearly show what is and what is not a destructive cult. So it's a perfect manual for anyone who does not belong to Scientology is interested in learning how and how destructive movement works.

    Scientology is primarily a religious movement, and therefore the book is argued from a social point of view it is not a cult.

    It also is one of the first books that talks about it and it is made ​​by someone who does not belong to the Church, and like I always say a religious movement grows when people outside he speaks of it (for the better) as in this case. "

    Much ink has been spent on writing about Scientology worldwide, but until now, no journalist had done research completely independently, and I mean especially the economic point of view. Additional books have been funded by media . to fervent critics and apostates, others just wanted their name next to Scientology to give notoriety to his name Carrión has achieved the first independent work in Spanish, without translations or interpretations will eye the researcher to the reader, bypassing the filter detractor or parishioner. A pure boservación about Scientology.

    Contact Details:
    Church of Scientology of Spain
    C / Santa Catalina 7
    Tel: 912092170
    Fax: 912092171
    Web: http colon slash slash www dot iglesiadescientology dot es
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  5. TrevAnon Member

    I hoped it would come in handy for SOMEONE. :)

    (Is that you, Incredulicide? Wanted to send you PM, but that turned out to be impossible. :( )
  6. The Internet Member

    So some Spanish speaking brain damaged guy thinks Scientology is pretty cool, eh?
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  7. RightOn Member

    Oh Gabriel dear, you are SO wrong
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  8. Anonymous Member

    It appears to be that, yes. Definitely, yes!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    LOL it's certainly not entheta so it's not going on a list of entheta publications.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Here's the 2013 snapshot. Differences:

    2012: Books (112) Reports/Journals (70) Articles/Essays (126) Non-English (47)
    2013: Books (125) Reports/Journals (87) Articles/Essays (184) Non-English (51)
    • The searchbox works locally now in all browsers except Safari/iOS.
    • Links were checked and resurrected with the Wayback machine where needed
    Also, predictions of books to come is hidden in HTML comments on the page, so I'll paste them here:
    Untitled book by Jesse Prince about Hubbard's last years
    Untitled book by Leah Remini about her life in Scientology
    Untitled memoir by Jacqueline Olivier as Principal of New Village Leadership Academy (Study Tech)
    A second book (BFG2?) by Marc Headley
    “Scientology Armageddon: What Led America’s Most Vengeful Cult to its End Times” by Mark Rathbun
    “A Sucker Born Every Session: My Misadventures in $cientology” by Skip Press
    “The Final Fall: Mixing Allah, Jesus and Xenu” by Leila Wills
    “Soul Hacking” by David Love
    “Son of Scientology: Dad, L Ron and Me” by Peter Jukes
    “Scientology: A Walk into Darkness” by Glenn Samuels
    “Swim To Get Out” by J.Marius Jeanpierre
    “Waking Reason: the Science and Art of Persuasion” by Jon Atack
    “Who's the Best?” by Mark Tordai

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  11. DeathHamster Member

    "First independent work", my ass.

    This looks like yet another attempt by CoS to try to capture the neutral ground so that all other books can be discounted and noobs will "split the difference" between this book and Scientology's claims.
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  12. 2014 snapshot. Differences:

    2013: Books (125) Reports/Journals (87) Articles/Essays (184) Non-English (51)
    2014: Books (141) Reports/Journals (99) Articles/Essays (193) Non-English (51)

    The categories' visibility can be toggled from the context menu now without having to scroll back to the top to tick the boxes. (Firefox only)
  13. Oops, missed a couple years.

    2017 snapshot. Differences:

    2014: Books (141) Reports/Journals (99) Articles/Essays (193) Non-English (51)
    2017: Books (157) Reports/Journals (113) Articles/Essays (234) Non-English (49)

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