Yearly Update on New Village Leadership Academy

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by churchlady, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Dear Former Parent and Another Former Parent

    Lies are part of Scientology "doctrine" and are written in their "holy books". They had to lie to you to follow their beliefs. I'm so sorry that you and your children suffered because of it. Because you are using not your name here, you too are now 'anonymous'. Here is what anonymous does to get great justice.

    1. document EVERYTHING!
    2.Make reports to authorities
    3. register here so that we can privately message you
    4. ????

    Don't do anything that might jeopardize your case! As you can we would love to see all the info that you can give us... we as a collective can do surprising things with a little bit of info. Make sure you have multiple copies of you info and keep 1 or 2 of those copies in safe with an attorney other than the one working on your case, in a bank vault, with a friend not near you, scanned into a dropbox file online. I know this sounds a bit paranoid, but history has shown this to just be a good precaution.
    Since you are not dealing with the "Mother Church" and only with individual scientologists, it should be a bit easier, but if you start running into any problems or want advice from people who have been dealing with this kind of thing for many years... well you know where to find us.
    Good Luck New Anons!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Did they close because Suri left?
  3. White Tara Global Moderator

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  4. BigBeard Member

    It's a violation of California labor law to fire someone who's on maternity leave. They could get sued into the ground over that. Laying someone off after they return from maternity leave is another kettle of fish, but firing them while on maternity leave is a major no-no in California. Aside from personal suits, they could also get hammered by the state EEOC.

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  5. DeathHamster Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. sosad,
    There was no mention of Mr. Hendry's board position in the post from 'another former parent'. Mr. Hendry's tenure on the board was not brought into issue. Mr. Hendry did work at the school during the 2012 - 2013 school year, running weekly meetings, advising, providing counsel, attending student presentations and Performance of Understandings, fundraisers and events.

    Additionally, there was no mention of teachers being "fired" while on maternity leave. In fact, the word 'fired' is not used in the post from 'another former parent'. Only you use that word. The two teacher were laid - off. This is a matter of public record now.

    As for the recording of conversations, that is something to be investigated. A long time NVLA teacher informed many in the parent community of this. No one thinks the school's lawyers would have endorsed such tactics. Who is to say they knew about it?

    Finally, I see no mention of the 'faculty' keeping the schools closing from the parent community in any post. The administration hid the information.

    I agree with you sosad, that it is a shame there is so much misinformation out there. May I suggest that you stop adding to it by incorrectly quoting posts and altering information such as Mr. Hendry's position.

    The truth is the truth. It will come out.

  8. RightOn Member

    NOT a Scientology school?
    A school can't use "some" of Scientology. It was an Applied Scholastics curriculum that they were using and Applied Scholastics is licensed and it has to be paid for. If NVLA used Hubbard's study tech without paying for it, Miscavige would have had this school shut down faster than you can say Homo Novis. Further more, and any Scientologists working at this school would have been labeled squirrels and suppressive people if they were using the tech without it being paid for.
    So save it
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Former parents:

    Please consider banding together and hiring an attorney. I would be willing to bet if you could look at the books of the school, that it folded because of money it was sending uplines to the Scientology coffers. This could serve as a basis for legal action.

    Also please consider registering (you can use a throwaway email account) so Anons can assist you with DOX you may not want posted on a public board. There are many experienced and knowledgeable Anons here.
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  10. wolfbane Member

    Liar. Surely you realize the lawsuit over the employee who was fired unfairly so that she could be replaced by Scientologist, in order to make the school even more scientology-based after it opened, was not only reported on this website but one of our members (Denise "Larry" Brennan) was an expert witness in the case that helped prove the Scientology connection with the Applied Scholastics based curriculum. That case may have been settled and sealed, but the fact remains the Smiths admitted defeat and hemorrhaged cash to make it go away. And if they did not completely and utterly purge Scientology influence from the school after they paid that settlement, then they deserve to hemorrhage more cash and endure more shame for doing so.

    And speaking of that case, seems you want the full history of dirty truth resurrected ITT for posterity so here goes....


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  11. Sonichu Moderator

    Right now, all I can say is posting in epic thread. Via osmosis, the cult crumbles, without Anons actively demonstrating outside.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Dear parents,

    The Scientology corporation is highly deceptive and manipulative. For example they have a team of lawyers, private investigators, and cult volunteers called the Office of Special Affairs (OSA).

    OSA has been watched closely by Anonymous for five years now, and Anonymous has learned some of their tactics, which you should be aware of.

    One tactic is to post "I am not a Scientologist but..." type posts, on the internet and letters to the editor newspaper sections, such as the post above. The goal is to confuse the unsuspecting and to get people to ignore the company's fraud and lies. If you search the internet for news articles about scientology or their front groups, you will see examples of such posts in the comments section. You will also see Anonymous exposing the tactic in the very same comments.
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  13. churchlady Member

    EXCUSE ME FOR SHOUTING, BUT I AM SO FREAKING MAD THAT I AM NOT THE ONE WHO CAUGHT THIS!!!! I checked their website in early June and saw nothing new to report, the same old tiny enrollment, the same scientologist principal, etc. I did a search on one of Piano's FB friends who WAS the drama teacher or whatever, and she was a scilon too. I wish I would have posted then.

    DID I CALL THIS OR WHAT?????? I think I gave them 5 years or less when they opened their doors.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    You called it, Dear churchlady! <3
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  15. churchlady Member

    Ah, but we did protest outside when the place opened up. An OSA goon walked right up to me and said "Hi Churchlady!"
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  16. wolfbane Member

    Didn't Will Smith's personal security guard also interact a wee bit with protesters? Or was he actually an OSA goon?
  17. churchlady Member

    On a calmer note, as a parent who has gone through the catastrophic closing of a kid's school, I have nothing but sympathy for you. It is heart breaking to be so disappointed and deceived by those you trust. The school that closed down on us was a Christian school, so this can happen to anyone.

    Best of luck finding a new school. Please look at the public schools in Calabasas. They are highly rated and will get your kids back on track.
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  18. churchlady Member

    He knew a lot about our recent activities, including my epic fake raid of the now closed Chatsworth mission. He seemed to be OSA.
  19. churchlady Member

    Meaning no disrespect to the families going through this crisis, I'm going to go over there and take some pictures.
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  20. Random guy Member

    Dear parents!

    The above post highlights something you should make a habit in this case: Document everything! Take screenshots of websites, scans of letters and documents, always keep the mails going back and forth. Make a habit of having a cheap digital camera on you at all times. Photos come date-stamped, allowing you to back up claims of when things happened should it be necessary.

    When dealing with scientology or any of the cults tentacles, take nothing for granted.
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  21. churchlady Member

    Picture tech fail. I got all the way over there with my camera but didn't have the little memory square thing. Anyway, not much to see. The school is a rust colored fortress with a huge fence and gate. The cameras were still there, and strangely enough, the American flag was flying. Whoever gets this building will have to thank Scientology for the beautiful improvements. Since I was there last time, they have put in a very nice, wide sidewalk along the front of the school.
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  22. Sonichu Moderator

    ah. But I meant it wasn't something people picketed at all the time. Though I really have no dox, I just assumed Anons didn't really bother with picketing the school all that actively.

    I could be totally wrong.
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    This was published today:

    Will Smith's California School Closes |

    Last two paragraphs:

    A source tells America's Star magazine, "Will and Jada put millions into it. But there's a lot more to a school than money - if people don't agree with the teaching material, then all the money in the world won't save it."

    No official reason has been given for the academy's closure and the Hollywood couple has yet to comment on the story.
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  24. TrevAnon Member

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Lose Face:

    Scientology Influenced New Village Leadership Academy Closed After Misleading Parents

    By Cate Meighan, Celeb Dirty Laundry


    According to the August 5th print edition of Star magazine many parents were never advised of the school’s religious slant and curriculum. The leaders had no problem taking their money and providing them with a less than honest overview and the end result over the last few years has been serious outrage. Money was never an issue, especially for a school rooted in the teachings of Scientology, but it takes a lot more than money to run a successful school program.

    In June of this year the New Village school was finally shut down (28 June 2013) allegedly due to its shady business practices. Ironically, we’ve heard precious little about it probably because Scientologists prefer to keep their failures hush-hush. Does this reflect on Will and Jada? They threw their weight, name and millions of dollars behind a school that was deceptive to the core. Shouldn’t there be a moment of accountability here? Instead it seems like they quietly severed ties and tip-toed away from the controversy without mention.

    I also have to wonder how this school was promoted if people had no idea that it was rooted in Scientology. That sounds like it had to have been carefully carried out and I could imagine a lawsuit or two popping up from this.
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  26. time to dig onto the pic archives:
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Will Smith’s Scientology-Based School Closes Due To Outraged Parents


    Along with his wife Jada Pinkett, Will Smith invested a lot of money into the New Village Leadership Academy. It was advertised as an uplifting educational institution for parents who aren’t Scientologist but also for Will Smith’s friends in the Church of Scientology.

    According to the August 5 edition of Star Magazine, parents of students did not know about the institution’s religious slant and curriculum. The leaders allegedly didn’t mind taking their money, giving a half-truth explanation of their institution for the last two years. This caused outrage among the parents of students when they found out about the Scientology connections.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Baffling how a non-Scientologist like Will Smith would be behind a Scientology school involved in deceiving parents. ;)

    He must be outraged about Scientology now, and be ready to condemn the COS for tricking him. ;) ;) ;)
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  29. failboat Member

  30. Incredulicide Member

    Oh, it's a backwards Heil Hitler!
    Got it.
  31. I wonder when all the lawsuits will be filed?

    I wonder how Will Smith got away with using study tech and not paying applied scholastics?

    I wonder why none of the teachers knew they were working for a scn school?

    And if they didn't know, how did they administer study tech without knowing?

    Why was there no ethics officer at the school?

    Why were there no examiners to give exams after each unit of study?

    How would they do proper exams without e-meters there too?

    So many obvious questions. I bet the good folks here, (having never set foot inside the place) will surely know though. :)
  32. Why did Will Smith stop partially funding the school?
  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Exclusive: Will Smith-Backed Private School Closed Over Scientology Association | Showbiz411

    By Roger Friedman

    Suddenly without warning Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s privately funded New Village Leadership Academy shut its doors this summer. The school, in Calabasas, California, was a mystery: it used some Scientology curriculum and had gone through a couple of head administrators. The last one, named Piano Foster, had taken Scientology courses. But as late as last spring, New Village had been having auctions, and looked like it was returning in the fall. Then it simply shut down.

    What happened? Hollywood veteran manager and producer Jeff Wald sent his two youngest daughters to New Village. I spoke to him yesterday. Wald had a lot of praise for Will and Jada, and for Piano Foster (real name Franca Piano Foster). He told me that despite the reports from “bloggers,” there was never talk of Scientology at the school.

    But, he said, “We could never get past the association. We couldn’t raise any money. And the Smiths were putting in $2 million of their own each year. They couldn’t keep supporting it.”

    Continued with open comments at
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  34. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This is a thing of pure beauty.
    Scientology: the stink so putrid, even $2,000,000/year plus radio silence still can't keep it down.
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  35. RightOn Member

    THAT IS BECAUSE THEY HID THAT FACT and called it the teachings of LRH or study tech.
    It used to be right there on their website plain as day. I think it was listed under their curriculum.
    Wald put his two kids in that school and didn't check it out thoroughly. Now he is trying to justify his stupidity by saying " there was never talk of Scientology at the school"
  36. DeathHamster Member

    The usual Applied Scholastics contract calls for 10% of the gross income (before any costs are subtracted). Maybe the school wouldn't have gone bust if they weren't paying that expense?
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  37. It is killing itself, isnt that beautiful in itself /
  38. Anonymous Member

    So he's blaming his kids for being two years behind rather than NVA?
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  39. RightOn Member

    well yes they pulled it in
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  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Separate: Break Up Over Will's Decision To Come Out As Scientologist Publicly?

    By Bobby Fischer, Celeb Dirty Laundry

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are reportedly on the verge of a breakup, and there are some sources who are stating that it’s because Will wants to officially come out as a Scientologist and Jada is against this.

    A report earlier this week stated that Will and Jada are planning on selling their house, to make their ‘divorce mediation’ easier. But why are they already so keen to get divorced? Well, we know [or at least hear] that Scientology is reportedly a major point of contention between the two, and Will’s reportedly been wanting to come out officially for a long time. I realize the double meaning of those words considering that gay rumors have been swirling around Will Smith for a very long time, but all we’re hearing are the Scientology rumors right now.

    Obviously, this is just source speak, and Will and Jada’s reps have already denied any rumors of a separation and divorce. And I’m sure that Will and Jada have actually had arguments about whether to come out as Scientologists, but I don’t think either one of them is going to do it. Will’s managed his career very carefully over the last twenty years, much more carefully than either Tom Cruise or John Travolta, and he’s generally very, very careful about his public image. Yes, After Earth was a huge flop and labelled as Scientology propaganda but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything in the long run – whereas if he associates himself publicly with Scientology, he’ll get grouped in with the crazies because the public image of Scientology is not so great right now.

    Anyway, I think Jada and Will have put far too much work in their relationship to think about divorcing right now. They’re both a lot more business and image oriented than people give them credit for.

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