Yet another one leaves the cult...

Discussion in 'Media' started by pedrofcuk, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. pedrofcuk Member

    "In approximately February last year my mother, who was a pensioner, had been approached and encouraged to borrow of thousands of pounds for some courses.

    Shortly afterwards my mother contacted one of my sisters asking for money for food, as due to the circumstances she now had none. My sister was at best not impressed. All hell broke lose. I was erroneously blamed for said lose helI. I was told to go immediately to Saint Hill, where I was interrogated at length, It was then deemed I was to sit before a committee of evidence where my ‘crimes’ were to be determined, I politely declined explaining that I was not a member, I had no intention of ever being a member, not in this life time, the next or several trillion after that one. In short - never, at all or even faintly. Ever. I’m not actively kicking up, I’m happy just painting. If people want to believe in something peculiar, well, that is their business.

    I was also pulled to task for maintaining a friendship with a girl who was kicking up her heels and now considered undesirable (after two forced abortions and years of hell I don't blame her). This girl is my friend, I love her to bits and I am not going to sever contact on demand by people I do not know or have no interest in knowing. Why on earth would I???

    As a result of this situation I have been deemed suppressive. In the last two (at times extremely painful) years one friend after another has been asked to sever all contact with me as have my brother and one of my sisters.

    This organisation seems to think it can hold you by the proverbials by pitching family members against family members, friends against friends. That seems to be the only power they have, at least over me.

    Approximately a month or so ago, one of my sisters received a visit. She was asked to open her Facebook page so that mine could be accessed. My page was looked at to see if there was any evidence of rebellion on my part (there isn’t). My friends list was looked for (but it is hidden) to see who I was in contact with. Her password was asked for so that henceforth my page could be monitored.

    She was then put in a situation where she asked to either disconnect from me or my brother (my brother is still in) i.e: lose a sibling either way. The last remaining sister who still talks to me - there are quite a few of us was also contacted at the same time and given the same ultimatum.

    So, I have spent the last month or so on tenterhooks waiting to see if I have any family left. I have just discovered the sister I have waiting to hear from has now disconnected it seems. I am now down to one sibling. My crime as far as I can tell so far is maintaining a friendship with a girl who, frankly, has been pulled though a hedge backwards by this organisation.

    For the last two years, since this began I have pretty much been as quiet as a mouse. I have not kicked up my heels, I have not attended protests, I have not slandered them, libelled them or engaged in attempted fisticuffs. I have quietly taken it all on the chin.

    Im putting this here as I understand this page is monitored too. This is what I want to say: Tearing families limb from limb is beyond painful. It is unnecessary. It needs to stop. There are not enough words to describe the hurt it causes.

    Louise Cronin"
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  2. pedrofcuk Member

    This is why.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    [quot]This is what I want to say: Tearing families limb from limb is beyond painful. It is unnecessary. It needs to stop. There are not enough words to describe the hurt it causes.

    Louise Cronin[/quote]
    Scions should burn in hell
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  4. Orbis Member

    Scions should burn in hell[/quote]

    If the fire in hell is slow burning and never quite kills them then yes Scions should burn in hell. The agony they suffer should be infinite giving them time to reflect on the pain they have inflicted on others.
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  5. Quentinanon Member

    Scientology is the closest thing I can think of to pure evil.
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    From his story, he was a never-in. Title should be Yet another one suffers from Scientology's sick disconnection policy.
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  7. RightOn Member

    agreed .
    I thought it was fresh meat for the Big List at first.
    nom nom
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    Typical arrogance in ordering him to Saint Hill when he's not a Scientologist, and then to a CommEv. (Were they hoping to bill him for that?)
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  9. Quentinanon Member

    The usual scientology grandeur and brazen stupidity. They thought they would "get ethics in on that aberrated WOG". I would encourage the guy to sue the cult.
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  10. Incredulicide Member

    If we're talking about Louise Cronin, she's already on the list. John McGhee knew her when she was in the Sea Org:
  11. Just to clarify the above this is Louise Cronin SHE was born into the cult and some family members are still alive and still in. I am sorry to hear that, even though she has kept her head down, she has still been disconnected. I hope that she gets the support she needs and that now she will speak out.

    Thank You Louise for your post and I hope that one day you will be in contact with your sister (Rachel?) and brother (Alex) again.
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  12. RightOn Member

    yes I know, but with any new story, I am always hopeful that it's a new name :)
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