Yo dudes, worried you are being Fair Gamed by OSA OSA OSA dipshits?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Ron B DED, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Ron B DED Member

    Hiya noobs,

    Rest assured, I'm a harmless sock. Mods will safely disown me. Did I mention I'm harmless?

    That said, if any new anon guise are worried that you are being harassed and Fair Gamed by OSA (Scientology's Office of Special Affairs), you are most probably WRONG.

    To get the life-ruining treatment of Fair Game by OSA, you will need to fulfill very specific criteria, which are EXTREMELY HIGHLY UNLIKELY if you are a noob critic.

    So, if you have a question about about Fair Game harassment, I heartily encourage you to ask mods, who just fucking adore, ... shit, I can't complete this sentence with a straight face...

    Bottom line, if you are a NOOB, it is 99% likely you have nothing to worry about from Scientology shitheads, unless, you have, perchance, original JPGs of David Miscavige giving anal sex to Tom Cruise while John Travolta has oral sex with Nancy Cartwright over Jett's decomposing corpse.

    In which case, please post the photos here.

    Anon sock
  2. fishypants Moderator

    sock is right.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Dox please.
  4. fishypants Moderator

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  5. anon walker Moderator

    Some of us got "special attention" back in the 90s, mostly because there just weren't that many of us. It was kind of fun, kind of lulzy, kind of annoying. But, it showed they CARED!
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  6. muldrake Member

    If you want to get on OSA's radar, you need to rack up the points. They actually have a scorekeeping system. These days, only the people at the top of this list get any love.

    So someone like Tony Ortega still merits the full-court press. People like David Love also count as the most serious kind of threat. Anyone suing them has a good chance of fair game. Below that, the most persistent of picketers and other critics may come in for attention from time to time.
  7. anon walker Moderator

    We are but peons these days, muldrake!
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  8. Eudae Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    I know OP from that thread and OP wasn't sure that was OSA. I heard the details from them and frankly I just thought it was random vandals (no disrespect intended to that thread's OP, who does great work and was fully prepared to accept that it could just be random vandals!)

    So I wouldn't worry if I were you. Be modest, be humble, there's loads of us at this game and unless you do something particularly remarkable there's no reason (and no resources) for them to single you out.
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  10. amaX Member

    yes, they fairgame me.
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  11. Clusterdux Member

    Any comment how fair-gaming has evolved over the years?
    CoS continues to shrink and the press seems to have lost fear of them. Does this mean there is less will/capacity to fair-game or is OSA more dangerous now, like a cornered animal?
  12. muldrake Member

    It hasn't. If you look at OSA INT at this point, you have at most a couple dozen core personnel. If you look at their names, most of these are people who have been regular fixtures there often for decades.

    They still operate the same tech, but unfortunately for them, don't have the resources to get to most of the names on their lists. They don't have the people to do it, and most of the people they do have are aging or in ill health.

    Someone may have posted a more recent list, but this is a rundown I did in 2008 of the then-current list of OSA INT personnel. What is most notable about the list is how everyone there has been there forever.

    I haven't seen any indication there's any new blood, and probably at least a few of the people in that list are now blown/RPFed/put in the Hole/etc.
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  13. amaX Member

    Since my arrest in July of 2011, the cult has backed off of fairgaming me except for a cease & desist letter delivered to my home after they followed Darth Xander who was picking me up for a raid (Lirot handled that); they still follow me sometimes (creepy, but also funny because they're still spending money on me); and they sign me up for hundreds of sex sites, scams, etc. I have to keep a close eye on the things they sign me up for because every now and then they slip in hardcore child porn sites and I always report those to the FBI by telling them (every single time) that I am an anti-Scientology activist and this is part of their harassment of me.

    An ex has said I'm probably getting a bit of a pass right now because they failed when they arrested me and tried to get a restraining order. They still do things to me, but nothing compared to what they used to do.

    I do think they're still very capable of being just as nasty as they've ever been if not more so. They're so desperate now.
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  14. Random guy Member

    I suppose that only mean you are one of the very top entubulators. Of course, you have the benefit of having their main den as your primary protesting ground, but nevertheless it means you are doin it rite! I'd take that as a badge of honor!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    If OSA is so shorthanded, why don't they just use their OSA volunteers, or call up and train new OSA staff? God knows the cult members can be convinced to do almost anything, so what's stopping them from beefing up OSA?
  16. Clusterdux Member

    That's not hard to guess. You need to handpick the really dedicated idiots for OSA. Having random culties pay attention to SPs can cause them to deprogram or embarrass themselves too much.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    It's time for the biannual reminder that AMA is

    Yo go, gurrrlllllllllllll.
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  18. muldrake Member

    You can only give OSA volunteers so much to do, you know, steal this guy's garbage, picket this guy's house. Without very much information, they can't spill it when they blow, as Scientologists almost always eventually do. The really dirty stuff has to go to crazy people they can disown or hardcore people they can move out of the country.

    Or outside thugs like dirty PIs, people like Gene Ingram and, now, David Lubow and his ilk. Like hookers willing to do ass-to-mouth such people are actually fairly rare and fairly expensive, at least if they're any good at it.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    If you're lucky, you might get a trigger happy Scientologist who -might- have seen your negative comment somewhere and -might- respond to how you're wrong and get all butthurt about it. But OSA isn't going to go after you over that. They might have used to, but not anymore.
  20. Anonymous Member

    It's perfectly true that ZOMG OSA OSA OSA!!! paranoia is often unwarranted, it's still worth noting that some of our cultists do, on some occassions, prove themselves to be absolutely batshit crazy and capable of just about anything at any time.

    Curtains, dogs, and a locking gas cap FTW!
  21. Cudgel Member

  22. fishypants Moderator

  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Ron B DED Member

    Yes, OSA does still Fair Game some critics. That's not the point of this thread.

    The point of this thread is that new critics should realize that it is highly improbable that at this point in the decline of the cult, OSA will actively harass some noob.

    It's very easy to get paranoid when dealing with Scientology, they have done some nasty shit to critics. But Scilons doing real nasty crap to a noob, not so much.
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  25. RightOn Member

    being a little paranoid about a destructive evil cult, keeps you on your toes in my opnion.
    OSA has just come out with a a $1,600 ad they bought with pictures of Anons about Narconon on one of their Sci sites. And it is only supposed to be their first one with more to come.
    And although they went after David Love and Patriot, who are considered "heavy hitters" they also went after another Anon and also Anons as a collective.
    So yeah, staying on your toes by being a little paranoid is fine.
    If you protest amongest heavy hitters and you are not name fagged, you can be pulled in to the mix also. IMO
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  26. Random guy Member

    Yeah, you got me too.
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  27. Archer Member

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  28. fishypants Moderator

    that never gets old
  29. Anonymous Member

    They spent over $100,000 dollars for facial recognition software in one area, me thinks they will go after anyone.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Xmas list:

    Pikachu sleeping bag
    Anon sock
  31. Chipshotz Member

    The only thing I ever got was some nut job threatening me on YouTube.
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  32. anonymous612 Member

    OP, this is very very very dependent on location. That's not accurate at all for amaX and I, for instance.

    But for protests in, like, Iowa, or really anywhere outside Clearwater, LA, and DC? Yeah probably not happening.
  33. Anonymous Member

    amaX, haven't heard of fair gaming like that before. Actually, it sounds way more lulzy than those osa dweebs are even capable of contemplating. How do you know this was by scilons and not by btards?
  34. amaX Member

    They've been doing this since they found out who I am. I really don't think btards hate me so much that they spend every single day of their life for over two and half years signing me up for fuck book and the like. Antonio Avila admitted in court that he reads and studies everything I post here. They've gone after every close member of my family. Employer, landlord, friends, fucked with our truck, impersonated a friend of mine who is a cop. It's not /b/. It's the cult.
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  35. anonymous612 Member

    We're more than capable of telling the difference between OSA and 4chan, thanks. We're not exactly new to this game, sweetheart. And hell, I've gotten tailed into the next COUNTY by people literally IN Scientology uniform. Was that btards? When Scientologists hand-delivered Dianetics materials over and over again to my family, were they btards? When Scientologists assault CW anons on camera, those were actually btards too, right?

    Seriously, we aren't idiots (well, most of us aren't). Maybe assume we know just a little bit about what we're talking about, k?
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  36. pedrofcuk Member

    Hmm, interesting, my pr0n spam has increased lately. Be suspicious of anyone advising not to be suspicious of OSA. On the other hand, be suspicious of anyone suspecting OSA, OSA everywhere.
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  37. rickybobby Member

    Thanks, Ron B. Nice of you to give a shout out to us noobies here. From the looks of it, even if one manages to make it onto their radar, their attempts at harrassment are pretty laughable and downright goofy. I mean, Marty B is enemy #1, and their attempt at fairgaming him was one of the stoopidest things I have ever seen. Even down to the inflammatory website. I doubt if there is much I could do to reach that level of attention. (OMG what fun would it be if John A showed up at my door in some goofy ass getup!) Unfortunately, a couple of you anons have merited some extra special love from OSA, and whilst that is really awful, I think it distracts them so much that they don't have many resources left to point elsewhere unless something really butthurts them. I think continuing to document and get on public record every one of these lame-ass attempts just confirms all around that these guys are loony, vindictive, amoral and undeserving of any clout or power.

    But again, thanks for thinking of those who care, lurk and want to get involved, but may be a little intimidated by all this.

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  38. Katz Army Member

    A little OT but I would like some advice. I'm using Tor for all of my Scientology nosing around. Is that a good idea or does someone have something better?
  39. DeathHamster Member

    I don't bother with anything when nosing around CoS sites. If they check the logs and notice me, I want them to wet their pants.
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  40. anonymous612 Member

    Slightly overkill, if anything. You aren't protesting against the CIA here.

    YMMV. But I don't bother.
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