Yo dudes, worried you are being Fair Gamed by OSA OSA OSA dipshits?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Ron B DED, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. patriot75 Member

    All I have to say is Fuck OSA!!! Everytime they bring they get bitch slapped evertime.

    Have a nice day OSA
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  2. muldrake Member

    That's good enough for just web stuff, probably, but the rest of your Internet traffic is non-TOR and if you get tricked into running some kind of spyware, it can report back to the attacker. Similarly, it's pretty easy to use a browser that isn't using TOR accidentally.

    The easiest way to ensure all web traffic is going through TOR is to use the TOR Browser bundle, a self-contained package that includes its own browser and automatically checks its connection when started. It's a one-click solution.

    For the more paranoid, there is a Linux distro, called TAILS, that automatically routes any and all Internet traffic through TOR, so that it is nearly impossible to give away your location inadvertently. This comes in a LiveUSB or DVD format, so that it can be rendered read-only and basically tamper-proof. It even has a mode to simulate the appearance of Windows XP so that it doesn't look unusual when using a public terminal. This gets around a lot of the problems with vanilla TOR, in that it is not going to leak DNS requests, run Java apps that connect to untrusted servers outside of TOR, etc. But as with all TOR-related things, an attacker with access to the network could see you're using TOR, which might be suspicious by itself. They won't see anything else, though.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I use Tor just for email and questionable website visits so I run 2 browsers:)
  4. Anonymous Member

    Some of us have had some encounters to a much lesser degree then the heavy hitters here. The trick is NOT to post it on this forum because then they know for sure they have gotten to you. The couple of tiny things they did to me were funny, but I felt that discussing it here would verify my anti scientology activity to them. Pretty much stopped after a couple of lame attempts.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Dear Newbies, Lurkers and Rodeo Riders,

    Though many anons are perfectly fine with having their identities public- might I suggest caution?

    Personally, several of you- the OSA! OSA!OSA Troll- people in particular, need to examine how easy it is to find you, where you work, your family, etc. A few of you folk use your personal facebook pages or an avatar which identifies you quickly which makes the former quite easy. It is almost as though you are inviting attention.
    If you are... that is your choice as are the potential consequences. That's not some sort of a warning from me- it is the reality of being out.

    Please be safe. Be smart. :)
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Socks work and they help people keep OSA off balance (not that OSA really needS much help in that department).

    A confused OSA is an enturbulated OSA
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Case in point.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

  10. What happened to Anon? Scientology tells it's staff that the Psychs hired you guys!

    Are you still out there doing protests against Scamonology?

    I think the Cult is getting pretty weak. Lawsuits flying.

    A new one just filed re: 2 prviate investigator's hired by David Miscavige - Dictator of the Scientology Regime. Apparently, MisManagement paid the 2 guys $10-$12 million dollars to follow 1 man for 25 years. Check out Chorpus Christie news and Tampa News. All over the paper and news!

    Scientology has denied ever hiring private investigators. Oops - just got caught. Putting the money directly into the two guys account. David Miscavige direct deposits. He stopped paying them and they are not happy. They want the 401 K David promised.

    Any protests planned anywhere?
  11. Anonymous Member

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