'You can speak out now.'

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Consensus, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Consensus Member

    'You can speak out now.'

    There's another unspoken influence we're having that we might as well make explicit. The fact that such a large group of empassioned protestors are shining a spotlight on the CoS is making it safer for people to speak out. 'Fair Game' surely intimidated many from speaking up, out of fear of smear campaigns or even threats of bodily harm. But now, we are, in addition to our many roles, a 'watchdog group.' Sure, there are a half-dozen or so websites that've been up for up to a decade that focus on the misdeeds of the church, but without a large following, those sites were fairly powerless to protect those willing to speak out. We're reaching a tipping point here, and we should capitalize on it.
    We can't gaurantee protection of those who speak out against the church; but any who do so and let us know they are doing so will be regarded highly, and we'll focus our attention. If anything bad befalls them, if they are suddenly 'revealed' to be criminals, or if they are otherwise slandered, we'll see it, and we'll point it out to the world, and we'll demonstrate the pattern of behavior that will clearly implicate the CoS in those actions.

    Just another way our collective existence can do more good than any of us could do alone.
  2. Amomynous Member

    Thinking in the right direction!

  3. Heyanonnyno Member

    What we *can* do is point them in the direction of people that will help them. People like the folks behind, Tory Christman, Mark Bunker, Lerma, etc, who probably know where these people can find solace from the church. In that way we can be an intermediary.
  4. DarkSim Member

    Fair point. I fully agree. Certainly I would feel no qualm with pointing out to the world if anyone coming forward gets harassed by scientology.
  5. Anon883 Member

    Hopefully after the protests there will be a slew of public figures coming out with their criticisms of Co$.
  6. Randomness Member

    I think this is a brilliant idea, offering support for victims of the CoS would be a real achievement, I'm up for it.
  7. Harbinger Member

    Be aware that Anon itself is not a center for harboring victims. We can only act as a medium for those hurt by Scientology, directing them to other places where they can truly help. We are not trained to help people recover in mental health matters.
  8. L.the.Anon Member

    Especially if we consider the fact that we are more or less individuals working together whiteout any organization per se.

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