You Found the Anon

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, May 29, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    You Found the Anon

    something to go along with the youfoundthecard and the silent protest

    what if we had a contest to find the random anons
    Have the silent protest anons have cards with a URL that leads to a page where they can register for the contest... one per ISP.

    then after a specific time limit we randomly draw one of those entries and they win something cool.

    People like contests
    People like free stuff
    and people are willing to be educated to get free stuff

    as for what to give out.... well I'm hoping someone else can think of something universal and cool.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: You Found the Anon

    Stay on target. There are easier, less time consuming ways to inform the public. Chances are only Anons themselves would enter the contest, or Scilons. We don't want to be giving free stuff to Scilons.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: You Found the Anon

    Plus there's that silly inconvenience of having to give out your location for some swag. Try again.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: You Found the Anon

    Ok, I have an idea that could be tons of fun, and if advertised correctly could bring in a lot of people.

    You Found the Anon: A Scavenger Hunt

    This idea would likely take place during the summer, and could take anywhere from very little prep time/effort, to a large amount, depending on what each individual city wants to/can do. Also note, it does not need to be a worldwide thing, and would likely happen on different days per city, but it'd be epic fun.

    Basically, you pick an arbitrary starting location, and you advertise "Join ANonymous at ___________ for a scavenger hunt" You'd need to actually advertise it well, as we want as many participants as we can get. You have everyone meet at the starting location, and the participants (in teams) get a clue. This clue would lead them to a local park, cafe, restaurant, where ever will have us. In this place, will be an Anon, sitting in the GF mask and suit (preferably) who will give them the next clue and a piece of Anti-Sci literature.

    You have the people follow the clues which eventually lead back to CoS, where a celebration would happen congratulating the winning team, prizes for the top three teams, food if you can have it, music if you can have it, etc etc.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: You Found the Anon

    There were a few suggestions ages ago about creating an online follow the links/you're the investigative reporter type game. By the end you'd finally realise it's Co$ you've been learning about.
    The consensus was that whilst it was a good idea in principle, it was gonna be too time consuming to create.

    However, there's no reason why that idea couldn't be translated into a real-life "scavenger hunt"/mystery solving combo. Once complete, it could be trialled locally - e.g. NY Anon - then refined and carried out by each city's group. Done right, it would generate good local media coverage, would be fun to do, and it's fairly likely that the media would be happy to publish at least one of the clues!
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: You Found the Anon

    op here...

    THAT is exactly what I was trying to come up with!!!
    I'm in a "burnt over" area where everything and anything is protested on a weekly basis, and a HUGE arts community that does street theater often... so we are not as sucessful as i would like.. our stuff is old and done so we need something different to grab attention...
    THANKS I am going to take this idea and transfer it to our local forum!!!
    anonymous delivers again!

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