you must listen to this and let everyone knows about it

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 18, 2009.

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  2. D: what is this

    Cancer? noize? transcript plz
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    Sorry, no clue. The wikileak link is all I could find in English (and I can't speak Persian at all past "marg bar ____").

    Seems the tapes are multi-part and 9 hours long. That would be a large translation and writing project!
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    Does the names of these files make any sense to some one here? Or to be more specific, what are the numbers for ?

    I can understand a little bit, and it seems to me, that these guys, are discussing
    about how to establish an ultimate-suppression-strategy, that prevents any kind of opposition. It seems to me very 'theoretically'.
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    Part of it, from the summary, is:

    "Hire photographers and cameramen and send them in to News organizations (Newspaper, TV) so they can assist in gathering more information about the people and issues. Even the News organizations employing these people would not know that they have employed undercover Security Agents of the government"

    There have been many cases of Hizzbollah and Hamas, who are both trained by the Iranian regime, doing exactly this. None of this is new, and there are examples of it being done for a very long time.

    It is not theoretical. It is in action. Much of it is obvious, if you think about it, but explicitly knowing it makes it easier to know what to look for, so you can protect yourself from it.
  8. I heard only few minutes. Apparently, they talk about people from basij who have the mission (they talk about it like strategy in war zone) to work as under cover spy during rallies and gain information about who is the leader, who protects other, and how they try to plan move and at the same time, report the situation and information to other basijis.
  9. Paleene Member

    There was a thread in which theese tapes were discussed some days ago.
    Shame I do not remember whereto they have been moved. Roe Lassie's wife (Iranian) identified them as 10 years old and dealing with the students' protest then.
  10. They kno someone with wireless speaker or taki- waki would be teared by people. One name, haj Esmaili was metioned and they are from Naja ( I do not remember where it's depended, Army or Basij or Sepah.)
  11. it's in the Off Topic forum.
  12. English translations

    for the Basij Audio recording Please keep in mind 'they' means Basij / police / guards They WANT to develop strategy to defeat the protests based on size, composition, locations, the leader of the protests! THEY ARE USING HEZBOLLAH WOMEN to get inside riots without people know! + THEY WANT 2 use FAKE PHOTOGRAPHER for Fake PHOTOS 1) They don't have good communication between them. To report where protests are and to whom it should be reported! 2) Person who reports the protests 2 them, should know how to say it so they don't panic if it is not a huge protest! DUMB lol 3) They want To identify the kind [small, big, students, random people] protest & assigned priority to each of the riots 4) They think they can easily control the most protests because of lack of leadership & organization! 5) They want Within themselves people who can control/lead/ make decisions to disperse the protests in any ways 6) They, themselves don't have a common strategy ahead of time to handle riots before happening. They need to be able to tell the difference between the protesters & the observers of riots 7) They see 2 kinds of riots 1) All people R protesters 2) some R protesters & others R observers 8) They want 2 play with people's emotions & take away their confidence. Which is half of the work to stop the riots. They use Mental &emotional [psychological] ways 2 stop rioters,through media/whatever,would do 1/2 work 2 stop riots 9) They want 2 know kinds of rioters 2 help to stop them sooner. ex: if students coming to Tehran, stop their bus on the way! 10) They need 2 be able to know what kind of weapons protesters R using! [Stones,] 11) They want to have a common tactics 4 Decision making & leading the guards/basij/police in & outside of the protest 12) They need better leadership in their [basij/guards/police] system 14) They want 2 have secret locations to regroup in case protesters take over the police/basij depts 15) They want to use the Traffic Cameras in the intersections to control & know the locations of riots 16) They want 2 use psychological & mental tricks on people to CALM & CONTROL the protesters 17) They don't want 2 corner the protesters. Keep riots out in open, so when arresting rioters, the rest will run away! Because When they corner protesters & arresting some, the rest of protesters will respond back & create violence. 18) They don't want to Bring dangerous Weapons that make the rioters more aggressive & defensive [Psychological game] EX:Students/ Young protesters will get more defensive seeing basij with deadly weapons, They want to ACT stronger like a hero! 19) PSYCHOLOGICAL GAME: play with protesters mind, be calm & friendly with protesters 20) They say Some protesters R very religious. Use religion to make those protesters side with basijs 21) They USED Hezbollah women in university /hospitals as spies 2 "help" injured rioters & got info on rioters 22) The Don't want 2 KEEP detainees in known locations: lots of families & others gathering outside, hard to control them! Prevent people & family of detainees gatherings out side of prisons by not letting them know where detainees R kept 23) THEY want 2 PAY lots of money 2 SOME BASIJ to become "PHOTOGRAPHER", get into universities/hospitals & spy on rioters 24) They want 2 PAY SOME BASIJ to be "PHOTOGRAPHER", also to control the media & controlling the photos being published 25) Kerman, Khorasan, Seistan, & Baluchistan Cities/Borders needs to strength their guards & security!

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