You tube dwzg

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anonymousrecon, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. You tube dwzg

    Thought I would put this up if it has been show before just delete. But, I thought flagging the video might be a good idea. esp, since it is in the related news of some xenu videos.
  2. iaxiloll Member

    Re: You tube dwzg

    This video has bin on the web before. I watched 2 other vids from this user. And it is just a feeble attempt to get hits on the other vids I presume. dwzg has had clips up for weeks that only have like 25 hits. They are pro Scientology clips in English with German subs from What puzzles me are the tags "moral kodex L.Ron Hubbard " HTF are you supposed to find them. They all have the same tags. I believe that they are directly targeted to the German public. One more thing. The tags on the "Anon clip" is joke."anon march15th 2008 exposed arrested jail" LOOL!! DO NOT WATCH so as to increase the hits.

    dwzg = Der Weg zum GLÜCKLICHSEIN = The Way to Happiness
  3. Re: You tube dwzg

    Ah, ok my german is 1st year highschool at best so good to have some clarification. I thought because of the bad tags and german subtitles was the reason the hits were so low. Not because we just didn't care. :)

    Out on recon
  4. iaxiloll Member

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