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Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by YorkAnon, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. YorkAnon Member intriguing business cards

    I have a big pack of print-em-yourself business cards for my laser printer. I'm trying to come up with a variety of cards that are intriguing enough to get someone who is handed or finds one of these cards to check out the url.

    I have 6 so far, I'd like 4 more to fill out the template.

    Ideas? Ascii art and images are cool as long as they'll be legible on a 2x3 card.
  2. AnonNow Member

    I preferred them when the were just "", it's more mysterious, people are more likely to visit the site to find out what the mystery is. There's no viral marketing here, it automatically says what it's about, so if they're not interested we'll have lost them already. At least if it's mysterious we can grab a little initial interest.
    I think this kind of misses the point of the scheme.
    Great as flyers though, great designs.
    Just my opinion
  3. I just hope whoever owns the youfoundthecard website doesn't turn it into a goatse meets tubgirl love story after a million cards have been distributed. for the lulz

    yeah I know it wont really happen like that, just sayin
  4. MarkSherman Member

    I agree on the simplicity. It's just supposed to intrigue someone. If you are going to have anything more than that you may as well link to

    The most I'd put besides the URL would be like "Feb 10th 2008" to add to the mystery.
  5. YorkAnon Member

    If I get something that just has an url on it, I just assume it's some stupid band site or crappy viral marketing or something and toss it. Only one actually mentions the name Scientology. You need to look at it from the perspective of someone who has never heard of Lisa McPherson, thetans, xenu, disconnection or anything else to do with Scientology.
  6. Orderous Member

    The whole point of viral marketing, is to not give any information on what you are marketing. Remember Snakes on a Plane, up until about a week before the film came out no one knew anything about it, other than the quote; "Motherfucking snakes, on my mutherfucking plane." Same thing with Cloverfield, all anyone knew till about a week before was an ominous date.

    And this is why the simple design with just the url on it is perfect for this project
  7. MarkSherman Member

    That's a good point. But just remember to keep it at least a little mysterious. The "Are you Fair Game?" one is an excellent example.
  8. mistegirl Member

    I just wanted to pop in here to say the "What can I do to help" page has been updated and will show a few random card designs, a link to get the Avery templates to print your own, and a zip people can download of designs to print.

    So don't be shocked if your designs show up on the site! Unless of course you say you don't want them to.
  9. YorkAnon Member

    It's fine with me!
  10. L.the.Anon Member

    I think they're all good. It's not much text, but it is not clear what it is about. Even if it says Scientology on one, people won't understand what an SP is, there is still mystery in it.
    The question is, is it good with lots, or a little mystery?
  11. Grey Anon Member

    I think the top 2 would be the best as they are the most simple and will catch peoples attention. I'd like to see them used in the Winnipeg protest.

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