YouFoundTheCard - Dumb Question

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Ten Tigers, May 13, 2008.

  1. Ten Tigers Member

    YouFoundTheCard - Dumb Question

    Okay... I've got a bunch of business card sheets for the computer printer, for making my own business cards. I'd like to make a bunch of "You Found The Card" cards to hand out, and for library raids and whatnot.

    How do I set this up and do it? Can someone explain it to me like I'm a three-year old, please?

    Sorry... But thanks in advance.
  2. Randomness Member

    Re: YouFoundTheCard - Dumb Question

    Put them in, face down in the printer, (check card sizes) go to the "Business card print layout" on Word or whatever you're using and print.

    Can't walk you through it because I use Openoffice.
  3. Valley Anon Member

    Re: YouFoundTheCard - Dumb Question

    Load the cards into the printer.

    If you use MS Word, this is 9000% easier than if you don't. In MSWord, you want to go to Tools -> Letters and Mailings -> Envelopes and Labels.

    A new window will pop up, "Envelopes and Labels". Make sure that you select the Labels tab. Click on Options. This will bring up a new window "Label Options."

    From the "Label Products" menu in the middle, select the brand of card. In the "Product Number" section in the lower left, select the specific model number. Click OK.

    Type your message in the window in the left of the "Envelopes and Labels" window, and make sure that the "full page of the same label" option is selected at the bottom. Make sure to use Print Preview to ensure proper spacing and whatnot.

    If text formatting in that window doesn't work out for you, just hit "New Document" in the and a new Word document will pop up with the appropriate spacing for your card. Sadly, you may have to manually type it in all fields.

    If you have other software, feel free to PM me and I'll go through the exact steps necessary for your product and software. Make sure to include all relevant info.
  4. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: YouFoundTheCard - Dumb Question

    Okay. I'll mess with it and try it out on regular paper, first. Thanks! (Sorry for being such a dumb-ass... LOL)

    Thanks, Valley. I'll try it out.

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