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Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Captain Internet, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Youfoundthecard help

    I am currently in the process of designing some more cards to print up this week.
    Unfortunately I have hit artists block and I would really appreciate some ideas on how to improve the cards. When I am done I hope that some other anons will actually use my card, but that is for later.

    Here is what I have so far:

    The other side is going to be similar, with the orange and grey text.

    Have at it anon.
  2. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    I love the 3rd one, and would love a high res copy of it if you wanted to share already:) This is exactly what someone I know has been looking for to order cards through a printer.

    Edit: have you thought about doing the card background in that color blue? Might have to change the URL color on it if you did, but I bet it would be an eye catching color of card
  3. Re: Youfoundthecard help

    I was using the site theme as my inspiration for the cards, changing the card color would make it not fit in with the site. If the person that "finds the card" goes to the site I hope that they will be make the subconscious connection.

    Also: I was wondering if these are the proper size to take to the printer, as these are my first batch of cards. You said high res, but I did these so that they were the EXACT size of a proper business card. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. Should I keep mukips?
  4. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    I tried to send one to the printer that someone else had made on here and it was business card sized and they asked for a larger higher res img. I'll ask what the standards are

    Edit: emailed asking for more indo. The img that was turned down this was the reason given

    "The file you uploaded is very low resolution and will appear soft and pixilated if printed. Also the margins appear uneven. a high-resolution file with either 1/8" bleed or even margins of at least 1/8""
  5. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    make sure there is no content within 1/8 of an inch of any edge.

    A lot of printers work with images at 300 dots per inch (dpi) so you way want to up your resolution that way.
  6. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    Card trim size is 3.5"x 2".

    Safety: Any copy or sensitive info should be inset .125" from trim.
    Bleed: Any image or color that bleeds should extend .125" from trim [bleed size is 3.75"x 2.25"].
    Resolution: Minimum 300dpi at 100% size.
  7. Re: Youfoundthecard help

    this is 1/8 an inch from the edge if it was regular business card sized, correct?
    That means that if I up the resolution it would have to be the same proportion off.

    I am still looking for feedback/ideas because I want it at the printer no later than this sunday, that way I can make sure I don't somehow manage to screw up all my stuff like on 3/15/.
  8. edudcixlsyd Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    get rid of teh mudkipz, most people won't understand so most memes should be left out
  9. Mål Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    Indeed. I think the third is nice, but the mudkipz ruins it :\
  10. Re: Youfoundthecard help

    Teh mudkipz was meant to be a joke....
    here's the newer slightly higher res of the third one.
  11. Re: Youfoundthecard help

    I really need help for the second side
    So far possible ideas are "United as one, divided by zero"
    and just a plain
  12. Zer0 Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    what about Get Informed, and Get Involved.

    About the others, you still have major inset issues...look at the previous posts...everything should be .125" away from the sides.

    Don't you think black is a bit toner raping for printers? I mean you do realize that there is a possible 6 per page that you/shops will be printing why not leave it just white background and colored text/black text?

    If you do leave it black, yellow on black catches the eye much better than orange on black.

    Just a suggestion.
  13. Re: Youfoundthecard help

    You may want to make the ".com" part a bit more noticeable for when you print the cards.

    Other than that "Get informed, Get Involved" sounds good to me for the back.
  14. Re: Youfoundthecard help

    have you been on the site?
    I am trying to replicate that theme on the cards
  15. MsCabbage Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    If you need help making press ready, I can help.. pm me for email address.

  16. AnoniMax Member

    Re: Youfoundthecard help

    Don't print Black backgrounds. Print Black on white to save ink. (As most people won't read them)

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