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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by حمید, May 28, 2011.

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    Ahmadinejad is trying to hide the failour of "Islamic Economy"

    Ahmadinejad is referring to some one by "Mr." that has come and is talking about Iran and Iranian youth and the nation of Iran. He says that this is proofable and if God wishes, this year at the UN arena they will prove it. While referring to failure of marxism empire and predicts the failure of capitalism empire. He says They are offering loans with political conditions. He is annoncing to the governments of the rigion and north Africa and any where in the world that if USA and ally want to grant them a loan or help the economy with political conditions, Iran annonces to be prepared to do the same without any political conditions and with easy conditions. He says they are prepared to renew all the industery if needed.

    this "Mr." is not hard to forsee who Ahmadinejad is referring to, but you can bet that it is not Khamenei. I guess we have to wait for a battle in UN arena and see whether he chooses that to be meant as the Invisible Imam or Obama. How easy conditions he is talking about the loan he is offering is of course to compare how severe are the political and religous conditions and then judge if any of the conditions are more reasonable than the one with a political Islam as the condition. In case you happen to agree with his conditions, just check your insurance company before you sign, to see if it is aproved, as the ocassion he was offering this was inaguration of such industrial renewal in accordance to "Islamic Economy" which exploded by the same amount of pressure, Ahmadinejad feels with in his system, soon to be a history.

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