You're Being WAY Too Nice

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Robert S, May 18, 2008.

  1. iguanamous Member

    Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    you said it yourself: "Before it dawned on me that the whole thing was bullshit". (emphasis added.)

    we do the best we can based on what limited information we have about the world. given what you "knew" at the time, you had every reason to act in the way that you did back then.

    apart from everything else, if we behave ethically, we put forth a more persuasive argument, to the public and to Scientologists who just might blow, if they realize they will have so much better lives if they do.
  2. King Nerd Member

    Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    At yesterday's DD raid in MN, we literally laid seige to their org. We'd found the parking lot in the back they all use. We danced and walked around for at least an hour. Whenever we'd leave the parking lot, they'd try getting outside and into their cars ASAP. Most of them were on cell phones. When we'd walk back along our route into the parking lot, the $cilons would scamper back inside, lock the door, and close the curtains.

    We just kept saying, "Its okay if you want to leave. We won't stop you. We want you to leave." It was lulzy, and passive aggresive.
  3. MomAnon Member

    Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    There's a buttload of pissed off people, Anons and culties alike. Acknowledging our emotions and coming up with a plan to channel all that energy is what we need to focus on. I know my blood boils at all the injustices the cult has leveled against so many, but sometimes you need to step back and realize there are victims on all sides here. How people treat you is their Karma, how you react is yours.
  4. anonymoose Member

    Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    (No, how people treat you is also your karma. Your actions in the past dictated how you would be treated now, they are your past karma coming round to meet you. You mean those people are creating their future karma by their actions, and you are creating your own with yours)
  5. escapee Member

    Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    It all comes down to responsibility. The people who are doing the absurd are really TRYING to do the right thing, but their best intentions have been hijacked by an organization cruelly designed to subvert their consciousness. Now, society has to protect itself, and so laws are based largely on the actions taken, rather than your specific motive in doing so. (Ignore those late night crime shows - they are bullshit anyway)

    But there's a difference between holding someone accountable for their actions, and loving/hating them for their actions. Contrary to the "lessons" of the ARC triangle, it's absolutely possible to love someone and condemn their actions. It's possible to disagree, with affinity!

    But let me ask you a hard question.

    Assume for a moment that you ARE an ex-staffer. Assume that, while under the influence of Scientology, you did some damaging things that were illegal. If you assume that staffers should go to prison for their crimes, is that to say that you should turn yourself in?

    Did you ever participate in a PTS Type III watch? If so, you were kidnapping somebody. Did you ever tell someone to stop taking their medications? If so, you were effectively practicing medicine without a license. What about, as a Sea Orgy, you carried out orders and order a minor to stop school and start work at his/her post? If so, you were responsible for truancy.

    At what point does the responsibility stop? This is something that has no right or wrong answer, but must be determined by reasonable people on a case-by-case basis.

    This is a moral question, but it's also a legal one.
  6. captainslug Member

    Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    I'm only good at being nice.
    BE NICE TO EVERYONE and answer whatever relevant and non-namefagging questions they have.
    If they are Scientologists, being nice will throw them off even more than being pointed or suspecting because being nice will contradict everything they are being told about Anonymous.
    Many exScientologists have left BECAUSE the people they were told by Scientology to be destructive to their lives, were in reality much nicer to them than the "good" Scientologists.

    If you want to be an ass, then go ahead. I'm not saying don't hold people accountable for their actions, particularly those that break the law. But there's very little to gain if you go out of your way to make the lives of current Scientologists more miserable than they already are. Don't lend any credibility to their claims of harassment.

    We will win because truth, karma, and the law are on our side. Not because we're better at screaming.
  7. Happy Cat Member

    Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    Robert S

    Does that mean I win THE GAME?
  8. Re: You're Being WAY Too Nice

    Robert S:

    Personally, I agree with what you are saying.

    However, as a general strategy, the ONLY way we can defeat the cult is with Ghandi tech; and not just because WBM said it.

    We all know one of the biggest weapons the cult has used against its critics is the manipulation of the legal system to further their goals. Whether in filing frivolous lawsuits to harass, or fabricating evidence. But when they actually find real evidence against someone, that is used to either blackmail them, or ruin them.

    They are very experienced at playing the legal system, and it would be foolish to think we can change this situation any time soon. So we have to be aware of this every time we interact with them. That's why we have to act like perfect little law abiding citizens every time. We cannot give them a single bullet for their legal ammo clip, because we all know they will exploit it to the fullest.

    So whether or not we feel individual scientologists are brainwashed and therefore (at least partially) not responsible for their actions, or whether we feel they are totally responsible and should be held to account, the way we act in their presence has to be the same - Ghandi tech is the ONLY effective way of dealing with them. Hopefully over time as society becomes educated, the media and law enforcement will finally start to take a harder look at their activities, and they will be dealt with, and we will finally have justice for all the people abused by LRH's psychotic writings.

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