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  1. Foreigner Member

    Thought of this today. What about sprays in Steam games? TF2, CS, and such. As long as people didn't see you spray, it would attract a few people.

    But I won't but the domain.:smile:
  2. highoverlord Member


    might as well just make sprays and put
  3. Foreigner Member


  4. Hostile Member


    well, there's the problem, that if you spray and someone else looks at your spray, they can sometimes see who sprayed it (depends if the server has that set as on)

    although, it doesn't matter if you don't have any connections between yourself and your game's id.

    mind you, games like that have a high amount of chan culture (perhaps not too many channers, but I've seen plenty of memes on sprays)
    so why not?
  5. Re:

    If you do this, change your nick before you join so it won't display your actual Steam ID in the players list. This could open you up to raiding by the basementfags who think they have something to prove.

    Do with caution.
  6. epicfawkesguy Member


    Eh, it's not like the scilons play on steam anyway. You might get kicked for advertising or something though. Some servers have a mod where they can look at a spray and kick/ban whoever sprayed it (mostly used for goatse/tubgirl/etc sprays), so that means there is a way to find out who sprayed it. But this is a pretty good idea, a lot of us play on steam and it's a pretty effortless way to spread the word.

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