Youth for human rights try to raise $10,000

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 13, 2011.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    is this is Sci link? ^^^^
  3. It appears low skilled and harmles but here you go:

  4. Anonymous Member

    Have any officials really followed/watched where the donated money actually goes?
    They are seeking $10,000 and the general public has never even heard of them.
    Their goal is to "teach" youth about human rights and attend UN summits.
    Someone needs to teach the public that the "teaching methods" used are Scientology teaching methods and also about the abuse of human rights within the Sea Org.
    How long is it going to take before people realize that YFHR is just a front for Scientology? geez!

    "World Educational Tour 2011 will launch from Las Vegas, USA, circling the globe to countries including Bangladesh, Belgium, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Honduras and Thailand"

    These places need to be forwarned in their native languages!!!
  5. Anonymous Member

    all one has to do is google Mary Shuttlworth and Scientology and her association with SCIENTOLOGY comes right up.
    She started studying Scientology in Denmark.
    Why isn't anyone paying attention?
  6. churchlady Member

    I visited 2 charity rating sites, and neither had a listing for YFHR. What a surprise.
  7. CarltonBANKS Member

    They are asking for money, what a surprise!

    Always - it's money-money-money-money
  8. Anonymous Member

    Your mission is now to make it impossible for them not to pay attention.
  9. Lol they can't get 10,000 people through Solo NOTS and they've been pushing that for like a decade.... Can they reg enough money faster than they can get raw meat into OT7's? What do you think?
  10. Herro Member

    Because, unlike you, most people don't obsessively follow every little thing that Scientology does. Why would a normal person see a group calling itself "Youth for Human Rights International" and then think to check out whether it's a Scientology organization? You notice how Scientology rarely mentions itself on all these press releases about their front groups? That's why. That's why they have all these front groups in the first place. They're still fucked though because these days the "cost" of checking out a group before donating to them has been lowered to virtually nothing thanks to those internets, so lots of people will do a quick search of a group before donating to them. And when that happens people are likely to see the scientology connection and that might change some people's minds.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Look who's on the advisory board! Baca!

    Youth for Human Rights International
    Advisory Board

    Dr. Pouran Ameli
    President, American-Iranian Friendship Association
    Sheriff Lee D. Baca
    Los Angeles County Sheriff
    Almog Burstein
    Mayor of Hod Hasharon, one of the districts of Tel Aviv, Israel
    Teresa Cheung
    Hong Kong born actress, model, clothing designer and humanitarian
    Dr. Mustafa Dorbayani & Dr. Marjan Abdi
    World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media—WAALM®
    Sheeraz Hasan
    Founder, Tinseltown TV and Hollywood TV
    Judith Lahai-Momoh
    Saving Lives Through Alternate Options
    Dottie Laster
    Million Kids
    Rev. Dr. Elizabeth McKinney
    Director Ghana Trade and Information Office
    Irving Sarnoff
    Founder, Friends of the United Nations
  12. Anonymous Member

    huh? what's that?
    sorry, I was too busy obsessively following every little thing Scientology does. *insert sarcasm*
    Unlike you, who it too busy obsessively following every little comment, so you can try to troll it
    it's ok... I don't mind. It's all good. Whatever floats yer boat
  13. Anonymous Member

    do tell!
    Baca is such a worm
  14. Herro Member

    I wasn't trying to just troll you. Sorry about the snarky comment. I was just saying that most people don't know what YHRI is, so there's nothing that's going to prompt them to randomly think "I wonder if this is a scientology front group?" And that's exactly why Scientology made these front groups. The trouble is now that it's so much easier to search for basic information about a group and so people are more likely to stumble across the fact that YHRI = CoS. But there's no reason to expect people to know that up front.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I appreciate that remark Hero. You must be in a good mood for Valentines Day.
    here's a hug {~} and a fart
    Now stop being so nice, you are scaring people

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