YouTube account Hojrsedaghat2 disappears!

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. I just noticed a peculiar occurrence. Yesterday, I saw this video clip exposing the ridiculousness of the 10% vote recount by showing that the ballots were not even folded. In the clip there was an interview with Ahmadinejad's Minister of Intelligence saying that voting ballots are always folded before they are put in the ballot boxes “This makes them pileup inside the box” he said.

    This was a funny and smart clip, so I send it to few friends. But today I see that the video is pulled off from YouTube and the user account is closed!

    Here is the link to the video that was removed: [ame][/ame]
    Here is the link to Google cache of the youtube page: YouTube - ‫گاف شورای نگهبان و وزارت کشور در تقلب!‬‎
    A quick googling on the user name Hojrsedaghat2 shows that he has an active posting history: Hojrsedaghat2 - Google Search
    Here is his YouTube profile: YouTube - Hojrsedaghat2's Channel

    This clip was viewed by 22,000 people, and created an online buzz: eRoziXVqkNk - Google Search

    Even the TDS forum talks about the clip: Iran Election Fraud - Story Ideas - The Daily Show Forum

    But suddenly all his videos have disappeared, and the YouTube account has been closed.

    What has happen to Hojrsedaghat2? Was he posting to YouTube from inside Iran?

    Has anyone else noticed a similar incident, of YouTube accounts going missing/disppearing?

  2. My guess is youtube wouldn't interfere, which leads me to suspect that this person was captured and forced to remove the material and close his account...but who knows?
  3. I found the original video.

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