YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by jimboa20, May 10, 2008.

  1. jimboa20 Member

    YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    I don't know if this was old news or not, but now pro-$cientology ads are popping up no matter WHAT I search for on YouTube. I even tested it: I searched for random stuff like "dinosaurs," or "food" or "mining" and sure enough, no matter what I searched for, that fucking $cientologist ad appeared to the right.

    Have they won? Is YouTube now completely in their pocket?
  2. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Their ads will disappear they second they "forget" to pay.
  3. rawrz Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Let them spend thier money advertising. No other religion has ever felt the need to advertise after any protests. This is a sign of weakness on thier part.
  4. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Still haven't seem them here (Euro) but this is great news, scientology is wasting a HUUUUGE amount of money here:p
  5. anonwillwin Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    when I search for 'scientology protest' I get a banner for 'anti' religion website.

    YouTube doesnt give a shit about scientology or anonymous, they just foccused on their own pile of money.

    As long as scientology has money, youtube will help them.

    If scientology loses power and anon does epic wins, theyll quickly try to make it look like they love anonymous too.

    But i wont be fooled. Youtube will pay one day.

    companies like Youtube is the cancer that is killing /world/
    they make tons of money and dont care about anyone or anything.

    These banners have nothing to do with the fact that they think scientology is ok or whatever.

    They just make money, and dont give a shit about neutrality towards religion/politics
    Welcome to the internets
  6. rawrz Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    :frustration: All corporations are like that. Youtube is no exception. Stay on target, lets work on destroying/reforming Scientology before you go against some other website for something or other.
  7. AnonZombie Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    That's weird, I'm not getting any, even when I search "Scientology". Cookies, maybeh?
  8. Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    I'd take serious issue with the idea that they've even come close to overunning it, you're massively underestimating the sheer number of critical vids on the site. However, even if at some point in the future they were able to, there's still a big difference between the Scilons numerically overunning youtube and actually capturing it.

    Truth has a tendency to stick well enough, that you need a much larger quantity of baseless PR to match the effect. That's not something Co$ can change anytime soon, because the moment they introduce the truth to their blurb, they'll be damning them self. This is why they'll always have a much harder time capturing the minds of youtubers than we will.

    If it got to the point where youtube truly was overun in terms of the actual number of vids, a more accurate analogy would still probably be the tunnels of Chu-Chi in Vietnam. The US regularly hurled everything they had at these areas: bombs, guns, men the whole works. but as soon as the last wave of Marines finished marching across the razed ground, the VC would come up from the tunnels below, and pop their heads out of the ground that the US had just crossed! The US knew they were there in the tunnels, and whilst Uncle Sam was capable of physically dominating the ground above for short periods, he never came close to controlling or holding it.

    That is as close as the Scilons will ever get to beating us on youtube IMO, and they've got a long way to go to even reach that losing battle.:grin:
  9. jimboa20 Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    I get your point...although I personally don't like being compared to commiefags. :p
  10. MyNameIs Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    You have to consider that the ads. on sites like youtube are often very targeted for everything from gender, nationality, geolocation, interest, etc. etc., if you and your youtube account has shown much interest in for example Scientology/Scientology critic videos then one can be sure that youtube knows this and serves the right ads. based on data that they have collected from you, depending on what type of advertisements the $cifags pay for too.

    Try logging out of the service and see if it serves the same ads for the same pages, but they might also track you by IP, so it will probably not work.
  11. somnombulist Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Aren't we missing something extremely fundamental here:-

    What sort of "religion" has to advertise for PR?
  12. Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    The Corporation of Scientology isn't a religion. :p
  13. MollyBloom Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    hehehehe, that's a rhetorical question, amirite?

    Silly scilons keep paying for more footbullets anon will have enough make a huge solid metal GF statue from all the left over casings.
  14. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?


    Try it with Tor.
  15. moose Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Well, merchandise was practically invented by the jesusfags, so I would say christianity.
    wanna buy a cross, anyone?

    (but you probably mean the other 'religion' ;)
  16. EverAndAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    I couldn't get a Scientology ad to show up by searching for non-Scientology stuff, so I add my vote for tracking.

    Oh, but if it ever does reach the point that the CoS starts bombarding Youtube with ads, that'd be a sign that they're weak there, not strong.
  17. momISanon Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    This^^^is very true.

    Maybe an option is to install Firefox and automatically have cookies removed every time you close the browser? Adblock Plus is good, too. The $cilon ads just show up as and flash with a play button for me.

    ALSO: This little link is useful for deleting any Flash cookies. Just follow the steps. Also useful when you have been banned from a Flash site....along with a modem reset. ;)

    Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel
  18. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Betting cookies.

    For example, if you're on Myspace:

    If you're a single male, you get webcam whore ads. Single female, you get the same match ads with a dude on his webcam.
    If you're an overweight female in a relationship, you get Torrid ads.

    And they stick with you and give you the same ad on other websites.
  19. Major Boyle Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Then how about comparing us to the Gopher from Caddyshack?:wink:
  20. DontMindMe Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Yeah, but Christfag merchandise usually isn't for evangelism. It's for the converted. It's more like the Naruto plushies you buy because you're such a huge fan of the religion.
  21. eksef Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    YouTube Co$ ads are a MINOR issue. It looks BIG, but it's INSIGNIFICANT compared to the EPIC protests and raids that we DO.
  22. frenzal Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    whenever i see their ad's i always click. sometimes more than once to help add to their advertising bill
  23. Hieronymous Member

    Re: YouTube Been Completely Overrun?

    Is there risk at all if I don't use proxy condoms?

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