YouTube comment question...

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Django, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Django Member

    YouTube comment question...

    Bear with me, this is almost sorta on-topic. I'm trying to post comments on YT videos (like, say, from our fave cult), and the text is just not being accepted. It gives me the "posting comment" message, but then stops, the text box doesn't go away, and the text is grayed out.

    It has worked in the past, for very short messages, but anytime I get into something longer I get the above behavior.

    I'm signed in, and not over the char count limit. I'm on a Mac, and this happens with both Safari and FireFox. YT's "help" section is no help.

  2. Anonynamefag Member

  3. Vir Member

    Re: YouTube comment question...

    This happens when you have a blocked word, an URL, or some other filtered content in your comment. See if that's your problem.
  4. Django Member

    Re: YouTube comment question...

    Yeah, that's gotta be it - I'm trying to leave URLs. There's (for instance) a vid where someone mixes up Scientology with Christian Science, which is a not-uncommon mistake. I'm trying to point out my objection to Scn and point folks to sites that explain WHY better than I can in 500 ASCII chars.

    Thanks! That's good info....
  5. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: YouTube comment question...

    Had the exact same problem.

    Propably will work if you write the URL something like this:

    www (dot) somewebsite (dot) com

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