youtube cultofscientology suspended

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by thankyoujerrygarcia, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. youtube cultofscientology suspended

    My youtube account was suspended today

    I had been expecting this considering how many copyright infrengements were on there and I had already had multiple videos deleted. So I am not complaining and will be up with two channels and a website soon.

    I'm guessing LoveCOS narced a video or two since I was chatting with him all afternoon.
  2. Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    dude that sucks. i think you were subscribed to me?
  3. Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    lame. uber lame. I bet they have people full time on youtube now looking to nuke any anti scilon vids.

    haha they are so lame to the point they are CREATING their OWN stupid are when you think they cant get any stupider...they DO
  4. Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    I see every account that I devote to scientology as temporary so this is really no big deal at all. I puposely gave this guy a heads up on another acccount I have (non-scilon) in hopes he will get it deleted also. I look forward to telling nearly a thousand subscribers, who know little of the cult chaos, that scientology killed the music.
  5. captainslug Member

    Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    The way to contest a suspension is through this page.
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    Report a Bug > Account Issue
    work through until you get the e-mail form box. You should get a reply within 24 hours.
  6. Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    I'm not contesting it. They did get my music channel deleted just NOW! This is good.

    *I guess in a strange way I consider this a victory. If they bothered to get Two of my accounts deleted then I must have been a little under their skin. And I have only just begun.

    I just hope to god they don't get my main account...
  7. Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    are you kidding me...why would they go after your music channel...damn they are so retarded
  8. CVAnonymous Member

    Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    If anyone has vids they would like hosted, I'm more than willing to rehost them on the account I have set up specifically for that purpose. All re-hosted vids are noted as re-hosts, with alll credit given to the originator.

    Just drop me a pm if you have anything you want put up.
  9. Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    Multiple accounts is a TOS violation. He narced an NBC video and multi accounts. I sort of set the scilon up to do it :roll: Now I have to explain to a bunch of deadheads all over the net why the best GD youtube channel is gone and who is narced on me.
  10. h0m3r Member

    Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    Well that really does completely suck but what can we expect ?
    I support all anit-Scilon groups and was a sub of cultofscientology... but I'll do whatever I can.
  11. Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    oh shit, your getting some trullz, and informing your public about scienos

  12. AnonNaEireann Member

    Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    Oh shit...
  13. Annie Mouse Member

    Re: youtube cultofscientology suspended

    As one of those deadheads and a devoted subscriber who just discovered your suspension, I am beyond bummed. Will there be ANY way to access your videos now? Geez . . narcing on & nuking Xenu TV and Tory is one thing, all due respect and all of course, but JERRY GARCIA??? They are treading on divinity here, the source of REAL religion.

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