YouTube flagging and digg burying

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by indeedindeed, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. indeedindeed Member

    YouTube flagging and digg burying

    This may already have been discussed in this way somewhere else, but I didnt see it then.

    It seems these are the two most effective methods of Scientology to prevent the free flow of information in mainstream internet media. I've read different accounts on whether there is an automated flagging system on youtube or how it works. I didn't know there was something like digg until recently and I'm sure most of the users here know exactly how it is working, but unfortunately I don't.

    So, there are two groups of questions:

    1) How does the flagging system at youtube work, is it automated, if so, how many flaggings are needed?

    2) How does burying at digg work? Is it such that more people need to press the bury button than digging? If an item is buried can it come out of this and under what conditions does this happen? What does determine if something reaches front page on digg or in one of its sections?
  2. vagabond Member

    Re: YouTube flagging and digg burying

    I honestly don't know how the youtube system works, I'm still trying to figure that one out. My guess though is that it is not to sophisticated and probably just works by number of flags.

    The digg system is a little tricky. There has been hints about how it works but digg will not say exactly what factors goes into how a story is promoted, I don't blame them that is their money maker. However if you search "digg algorithm" there are sites that claim to know how it works.

    I do know a few details about the digg algo that Kevin Rose has let slip.

    -Once a story has been submitted if it is not promoted within a certain amount of days (14?) the system prevents it from ever being front paged.

    -One factor that dictates if a story is promoted is the amount of diggs within a certain amount of time. You can see this by stories with only 50 diggs in an hour getting front paged yet a story with 500 over 3 days won't

    - This one is still unverified but there are huge rumors on digg that there are "influential users" Basically users that carry more weight in deciding if a story is promoted or not.

    This one is still an unknown. I emailed digg asking this very question and when they responded digg would not answer me. Fair enough, I'm not trying to steal their secret just understand what is going on with these stories. However I will say most of the stories that are being buried are being labeled "inaccurate". Once a story is labeled inaccurate on digg people mass bury it without reading.
  3. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: YouTube flagging and digg burying

    I already posted the following question in the Xenu TV section, but heck, I'll ask here too:

    So I have a YT n00b question:

    I checked the flag function pulldown for 'infringes my rights" The only options are "infringes my copyright" or "invades my privacy." SO does this (technically) mean only the person directly affected can/should use that? (I am not going to flag anything, just curious).

    How could a mass flagging for copyright violation be even considered legit, because surely 80 frantic flags from different ISPs might indicate flag bomb or a REALLY obsessive copyright holder. Granted, logic might not come into play with the YT PowerzThatB. And also maybe people just flag every option, but wouldnt that set off some sort of alert that the human-on-duty might want to see what the heck is going on?

    With hate speech and so on, it seems clear that vast numbers of people could complain before things are looked into (though one would hope that flags are reviewed --and how do you get that job reviewing flagged videos?, sounds fun), but with copyright violations only the rights holder could complain. And have to prove they have the rights either under free use or creator?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am a curious little Marcabian
  4. indeedindeed Member

    Re: YouTube flagging and digg burying

    thanks, vagabond. because i'm wondering if there is nothing that can be done against these two methods i wanted to see how they work first. ill search for "digg algorithm".
  5. anon1957 Member

    Re: YouTube flagging and digg burying

    The YouTube situation is easier to understand. A large number of Flags, will get YouTube's attention, but since it is not an automated system (a real humanoid somewhere must make a decision to yank a video or channel) it is harder for the Scilons to game. In WBM's case, the Scilon's were VERRRY clever in that they managed to find a loophole in YT's TOS, and use it (ie, he had previously been banned for posting a Colbert clip).

    Digg is a lot more baffling. I think that not only is there a TIME factor, ie, a certain number of Diggs in a time frame necessary to get it to the front page, but also a KEYWORD factor. For that reason, I think that anything involving Scientology (and there may be other non-Scientology topics that receive the same treatment) has been handicapped, so to speak. That unless the story can get over the hump of 500 or so Diggs in a very short amount of time (a couple of hours is what it looks like) without a certain number of "buries" it will NEVER reach the front page.

    Tin foil hat version: Digg has been infiltrated by Scilons.

    Devils advocate version: Digg doesn't want to see the same "issues" constantly on the Front Page in order to keep things interesting and new.
  6. AnonymousYKF Member

    Re: YouTube flagging and digg burying

    Here's how YouTube works.

    Scientology $$$ goes in, YouTube takes down our shit. This can also be expressed in picture form by the image of Tom Cruise anally raping YouTube execs, and them liking it.

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