YouTube Goes Here.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous8513, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    Hidden camera on CoS in SPain

    YouTube - Cienciología Camara oculta Cap. 1 de 4

    YouTube - Cienciologia Camara oculta Cap. 2 de 4

    YouTube - Cienciologia Camara oculta Cap. 3 de 4

    YouTube - Cienciologia Camara oculta Cap. 4 de 4

    notice how the methods in spain are even worse than in US, there is a cop in the 4th video trying to get her bag. In SPain we dont have that trdition of suing as fast as you guys do, so that agresions are expected.

    para los españoles, aqui teneis un ejemplo de como trabaja esta gente
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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    Alright, some of you know one of my online useless endeavors is counter trolling $cilons on YouTube. Its pointless to argue with a $cilon, I know, but atleast I can help put them in checkmate and draw them out and expose them as the logic-deprived, KSW, turn-every-comment-section-into-a-sales-pitch-and label-every-critic-as-a-hate-mongering-terrorist, lunatics that they are. Lots of Anons say what I do is pointless, but if I get just one person to research the cult and not get suckered in by the regulars like oschaper and vaLLarrr, it was a good day.

    Anyway, I stumbled across this:


    She's just a kid with nothing to do with Anonymous or critics, just telling a story about how a pitbull $cilon is now harassing her. The video has attracted its own $cilon troll/comment monitor and I doubt they are going to back off of her any time soon. Pissed me off just a little, so...yeah, I'm sharing.

    Anyway... /moralfagoff
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  16. S.O.S


    From the Lulz factory to youz.if yer in the states,have a great labor day weekend!

    YouTube - S.O.S
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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    Love it.
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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    Although the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, but may help my cause, the enemy of my ally is not my friend, and does not help my cause.
    Big FAIL.
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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    Along those lines, oschaper sent me one last comment saying that he was closing down his account due to death threats. His channel is now blank save for the avatar. Now everyone who was being trolled by oschaper is being trolled by 4getxenu, who's account was created immediately after oschaper cleared his channel.

    Also, that mediafire link is broken due to copyright claim as well. What was that video?
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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    [STRIKE]O NOEZ, video removed due to Scilons being butthurt![/STRIKE] It's back.

    If you liked "Children tell the story of Xenu (OTIII)" and want to post it, you are welcome to it: - file sharing - download movie file Xenu.wmv

    This is the WMV file originally uploaded to YouTube. Share and enjoy.
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