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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous8513, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    En francais, a PR lady from scientology who did an interview on radio a while ago, this the remix!

    Anonymous also requested an interview to answer the next week and delivered :)

    I made the music, comments are welcome :p

    YouTube - Pr Panic
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    Re: YouTube Goes Here.

    In time for Staturday

    YouTube - Message to Employees of Durable Slate

    A message to the employees of Columbus company Durable Slate. It is a follow up to a message to Durable Slate and the Scientologists there and in Columbus. We have obtained donor lists from an unlikely but reliable source and are cross referencing it against personnel lists over at Durable Slate. The number of hits is amazing.

    This video is meant to encourage the employees to speak out, to stand up with Anonymous and to tell the scifags at Durable Slate, "No, U!"
    All the info we have obtained and will obtain is going in a press kit.
    This cannot be allowed to stand- the greater bulk of the company's wealth is not being reinvested in the company, nor in doing things for the employees. It is being funnelled to the cult for the Ideal Org they are hoping to open soon.

    I would love Federal Investigators and accountants to get their big federal hands on the books at DS.
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