YouTube removes one more video

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by fail, Apr 11, 2008.

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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

    OMG, that tape Paul Grossweld plays about schools / psychs / drugs was *hilarious*. Only a whacked-out cult would think something that whacked-out would sway opinion in their favor.

    P.S. You don't actually have to violate the TOS to have a video pulled. All it takes is for enough people to similarly flag it and it automagically goes away. Scilons have click-minions that scour sites like YouTube and Craigslist to flag down unflattering information.
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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

    Publicly available court proceedings. There can be no copyright claim on this & there is nothing invalid about court proceedings. How do we report to Youtube that a video was inappropriately taken down=?
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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

    where is the delete option??!?! It says "edit/delete" but clicking it gives me the option to edit, go advanced, or cancel. No word of deletion at all.
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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

    Tom Padgett was a Scientologist. He lost faith and left. However, his wife (Laura Vannoy Padgett) remained and, as is the way with this cruel cult, she "Disconnected" herself and their children (Julie and Beau Padgett) from him. Had the children remained in contact with their father, the cult would have labelled them a PTS (or "Potential Trouble Source") which would have created further problems for their mother. In such a situation, Scientology mothers universally alienate their children against their father.

    Tom Padgett loved his children and actually went to court to try to PROVE that his children are being adversely affected by Scientology.
    As part of his strategy, he recruited PAUL GROSSWELD, a Former Scientologist, to relate his experiences of scientology to the Hopkins Circuit Court (Madisonville, KY) -- and thereby prove Tom's assertion that Scientology is ENDANGERING JULIE & BEAU'S FREEDOM, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND FUTURE.
    This video shows part of Paul Grossweld's ORIGINAL testimony from the 1994 Hearing.
    The FULL VIDEO is 37 minutes long and can be found at: htm
    The details I relate below are taken from both the précis and the full version of the tape.

    Grossweld tells the court the following Child Abuses that he has personally witnessed:
    1. Children as young as 8 years old being regularly "Audited" and "Groomed" as Cadets for the SeaOrg.
    2. Children being forced to learn the "Scientology Dictionary"; words and phrases which are used exclusively within the Organization and are useless in the real world.
    3. Children being coerced into "Disconnecting" from the absent parent and evidence of "Child/Parent Alienation Syndrome".
    4. Conversations between children and their non-scientology parents being listened into and/or recorded.
    5. Parents being brainwashed with a CHILLING PROPOGANDA TAPE that not only disparages the quality of education obtained in American Schools, Colleges & Universities, but refers to teachers as "Animals" and to students as "Treacherous Beasts". This tape encourages parents to take their children out of school or college and enrol them into the Church of Scientology. This utterly BIZARRE tape is played in this video.

    As is usual with this cult, they employed a herd of lawyers to sabotage Grossweld's testimony at every turn (you can see this for yourself in the full version) -- and, CRITICALLY, Tom Padgett's Lawyers were LEGALLY FORBIDDEN form asking Paul Grossweld the direct question: "DO YOU THINK SCIENTOLOGY IS HARMFUL TO CHILDREN?" Surely, a question that is paramount in this case?
    Sadly, and rather dismayingly, Judgment went in favour of Laura Vannoy Padgett, the mother. Not only that, the Judge awarded her SOLE CUSTODY (arguing that the "animosity" between the parties made joint custody impossible). This TERRIBLE decision legally sanctions "Disconnection".
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    Who is this guy? Was this a trial? When did this happen? This is very revealing information!
  7. Re: YouTube removes one more video

    Downloaded the video for safe keeping :)
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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

    Roger that. Me too.
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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

    I found that video on this site:
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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

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    Re: YouTube removes one more video

    was that L Ron on that tape? If so I stand by my comment of 'Bond Villian' after hearing his voice

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